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Name Index to Finnish Folklore and Social Change in the Great Lakes Mining Region Oral History Collection, 1972-1978


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Abramson, Mrs. Ralph (Lempinen) Interviewee ffsc-001
Agassiz, Alexander Topic of Interview ffsc-179
Ahola, Mrs. Ida Interviewee ffsc-002
Alanen, Arvid Interviewee ffsc-003
Aldrich, Annie Interviewee ffsc-004
Alto, Aliina Interviewee ffsc-005
Alto, Toivo "Rusty" Interviewee ffsc-005
Anderson, Annie Interviewee ffsc-006
Anderson, Leon Interviewee ffsc-006
Anderson, Wallace Interviewer  
Anderson, Wallace Interviewee ffsc-008
Andrews, Dr.Clarence Interviewee ffsc-009
Antila, Elroy Interviewee ffsc-010
Antilla, Elroy Interviewer  
Armstrong, Helen Interviewer  
Arsenault, Walt Interviewee ffsc-011
Autio, Amelia Interviewee ffsc-012
Auvinen, Lempi (Johnson) Interviewee ffsc-013
Bäck, Pastor Topic of Interview ffsc-001
Bammert, Joe (Hermit) Topic of Interview ffsc-226
Baraga, Bishop Topic of Interview ffsc-222
Barr, Robert J. Interviewer  
Bartanen, Hattie S. Interviewee ffsc-014
Bell, Roy D. Interviewee ffsc-015
Bell, Warren M. Interviewee ffsc-016
Bergh, Russell Interviewee ffsc-017
Berry, Betty M. Interviewer  
Bigando, Battista Interviewee ffsc-018
Bigando, John Interviewee ffsc-019
Bleise, Arbutus Interviewer  
Brennan, Pat Interviewee ffsc-021
Brown, Russell Interviewee ffsc-022
Brown, Viola J. Interviewer  
Buckland, Dr. Topic of Interview ffsc-272
Butala, Rose A. Interviewee ffsc-023
Butkovich, John Interviewee ffsc-022
Butler, Ruth (Gibson) Interviewee ffsc-024
Capone, Al Topic of Interview ffsc-006
Chapman, Leslie Interviewee ffsc-026
Charlie Warren Topic of Interview ffsc-274
Clements, "Big Annie" Topic of Interview ffsc-271
Clements, "Big Annie" Topic of Interview ffsc-009
Congdon, William Topic of Interview ffsc-239
Conway, Pat Topic of Interview ffsc-255
Cooper, James R. Topic of Interview ffsc-239
Cooper, Virginia A. Interviewee ffsc-027
Courchaine, Joe Interviewee ffsc-126
Dempsey, Jack Topic of Interview ffsc-084
Dillinger, John Topic of Interview ffsc-006
Dophy, Bill Topic of Interview ffsc-257
Dorphy, Bill Topic of Interview ffsc-275
Douglas, Frank A. Topic of Interview ffsc-239
Dunsmore, John Topic of Interview ffsc-275
Dunsmore, John Topic of Interview ffsc-274
Eilola, Ray Interviewee ffsc-029
Eisermann, Mathilda Interviewee ffsc-124
Eliason, Lydia W. Interviewer  
Erickson, Art Interviewee ffsc-275
Erickson, Arthur B. Interviewee ffsc-030
Erickson, Bertha Interviewee ffsc-033
Erickson, Bill Interviewer  
Erickson, Emil Interviewee ffsc-272
Erickson, Ida S. Interviewee ffsc-034
Erikainen, David Topic of Interview ffsc-035
Erikainen, Otto Interviewee ffsc-035
Erkkila, Linne Maria Interviewee ffsc-036
Errikainen, Urho Interviewee ffsc-037
Eskola, Sylvia [Bonnie] Interviewee ffsc-039
Fisher, Betty Interviewer  
Fitzpatric, Ida (Saari) Interviewee ffsc-041
Foley, Jack Interviewee ffsc-042
Foremen , Willard Interviewee ffsc-112
