Suomi College First 25 years of students

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Suomi College First 25 years of students

Suomi College, now known as Finlandia University, was founded in 1896 to preserve Finnish culture, train Lutheran ministers, and teach English. The items that follow are an alphabetical list of students during the first 25 years of Suomi College and includes all students whose first year of enrollment was between 1896 and 1921.


*Note: in the Program field, Prep and Junior College students are both called Prep, while the Business/Commercial [secretarial] students are all called Business.


Typed by Megan Ott, 2010-2011.
Edited by Kent Randell, 2011.


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Name Years of Enrollment Program* Town
Aalto, Edna 1911-1912 Prep Newberry, Mich.
Abramson, Abiel 1921-1925 Prep, Business Nisula, Mich.
Abramson, Väinö A. 1910-1911 Prep Hurontown, Mich.
Ackman, Esther 1918-1919 Acad.  
Aho, Aksel A. 1915-1918 Acad. Sebeka, Minn.
Aho, Hilja 1917-1918 Acad. Stelton, Ont. Can.
Aho, Toivo 1906-1907 Business Coalwood, Mich.
Aho, Wille 1897-1902 Acad. Jacobsville, Mich.
Ahola, Adele 1909-1910 Business Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Ahola, Liisa 1902-1904 Acad. Chicago, Ill.
Ahola, Rudolf 1919-1920 Prep Wakefield, Mich.
Akkala, John 1915-1916 Business Houghton, Mich.
Akkala, Leonard 1916-1917 Business Eben Junction, Mich.
Ala, Hilja 1904-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Ala, Kaarlo Alpertti 1904-1905 Acad. Astoria, Ore.
Alanen, Uno 1921-1922 Prep Brookston, New York
Alatalo, Arthur 1918-1920 Business Lake Norden, S. Dak.
Alatalo, Jalmar 1915-1916 Business Lake Norden, So. Dak.
Alatalo, Jalmar Arvid 1914-1915 Business Lake Norden, S. Dak.
Alatalo, Juho 1908-1909 Prep Calumet, Mich.
Alatalo, Kaarlo 1907-1908 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Alinen, Walter 1918-1920 Prep, Acad. Eben Junction, Mich.
Anderson, Aina G. 1918-1919 Business Virginia, Minn.
Anderson, Antti 1899-1901 Acad. Champion, Mich.
Anderson, Arthur 1919-1921 Business Toivola, Minn.
Anderson, Erkki Wiljami 1902-1905 Acad. Sawo, S. Dak.
Anderson, Fanny 1920-1921 Acad. Jacobson, Minn.
Anderson, Hanna 1917-1918 Acad. Portland, Ore.
Anderson, Herman 1915-1916 Prep Dollar Bay, Mich.
Anderson, Ina 1920-1921 Business New York Mills, Minn.
Anderson, John 1919-1921 Business Mt. Iron, Minn.
Anderson, John Albert 1914-1915 Business Mount Iron, Minn.
Anderson, Lily 1909-1910 Business Ironwood, Mich.
Anderson, Lydia E. 1920-1921 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Anderson, Matilda S. 1913-1914 Business Newberry, Mich.
Anderson, Matilta 1904-1905 Acad. Newberry, Mich.
Anderson, Sanna Maria 1903-1904 Acad. Eveleth, Minn.
Anderson, Victor J. 1914-1916 Business Ashtabula, Ohio
Anderson, Werner 1919-1921 Acad. Turtle Lake, Wis.
Anttila, Arvid O. 1914-1915 Business Hancock, Mich.
Anttila, Lempi 1920-1922 Business Monessen, Pa.
Anttila, Viljo Sam. 1914-1915 Business Eben, Mich.
Anttila, Walter 1920-1921 Prep Eben Jct., Mich.
Anttila, William 1915-1916 Business Eben, Mich.
Arkko, Wilho 1911-1912 Prep Gardner, Mass.
Arola, Carl 1920-1921 Business Menahga, Minn.
Arola, Daniel 1921-1922 Acad. Owen, Wis.
Arola, Matti 1901-1904 Acad. Republic, Mich.
Arvo, Senja 1915-1916 Business Houghton, Mich.
Arvola, Aili 1916-1918 Business Hancock, Mich.
Arvola, Senja 1913-1914 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Asiala, Josua 1906-1907 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Asiala, Juho 1899-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Asiala, Leimo T. 1910-1911 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Asiala, Tuomas 1908-1909 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Aula, Hellen 1910-1912 Business Hancock, Mich.
