John A. Doelle Agricultural School Newspaper Index

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John A. Doelle Agricultural School Newspaper Index 1931-1932

The John A. Doelle Agricultural School is located in Tapiola, Mich. The Finnish American Historical Archive and Museum holds 10 editions of the school newspaper created by students in 1931 and 1932.  The newspaper was titled "Junior High Way," then "What Shall The Name Be," and finally "The Triangle: Askel, Elo, Doelle."

The items in the newspaper included poems written by students, jokes and misstatements, short stories, mentions of the students that participated in plays, sports activities, clubs, and other events, as well as honor roll students and those that had perfect attendance.

Some of the misstatements and jokes include:

Miss Durdoraw - "Where Was Caeser killed, Eric?"
Eric - "On page 87 ma'am."

Miss Heikkinen - "The Mississippi River is called the 'Father of the Waters'"
Bert Hakala - "Shouldn't it be Mr. Sippi then?"

Miss Chechack - "Now Arno, if there were eleven sheep in a field, and six walked across the lawn, how many would be left?"
"None," said Arno.
Miss Chechack - "Why, of course there would."
"No Ma'am, there wouldn't," argued Arno, "you may know about Arithmetic, but you don't know sheep!"

Some titles of short stories include "The Mystery of the Clan," "True Friends," and "Mid Air With An Eagle."

There are also essays about farm life and "What A Boy Finds Hard/What A Boy Finds Easy."

Finally, here is a poem, written by Marjorie Tulpo:

"While the birds are calling,
And the shadows are falling,
I walk along with the breeze.
Where the night hawk is crying
And sun-beams are dying
I sit beneath the trees.
I think of bygone years
That bring me -- a memory
Of happiness and years.
When the nighthawk ceases whining,
And the moon comes up shining
I must be on my way,
To my home up the bay,
And cease my ridiculous pining."

What follows is an index of the students mentioned in these 10 editions of the student newspaper, dating between 1931 and 1932.  Finding aid created by Kent Randell, October, 2011.


Aho, Agnes
Aho, Andrew
Aho, Rueben
Andun, Esther
Anjala, Nelmie
Anjala, Syma
Autio, Arvo
Barkkari, Adele
Barkkari, Elwood
Beck, Arnold
Bosio, August
Bosio, Edward
Branstrom, Allen
Branstrom, Erland
Branstrom, Margaret
Creelman, Josephine Rice
Deck, Esther
Flink, Lea
Forsman, Elvia
Gaffney, Jack
Grangood, Eleanore
Granroth, Elsie
Guest, Edgar Albert
Hakala, Bert
Hakala, Edward
Hakala, Eleanor
Hakala, Elma
Hakala, Helen
Harinen, Emil
Heikkila, Irene
Heikkila, Wesley
Heikkinen, Andrew
Heikkinen, Armas
Heikkinen, Florence
Heikkinen, George
Heikkinen, Impie
Heikkinen, Karlo
Heikkinen, Lillian
Heikkinen, Senia
Heikkinen, Toivo
Hemmila, Charles
Hendrickson, WIlliam
Herrala, Ernest
Herrala, Irene
Hill, Alvin
Hill, Onnie
Hill, Waino
Hoikkila, Matt
Hubbard, Elbert
Huovinen, Esther
Hyrkas, Eleanor
Hypio, Matt
Hyypio, George
Hyypio, Martha
Jarvenpaa, Ellen
Jarvenpaa, Gertrude
Jarvenpaa, Viola
Jaukkuri, Paul
Jukkala, John
Jukkala, Matt
Juntunen, Ernest
Juntunen, Noah                                              
Juntunen, Ruth
Jurmo, Miriam
Jussila, Miriam
Juusola, Impie
Kallungi, Aileen
Kallungi, Arnold
Kallungi, Gordon
Karinen, Evelyn
Kaurala, Bertha
Kaurala, Ingrid
Kehus, Ellen
Kehus, Elma
Kehus, Helia
Keippila, Eva
Kilmer, Joyce
Kinnunen, Matt
Kovala, Agnes
Kovala, Edwin
Kovala, Leslie
Kovala, Miriam
Kuopus, Amanda
Kuopus, Bernhard
Kuopus, Walfred
Kurtti, Marion
Kyllonen, Alti
La Chappelle, Doris
Lahti, Bertha
Lahti, Lillian
Laitila, Arnold
Landen, Ernest
Landen, Leonard
Landen, Lillian
Lassila, Elma
Lassila, Mayme
Leinonen, Edwin
Leinonen, Vieno
Luiska, Milma
Luoto, Reino
Makila, Aili
Manninen, Norman
Michaelson, Lillian
Michaelson, Raymond
Miller, Ruth
Moilanen, Elsie
Moilanen, Helmi
Moilanen, Mildred
Moilanen, Sally
Moykkynen, Esther
Naasko, Ida B.
Narhi, Eino
Narhi, Rosa
Nevala, Ruth
Niemi, Katherine
Niemi, Mary
Niemi, Verna
Niva, Arthur
Niva, Mildred
Olsen, Phillip
Olsen, Stuart
Olson, William
Paavola, Arthur
Paavola, Gertrude
Paavola, John
Palo, Axel
Pantsari, Eric
Pantsari, Eva
Pantsari, Nanna
Papki, Helen
Paulson, Phyllis
Pekula, John
Pesola, Gordon
Peterson, Paul
Peterson, Ruth
Petrelius, Dorothy
Pietila, Luella
Pietila, Stella
Pohja, Mayme
Pohja, Walter
Pohjola, Viola
Rajala, Dorothy
Rajala, Tauno
Rantamaki, Toivo
Ravi, Bertha
Ravi, Carl
Rickabaugh, Howard
Rickabaugh, Rose
Rintala, Ellen
Rintala, Hazel
Rintala, Wallace
Roberts, Earl
Saarela, Arthur
Saarela, Norman
Saari, Ingrid
Saari, Velma
Savela, Lila
Savela, Mildred
Savela, Walfred
Tarvas, Reino
Tauriainen, Eino
Tauriainen, Esther
Tauriainen, Ingrid
Tauriainen, Katherine
Tauriainen, Reino
Tikkanen, Arne
Tikkanen, Charles
Tikkanen, Elma
Toivonen, Helen
Toivonen, Ruth
Toivonen, William
Torro, Donald
Torro, Viola
Torvinen, Mary
Tulpo, Marjorie
Tulpo, Ruth
Tuohimaa, Effie
Van Dyke, Henry
Waisanen, John
Wanhatalo, Linea
Wayrynen, Eugene
Wayrynen, Reino
Wiitala, Tuovi