Foremen, Willard Interviewee ffsc-043
Foster, William John Interviewee ffsc-044
Fournier, Eleanor B. Interviewee ffsc-045
Fredd, Victor Interviewee ffsc-046
Funk, Olive Interviewee ffsc-052
Gardner, William A. Interviewee ffsc-047
Gauthier, Alphonse 'Middy' Topic of Interview ffsc-274
Githens, Monica Interviewer  
Godell, Swande Interviewer  
Godell, Swande Interviewee ffsc-048
Good, R. Allen Interviewee ffsc-049
Goodell, Robert Interviewee ffsc-050
Goodell, Swande Interviewee ffsc-051
Gray, Denise Interviewee ffsc-097
Gray, Mattie Interviewee ffsc-052
Grearson, Mrs. Topic of Interview ffsc-179
Gregorie, Bosch Joseph Topic of Interview ffsc-107
Grentz, Mary Topic of Interview ffsc-009
Groop, Edward Topic of Interview ffsc-091
Groop, Pastor Topic of Interview ffsc-270
Gustafson, Gust A. Interviewee ffsc-053
Guthrie, Woody Topic of Interview ffsc-009
Haas, Issac Newton Interviewee ffsc-054
Halinen, Rev. Martin Interviewee ffsc-055
Hamer, Ken ; Courchaine, Archie Interviewee ffsc-056
Hanchette, Charles D. Topic of Interview ffsc-239
Hanchette, Charles D. Topic of Interview ffsc-239
Hanninen, Vilho Topic of Interview ffsc-091
Hansen, Mary ; Hendrickson, Tillie Interviewee ffsc-057
Hardy, Ryan Topic of Interview ffsc-272
Harju, Larry Interviewer  
Harvey, Al Interviewee ffsc-058
Haug, Anne Interviewee ffsc-059
Heideman, Arthur Leopold Topic of Interview ffsc-169
Heideman, Arthur Leopold Topic of Interview ffsc-252
Heideman, Arthur Leopold Topic of Interview ffsc-127
Heideman, Arthur Leopold Topic of Interview ffsc-262
Heideman, Arthur Leopold Topic of Interview ffsc-204
Heideman, Rev. Paul and Eva (Kaukkonen) Interviewee ffsc-060
Heikkilä, Anna Lydia Interviewee ffsc-061
Heikkila, Walter Interviewee ffsc-062
Heikkinen, Earnest Interviewee ffsc-135
Heiman, Viljo Interviewee ffsc-063
Heinonen, Adrian Interviewee ffsc-064
Helgren, Brian Interviewer  
Helgren, Dorias Interviewer  
Hendrickson, Nick Interviewee ffsc-067
Hill, Gust E. Interviewee ffsc-069
Hill, Mrs. Jean Interviewee ffsc-070
Hiltunen, Alice Interviewee ffsc-272
Hiltunen, Vivian Interviewer  
Hiltunen, Vivian Interviewee ffsc-071
Hinks, Frank Interviewee ffsc-072
Hinks, Richard Interviewee ffsc-072
Hoffman, David Interviewer  
Hoffman, Emma Interviewee ffsc-073
Hogback, Laina Interviewee ffsc-074
Hogback, Mrs. Topic of Interview ffsc-088
Hohl, Charles Interviewee ffsc-075
Hokkanen, John Emil Interviewee ffsc-076
Holman, E.B. Topic of Interview ffsc-191
Holmio, Armas Interviewee ffsc-077
Holmlund, Walt Interviewee ffsc-078
Homlund, Walter S. Interviewee ffsc-017
Houghton, Douglass Topic of Interview ffsc-212
Huhtala, Helen Interviewee ffsc-079
Hyypio, Axel Interviewee ffsc-080
Hyypio, Olga Marie (Peterson) Interviewee ffsc-082
Isola, Mrs. Anna Interviewee ffsc-083
Jaaskelainen, Heimo "Paddy" Interviewee ffsc-084
Jacka, Bertha Interviewee ffsc-085
Jackala, Katie Interviewee ffsc-086
Jacobson, Aileen (Savola) Interviewee ffsc-087
Jalkanen, Paul Interviewer  
Jalkanen, Ralph Interviewer  
