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Finlandia University Class of 2009

May 8, 2009

HANCOCK, MI - Finlandia University is pleased to announce that 108 bachelor and associate degrees were awarded to the university's Class of 2009 at Commencement exercises May 3, 2009.

Degrees conferred to Finlandia's Class of 2009 are: 8 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees in Elementary Education, 4 B.A.s in Liberal Studies, 1 B.A. in Liberal Studies: English; 1 B.A. in Liberal Studies: Social Science; and 5 B.A.s in Human Services; 28 Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) degrees; 13 Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degrees; 14 Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degrees; 12 Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees in Criminal Justice, 15 A.A.S. degrees in Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA); and 7 Associate of General Studies (A.G.S.) degrees.

The 2009 graduating students, the degrees they earned, their minor or concentration, and their hometowns, are below:


Baraga County
Chaslyn Jill Duffek, B.F.A.-Fiber Arts, Fashion Design, Pelkie, Michigan
Jacquelyn Ann Hakala, B.A.-Liberal Studies, Pelkie, Michigan
Lisa Marie Harden, B.A.-Elementary Education, Baraga, Michigan
Elizabeth Anne Hendrickson, B.A.-Elementary Education, L'Anse, Michigan
Courtney Elaine Loosemore, B.S.N., L'Anse, Michigan
Katelyn Ann Maki, B.S.N., L'Anse, Michigan
Tammy Marie Perry, B.S.N., L'Anse, Michigan
Vicki Lynn Peterson, B.S.N., Pelkie, Michigan
Whitney Noel Sirard, B.F.A.-Graphic Design, L'Anse, Michigan
Bobbi Megan Teddy, B.S.N., L'Anse, Michigan
Fawntelle Shalaine Williams, B.A.-Elementary Education, Skanee, Michigan

Delta County
Kyle R. Kelley, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Gladstone, Michigan
Cassandra Ann Strem, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Escanaba, Michigan

Dickinson County
Brittany Marie Gagnon, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Vulcan, Michigan
Bonnie Lee Johnson, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Kingsford, Michigan
Casey Lynn Luke, B.S.N., Iron Mountain, Michigan
Jordan Louis Siegler, B.F.A.-Product Design, Felch, Michigan

Houghton County
Keith Michael Anderson, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Laurium, Michigan
Karen Suzanne Anderson, B.S.N., Laurium, Michigan
Jessica Lynn Blake, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Chassell, Michigan
Colleen Mary Carroll, B.F.A.-Ceramic Design, Calumet, Michigan
Amber Lelyn Castro, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Hancock, Michigan
Amy J. Daavettila, B.S.N., Hancock, Michigan
Michael John Datto, B.A.-Elementary Education, Atlantic Mine, Michigan
Kara E. Destrampe, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Lake Linden, Michigan
Heidi A. Duex, B.A.-Elementary Education, Dollar Bay, Michigan
Kathryn A Fredianelli, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Hancock, Michigan
Kristi Lynn Fulfer, B.F.A.-Graphic Design, Hancock, Michigan
Tamar Gail Gagnon, B.S.N., Atlantic Mine, Michigan
Jill Marie Heide, B.S.N., Lake Linden, Michigan
Jeremy Michael Huuki, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Tamarack City, Michigan
Theresa Lynne Jarman, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Chassell, Michigan
Keith Edward Kangas, B.S.N., Lake Linden, Michigan
Stacy Ellen Karvonen, B.F.A.-Fiber Arts, Fashion Design, Nisula, Michigan
Rachel Anne Kerttu, B.S.N., Lake Linden, Michigan
Krystel Lee Killian, B.S.N., A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Lake Linden, Michigan
Ansley Knoch, B.F.A.-Fiber Arts, Fashion Design, Hancock, Michigan
Frederick W. Knoch, B.F.A.-Product Design, Hancock, Michigan
Kelly Beth Kotaniemi, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Calumet, Michigan
Tabitha Michelle Kuopus, B.S.N., Dollar Bay, Michigan
Christian Bruneau Kurtti, B.A.-Elementary Education, Houghton, Michigan
Kevin Michael LaRoux, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Lake Linden, Michigan
Roy Charles Lask, A.G.S., South Range, Michigan
Jayson Douglas Maijala, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Dollar Bay, Michigan
Ibolya Summer Manderfield, B.S.N., Houghton, Michigan
Carrice Chardin McKinstry, B.F.A.-Illustration, Hancock, Michigan
Blake Richard Miller, B.B.A.-Sports Management, Hancock, Michigan
Audrey Lee Mills, B.S.N., Laurium, Michigan
Salome Elifadhili Mnzava, B.B.A.-Accounting, Hancock, Michigan, and Tanzania (listed twice)
Lisa Ann Naber, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Houghton, Michigan
Steven S. Palek, B.A.-Liberal Studies, Hancock, Michigan
Anne C. J. Patrick, B.F.A.-Fiber Arts, Fashion Design, Hancock, Michigan
Jamie Marie Peryam, B.S.N., Hancock, Michigan
Ashley Marie Puska, A.G.S., Atlantic Mine, Michigan
Melinda Sue Seppanen, B.A.-Rural Human Services, Atlantic Mine, Michigan
Todd Alan Staricha, B.B.A.-Accounting, Calumet, Michigan
Kimberly Jean Tober, B.S.N., Lake Linden, Michigan
Marinda P. Tolksdorf, B.S.N., Houghton, Michigan
Lauren Rae VanderLind, B.A.-Liberal Studies: English, Hancock, Michigan
Jessica Lynn Voght, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Hancock, Michigan
Jessica Lynn Voght, B.A.-Rural Human Services, Hancock, Michigan
Megan Wilson, B.A.-Liberal Studies, Houghton, Michigan
Hannah Jean Holsworth, B.S.N., Houghton and Gwinn, Michigan (listed twice)

