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Finlandia adds degree in philosophy

The Finlandia University Board of Trustees has approved the addition of a Philosophy Major in the Suomi College of Arts & Sciences.

"The discipline of philosophy is at the heart of the liberal arts, and can help form the foundation for intellectual skill development while expanding human competencies," said Chrstine O'Neil, dean of the college. "By further developing a major and course offerings in philosophy, the Suomi College of Arts & Sciences is helping to reinforce Finlandia's larger goal of developing whole and integrated citizens."

The four-year degree program has three components: philosophy core, topics in philosophy, and history of philosophy. Many of the new courses will allow students in other programs to familiarize themselves to the ideals and ethics behind the study of philosophy relevant to their discipline.

"Implementing this major is an important step for us to carry on the traditional model of liberal arts education," said Casey Rentmeester, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion. "The major is designed for students interested in cultivating the skill of reasoning well in ethical, political, religious, or cultural contexts, which is beneficial in all aspects of life."

Rentmeester played an active role in designing the new program, and introducing it to the university. The program is now accepting students.

"This is an obvious fit for Finlandia's mission of fostering intellectual challenge, and open dialogue in our students," he said. “For students interested in graduate studies in law, politics, business or the humanities, this degree will be a great place to develop their core skills.”

This is the second program added to the university this year, along with Medical Billing and Coding to the College of Health Sciences. The board of trustees also approved an Environmental Studies minor, which will begin in the fall under the Suomi College of Arts & Sciences.

A complete description of the philosophy program can be found at Applications are still being accepted for the 2014-15 academic year. Applying online is free at