Janis, Dr. A. J. Interviewee ffsc-088
Jarvin, Elma (Mrs. George A.) Interviewee ffsc-089
Jasberg, H.J. Topic of Interview ffsc-169
Jasper, Henry Topic of Interview ffsc-135
Johnson, Del Interviewer  
Johnson, Laina (Malila) Interviewee ffsc-090
Johnson, Lempi Interviewee ffsc-091
Johnson, Walter Interviewee ffsc-092
Junttila, John Topic of Interview ffsc-091
Juntunen, Aarne Topic of Interview ffsc-091
Juntunen, Mrs Topic of Interview ffsc-282
Jutila, Aina Aliida Interviewee ffsc-093
Kallungi, Herman Interviewee ffsc-094
Kangas, Anna (Larson) Interviewee ffsc-096
Kangas, Bertha Interviewee ffsc-097
Kangas, Erkki Topic of Interview ffsc-017
Kangas, Everett Interviewee ffsc-098
Kangas, Matt Interviewee ffsc-099
Kangas, Rachel Interviewee ffsc-098
Karinen, Hilda (Taurianen) Interviewee ffsc-101
Karjala, Elmina Interviewee ffsc-103
Karjala, Mrs. Isaac Interviewee ffsc-102
Karkanen, Julia Interviewee ffsc-104
Karni, Ina (Niemi) Interviewee ffsc-105
Keifer, Charles Interviewee ffsc-107
Kelly, Michael Interviewee ffsc-108
Kemppainen, Denia Interviewee ffsc-065
Kemppainen, Hugo Interviewee ffsc-109
Kero, Walerus Interviewee ffsc-110
Keskinen, Vera Interviewee ffsc-231
Kessler, Catherine Interviewer  
Keto, John Interviewee ffsc-111
Kezele, Joseph Interviewee ffsc-112
King, Ida Interviewee ffsc-113
King, Jane Interviewee ffsc-114
King, Keith Interviewer  
Kivisaari, Amanda Interviewee ffsc-115
Kivisaari, John Topic of Interview ffsc-115
Klemetti, Mrs. Hugo Interviewee ffsc-116
Koepel, Louis Interviewee ffsc-117
Koivisto, Edith Armida (Laine) Interviewee ffsc-118
Koivupalo, Dr. Topic of Interview ffsc-169
Koopikka, Eva Juliana (Koski) Interviewee ffsc-119
Korhonen, Arvo Topic of Interview ffsc-091
Koski, Aily (Elo) Interviewee ffsc-120
Koski, Ernie Interviewee ffsc-121
Koski, Frans Topic of Interview ffsc-091
Koski, Pastor Topic of Interview ffsc-270
Koski, Richard Interviewee ffsc-123
Koski, Saima (Juntunen) Interviewee ffsc-122
Kugler, Mrs. Paulina Interviewee ffsc-124
Kuitanen, Cecilia Interviewee ffsc-125
Kuntz, Mrs. Interviewee ffsc-126
Kuopus, Wilbert Interviewee ffsc-127
Kurtti, James Interviewer  
Lack, Nancy Interviewer  
Lager, Dr. Interviewer  
Lahti, Esther Interviewee ffsc-129
Lahti, Leonard Interviewee ffsc-128
Laine, Anne Interviewee ffsc-150
Lantto, Paul Interviewee ffsc-130
Lappala, Risto Topic of Interview ffsc-231
Lappala, Vilma Topic of Interview ffsc-231
Larsen, Evert Interviewee ffsc-131
Larson, Amanda (Wiltinen) Interviewee ffsc-132
Larson, Evelyn Interviewee ffsc-133
Larson, Hilder Interviewee ffsc-133
Larsson, O.J. Topic of Interview ffsc-212
Latendresse, Mrs. Interviewee ffsc-126
Laukki, Leo Topic of Interview ffsc-232
Lavery, Allan Interviewer  
Lehtinen, Kaarle H. Interviewee ffsc-134
Lehto, Don Interviewee ffsc-135
Lehto, Waino "Pops" Interviewee ffsc-136
Leiviska, Helen (Kruuth) Interviewee ffsc-137
Lent, Harold Interviewee ffsc-138
Lepisto, Mrs. Sigrid Interviewee ffsc-139
Lepisto, Pastor Topic of Interview ffsc-115