Iron County
Medea Ann Klima, B.A.-Rural Human Services, Alpha, Michigan
Jocelyn Edward Martin, B.F.A.-Studio Arts-Drawing and Painting, Crystal Falls, Michigan
Ashley Mae Metz, B.B.A.-Accounting, Crystal Falls, Michigan
Jonica Rhea Ropiak, B.S.N., Crystal Falls, Michigan
Tucker Richard Thoreson, B.B.A.-Sports Management, Crystal Falls, Michigan

Keweenaw County
Jessica Ila Coltas, B.S.N., Copper Harbor, Michigan
Nicole Marie deBeaubien, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Mohawk, Michigan
Karen Elizabeth Koljonen, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Mohawk, Michigan

Luce County
Johnna De Taylor, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Newberry, Michigan

Mackinaw County
Elizabeth Ruth Marie Reno, B.A.-Liberal Studies: Social Science, Hessel, Michigan

Marquette County
Lindsey Jo Antilla, B.S.N., Republic, Michigan
Corey Mitchell Blake, B.B.A.-Criminal Justice, Marquette, Michigan
Nathan James Dodge, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Negaunee, Michigan
Hannah Jean Holsworth, B.S.N., Houghton & Gwinn, Michigan (listed twice)
Keith Alan Johnstone, B.B.A.-Marketing, Marquette, Michigan
Jennette Marie Katona, B.F.A.-Graphic Design, Negaunee, Michigan
Megan Lynn Neumann, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Marquette, Michigan
Joshua Daniel Paquette, B.B.A.-Criminal Justice, Marquette, Michigan
Melissa Sue Peterson, B.S.N., Little Lake, Michigan Marquette
Jennifer Violet Marie VanOverloop, B.A.-Rural Human Services, Marquette, Michigan

Ontonagon County
Christine Mae Zimmer, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Ontonagon, Michigan


Kalkaska County
Linzy Leigh Monticello, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Rapid River, Michigan

Kent County
Menchie Cuda Maduyag, A.G.S., Grand Rapids, Michigan

Otsego County
Adele Marie Horrigan, B.B.A.-Accounting, Gaylord, Michigan
Andrew W. Kirt, B.B.A.-Marketing, Gaylord, Michigan

Macomb County
Darryl Ronald Sage, B.B.A.-Management Information Systems, Sports Management, Warren, Michigan

St. Clair County
Kristy Anne Coughlin, B.S.N., Algonac, Michigan

Wayne County
Jennifer Lynn Hamel, B.F.A.-Graphic Design, Livonia, Michigan


Lance Eugene Hunter Jr., B.A.-Liberal Studies, Hilmar, California
Jessica Janel Millar, B.F.A.-Graphic Design, Acton, California
Selena Tina Patolo, B.S.N., Concord, California

Chase Greer Gillespie, B.B.A.-Sports Management and Marketing, Loveland, Colorado

Heidi Rose Butler, B.A.-Elementary Education, Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota
Amy Beth Danielson, B.S.N., Centerville, Minnesota
Kendra Mary Halonen, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Delano, Minnesota

Erik Dale Bresette, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Bayfield, Wisconsin
Benjamin John LaCombe, B.B.A.-Sports Management, Marinette, Wisconsin
Nolan Kris Laho, A.A.S.-Criminal Justice, Bristol, Wisconsin
Karilyn Kaye Noll, B.A.-Elementary Education, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Molly J. Raab, A.A.S.-Physical Therapist Assistant, Deerbrook, Wisconsin
Melissa Lee Skarda, B.A.-Rural Human Services, Pound, Wisconsin
Dorianne Vassar, B.S.N., Florence, Wisconsin


Toshiyuki Mita, A.G.S., Nagoya Aichi, Japan
Takaaki Niikura, A.G.S., Chigasaki, Japan
Kazuki Nishiyama, A.G.S., Suginami-ku Tokyo, Japan
Kumiko Takahashi, A.G.S.,Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan

Salome Elifadhili Mnzava, B.B.A.-Accounting, Hancock, Michigan, and Tanzania (listed twice)

For additional information, please contact the office of Finlandia University Provost Dr. Jeanne Rellahan at 906-487-7512.

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