Litsenberger, John Interviewee ffsc-140
Litsenberger, John Interviewer  
Longenecker, Bonnie Interviewer  
Loukinen, Elaine Interviewer  
Loukinen, Martin E. Interviewee ffsc-141
Loukinen, Michael Interviewer  
Lukkarila, Nick Interviewee ffsc-142
Luokkanen, Henry Interviewee ffsc-144
MacDonald, James Interviewee ffsc-145
Maclean, Blanche Interviewee ffsc-146
Maki, Anselm "Anssu" Interviewee ffsc-148
Maki, George Interviewee ffsc-149
Maki, Hilma Interviewee ffsc-150
Maki, Joe Interviewee ffsc-149
Maki, Randy Interviewer  
Maki, Senja (Maunu) Interviewee ffsc-151
Maki, Taimi Interviewee ffsc-149
Maki, Wilho "Buck" Interviewee ffsc-152
Mantila, Ron Interviewee ffsc-153
Marsi, Minne Interviewee ffsc-017
Martin, Matt Interviewee ffsc-154
Martino, Bill Interviewee ffsc-155
Mathieu, Harold L. Interviewer  
Matthews, Frank Interviewee ffsc-156
Mattila, John and Saima Interviewee ffsc-157
Mattson, Matt Interviewee ffsc-158
Mattson, Peter Interviewee ffsc-159
Maynarich, John Topic of Interview ffsc-009
McClung, Sam Interviewee ffsc-109
McDonald, Mrs. Interviewee ffsc-138
McMahon, Jack Interviewee ffsc-160
McManiman, Charles O. Interviewee ffsc-161
McNaughton, James Topic of Interview ffsc-167
Meloche, Dr. Topic of Interview ffsc-017
Michelson, Andrew Interviewee ffsc-162
Mikkola, Chef Interviewee ffsc-163
Milden, Gary Interviewee ffsc-164
Miller, Gust Interviewee ffsc-165
Miller, Mrs. Helene Interviewee ffsc-166
Mills, Edward W. Interviewee ffsc-167
Mills, Gary J. Interviewer  
Mills, Mrs. Edward Interviewee ffsc-168
Moilanen, "Big Louie" Topic of Interview ffsc-169
Moilanen, "Big Louie" Topic of Interview ffsc-214
Moyer, Charles Topic of Interview ffsc-009
Murtonen, Dr. Leonard Interviewee ffsc-169
Mustonen, Mabel Interviewee ffsc-170
Mutkala, Arthur Interviewee ffsc-171
Mutkala, Eva Interviewee ffsc-172
Myers, Ina-Ilona Interviewee ffsc-173
Mykkanen, Impi Edith (Samanen) Interviewee ffsc-174
Myrick, William Interviewee ffsc-175
Naasko, Eli Topic of Interview ffsc-232
Nancarrow, Jennie Grace Interviewee ffsc-176
Narhi, Gladys Interviewee ffsc-177
Nash, Jim Interviewee ffsc-178
Nelson, Alex Interviewee ffsc-179
Nelson, Pete "Whisky Pete" Topic of Interview ffsc-209
Nelson, Rev. Keith Interviewee ffsc-180
Nicholas, Jean Interviewee ffsc-181
Niemi, Adrian A. Interviewer  
Niemi, Arthur J. Interviewee ffsc-182
Niemi, Ilma Interviewee ffsc-182
Niemi, Les Interviewer  
Niemisto, Reuben Interviewee ffsc-183
Niska, Charles Interviewee ffsc-184
Noblet, Gladys (Nebel) Interviewee ffsc-185
Noblet, U. John Interviewee ffsc-185
Nodstrom, Charles O. Interviewee ffsc-186
Nykanen, Minnie Interviewee ffsc-124
Odgers, Millicent Marie Interviewee ffsc-401
Oikarinen, Jafet Interviewee ffsc-187
Oinas, Arthur Interviewee ffsc-188
Oja, Lyyli Interviewee ffsc-189
Oja, Matt Interviewee ffsc-190
Oja, Matt Topic of Interview ffsc-272
Oja, Matt Topic of Interview ffsc-274
Oja, Matti Interviewee ffsc-189
Oja, Reuben Interviewee ffsc-190
Ojala, Abram Topic of Interview ffsc-212
Ojala, Esther Interviewee ffsc-191
Ojala, Lyle Interviewee ffsc-192
Ojala, Toivo Interviewee ffsc-193
Olander, Robert Interviewee ffsc-194
Ollanketo, John Interviewee ffsc-195
Ollila, Douglas Interviewer  
Olson, Bob Interviewer  
Olson, Maurice Interviewee ffsc-196
O'Meara, Jim Interviewee ffsc-198
O'Meara, Lydia Interviewee ffsc-197
Padberg, Louise Interviewer  
Padberg, Louise Interviewee ffsc-199
Palosaari, John Interviewee ffsc-067
Parenti, Constance Interviewer  
Paulson, Fred J. Interviewee ffsc-200
Pelkie, William Topic of Interview ffsc-275
Pelto, Alfred Interviewee ffsc-201
Pelto, Emil Interviewee ffsc-031
Pelto, Emil Topic of Interview ffsc-270
Pelto, Emil Topic of Interview ffsc-274
Pelto, Emil Interviewee ffsc-204
Pelto, Ilmi Interviewee ffsc-205
Perander, Dagmar (Saari) Interviewee ffsc-206
Pesonen, Elmi Interviewee ffsc-207
Pesonen, Emil Interviewee ffsc-207
Petaisto, Heikki Interviewer  
Peters, Elaine Interviewee ffsc-208
Peters, Pastor James Interviewee ffsc-208
Peterson, Helmer Interviewee ffsc-209
Peterson, Janet Interviewer  
Peteski, Billy Topic of Interview ffsc-274
Pikkusaari, Lauri Topic of Interview ffsc-091
Pikkusaari, Pastor Topic of Interview ffsc-270
Polkala, John Interviewee ffsc-210
Popke, Mrs. Helene Interviewee ffsc-124
Popovich, Nick Interviewee ffsc-211
Puotinen, Art Interviewee ffsc-212
Puotinen, Hap Interviewee ffsc-213
Puotinen, Heino "Hap" Interviewer  
Pykkonen, Anna (Heikkinen) Interviewee ffsc-214
Pykkonen, Edward Interviewee ffsc-214
Pyorala, Arvo Interviewee ffsc-215
Quilliam, Mrs. Lillian Interviewee ffsc-216
Rabas, Anna Topic of Interview ffsc-009
Rajanen, Adolph Interviewee ffsc-217
Rankinen, E. Olaf Interviewee ffsc-218
Rankinen, E. Olof Interviewer  
Ranta, Eero Interviewer  
Ranta, Elma Interviewer  
Ranta, William Interviewee ffsc-219
Rautanen, Pastor Topic of Interview ffsc-001
Raymond, Edmund Interviewee ffsc-220
Reed, Grace (Markham) Interviewee ffsc-221
Reinhart, Fr. Charles Interviewee ffsc-222
Rintala, Arelia Goodreau Topic of Interview ffsc-009
Rintala, August (Miller) Topic of Interview ffsc-165
Rintala, Jack Interviewee ffsc-223
Roberts, Raymond Interviewer  
Roberts, Raymond B. Interviewee ffsc-224
Rogers, Theodore Interviewee ffsc-225
Rossberg, Ed Topic of Interview ffsc-009
Rozich, Frances Interviewee ffsc-226
Ruohokoski, Matt Topic of Interview ffsc-209
Ruohonen, Jack Interviewee ffsc-227
Ruohoniemi, Hilda Interviewee ffsc-228
Ruolo, Mrs. Interviewee ffsc-167
Ruona, Bill Interviewee ffsc-229
Ruona, Matt Topic of Interview ffsc-272
Ruona, Matt Topic of Interview ffsc-274
Ruona, Nora Interviewee ffsc-229
Ryding, Rev. Norman Interviewee ffsc-230
Saari, Gene Topic of Interview ffsc-222
Saari, Gene Topic of Interview ffsc-248
Saari, Gene Topic of Interview ffsc-232
Saari, Katri Interviewee ffsc-231
Saari, Kusti Topic of Interview ffsc-231
Saarnivaara, Uuras Topic of Interview ffsc-218
Salmi, Mrs. Mayme Interviewee ffsc-232
Salmi, W.W. Topic of Interview ffsc-120
Salmi, Walter Hugo Interviewee ffsc-232
Salminen, Fanny (Beck) Interviewee ffsc-233
Salo, Impi Rautavirta (Saari) Interviewee ffsc-234
Samanen, David Topic of Interview ffsc-091
Sarkela, Sandra (Makela) Interviewee ffsc-235
Sauer, Pete Topic of Interview ffsc-226
Savela, Esther and Wilmer Interviewee ffsc-237
Savela, Wilmer L. Interviewee ffsc-052
Schwalm, Fred Interviewee ffsc-238
Seaton, Donald W. Interviewee ffsc-239
Seaton, Kenneth Interviewee ffsc-239
Seppala, Signe Interviewee ffsc-240
Sever, Rose Stukel Topic of Interview ffsc-009
Sheehan, Myrtle (Dwyer) Interviewee ffsc-241
Shoupe, Mae Interviewee ffsc-242
Sinervo, Eugene Interviewee ffsc-243
Slagg, Mrs Interviewee ffsc-244
Smith, Mason Interviewee ffsc-245
Snabb, Henry Interviewee ffsc-246
Snyder, John W. Interviewee ffsc-247
Sonneman, Dr. Carl Interviewer  
Spirofff, Kiril Interviewee ffsc-248
Stadius, Marybeth Interviewer  
Stadius, Mrs. Ardelle Interviewee ffsc-002
Steke, Francis Topic of Interview ffsc-009
Struzel, Charles Topic of Interview ffsc-009
Sullivan, John L. Interviewee ffsc-249
Suojanen, Reino Interviewee ffsc-251
Suomi, Hilja Interviewee ffsc-252
Supanich, Mrs. Mike Interviewee ffsc-253
Suvanto, Price Arvo Interviewee ffsc-254
Swetish, Joe Interviewee ffsc-158
Tahtinen, Don Interviewee ffsc-400
Tainio, Onnie E. Interviewee ffsc-255
Takalo, John Interviewee ffsc-272
Tarvis, Debbie Interviewer  
Tauriainen, Matt and Hilja Interviewee ffsc-258
Tervo, Emil Topic of Interview ffsc-091
Tervonen, Helena (Rajala) Interviewee ffsc-259
Tikkanen, Ailie Interviewee ffsc-260
Todd, William Parsons Interviewee ffsc-261
Ton, John Interviewer  
Torkala, Mrs. Helen Interviewee ffsc-262
Torma, Fred Interviewee ffsc-263
Train, Alfred Interviewee ffsc-265
Train, Alger Interviewee ffsc-264
Train, Winifred (Moore) Interviewee ffsc-265
Trezise, Norman Interviewee ffsc-266
Tuomi, Ellen Interviewer  
Tuomi, Fanni Interviewee ffsc-267
Tuomi, Robert Interviewer  
Turunen, Evelyn Interviewee ffsc-269
Turunen, Matt Topic of Interview ffsc-270
Turunen, Matt Topic of Interview ffsc-252
Turunen, Matt Topic of Interview ffsc-272
Turunen, Reuben Interviewee ffsc-270
Uusitalo, Eino Interviewee ffsc-272
Vivian, Elizabeth Interviewee ffsc-273
Waatti, Laurie Topic of Interview ffsc-009
Waisanen, Matt Interviewee ffsc-031
Waisanen, William Interviewee ffsc-031
Wakeham, Eva Interviewee ffsc-276
Wakeham, William Interviewee ffsc-276
Walli, Frank Interviewee ffsc-277
Wargelin, John Topic of Interview ffsc-115
Warner, Anne and Earl Interviewee ffsc-278
Whitman, Robert Interviewer  
Wiljanen, Martha Interviewee ffsc-279
Williams, Barbara Interviewee ffsc-280
Willman, Judge Charles Interviewee ffsc-281
Willmers, Edward Interviewee ffsc-282
Wilmars, Jo (Kelly) Interviewee ffsc-283
Wimlars, Jo Interviewee ffsc-241
Winker, Dr. Henry J. Interviewee ffsc-284
Winkler, Dr. Topic of Interview ffsc-240
Wittaniemi, Arvid Interviewee ffsc-285
Woodbury, Edson Odell Interviewee ffsc-286
Wubbena, Ms. Lenora Interviewee ffsc-124
Yokie, Edith M. Interviewee ffsc-288