Autio, Jenny 1919-1920 Prep Jacobson, Minn.
Autio, Siiri 1919-1922 Acad. Peabody / Fairport Harbor, Mass. / Ohio
Autio, Yrjo 1915-1921 Acad., Prep, Seminary Peabody / Fairport Harbor, Mass. / Ohio
Beck, William 1917-1918 Business Baraga, Mich.
Berg, Ksenja 1908-1909 Prep South Range, Mich.
Bergdahl, Uuno W. 1916-1918 Business Atlantic, Mich.
Bergdahl, William 1915-1916 Business Atlantic, Mich.
Berkowitch, Selma 1904-1905 Acad. Fitchburg, Mass.
Biekkola, Impi 1918-1920 Business Mohawk, Mich.
Björkvist, Ida 1917-1918 Business Winona, Mich.
Björn, Samuel V. 1913-1918 Acad., Seminary DeKalb, Ill.
Bjorn, Samuel Vesteri 1911-1912 Acad., Prep DeKalb, Ill.
Braa, Olga 1910-1911 Prep Savo, Et. Dak.
Collin, Elsie 1918-1918 Business Mohawk, Mich.
Dickson, Emma 1911-1914 Prep, Acad. Lake Norden, S.D.
Donner, Elvi 1921-1931 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Doyle, Phoebe 1918-1919 Prep Chassell, Mich.
Eerola, Evert 1919-1921 Prep Hancock / Deer River, Mich. / Minn.
Eilola, Andrew A. 1911-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Eilola, Antti A. 1913-1914 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Eilola, Brunolf 1909-1910 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Eilola, Frank 1913-1914 Business Oscar, Mich.
Eilola, Henry 1914-1915 Business Oskar, Mich.
Eilola, Martha 1909-1912 Business , Mich.
Eilola, William 1917-1918 Business Oskar, Mich.
Eklund, Eric 1916-1917 Prep Cleveland, Ohio
Eklund, Maria 1918-1919 Prep Alston, Mich.
Ekola, Oscar 1919-1921 Prep, Business Oscar, Mich.
Ekonen, Kalle 1915-1924 Prep, Acad., Seminary Fairport Harbor, Ohio
Elgland, Elmer 1919-1920 Business Brantwood, Wis.
Elgland, Hjalmar 1917-1918 Business Brantwood, Wis.
Elm, David 1911-1912 Seminary New York, N.Y.
Elm, Taavetti 1903-1911 Acad., Seminary New York, N.Y.
Erickson (Talvensaari), Lillian 1917-1918 Business Hubbel, Mich.
Erickson, Edith Angeliina 1913-1915 Business Republic, Mich.
Erickson, Emma Aliina 1906-1907 Acad. Newberry, Mich.
Erickson, Frans Oskari 1906-1907 Acad. Newberry, Mich.
Erickson, Hanna 1919-1920 Acad. So. Paris, Maine
Erickson, Hilma 1904-1908 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Erickson, Lempi 1920-1921 Business Crystal Falls, Mich.
Erickson, Lillian 1918-1919 Business Hubbell, Mich.
Erickson, Venla Esteri 1906-1907 Acad. Newberry, Mich.
Erikson, Hilma 1902-1904 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Erikson, Liisa 1896-1897 Acad. Newberry, Mich
Erkkilä, Frans 1910-1912 Prep Copper City, Mich.
Erkkilä, Linnea 1917-1919 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Esko, Charles V. 1913-1914 Business Thompson, Minn.
Fingeroos, Aksel J. 1911-1912 Business Republic, Mich.
Fingeroos, Axel J. 1913-1914 Business Republic, Mich.
Finnila, Helmi 1921-1922 Business Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Frasa, Juho 1906-1907 Business Mount Iron, Minn.
Fredrickson, Maria 1906-1907 Acad. Hurontown, Mich.
Friisi, Henrikki 1900-1901 Acad. Toiwo, Dollar Bay
Frimodig, Mortimer Flavinius 1904-1905 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Gaberson, Aarne 1911-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Gaberson, Aarne J. 1910-1911 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Gompsi, Juho/Juhani Walteri 1904-1911 Acad. Eveleth, Minn.
Granholm, Oskari 1908-1909 Acad. Superior, Wis.
Grönberg, Ester Katariina 1903-1904 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Gronberg, Eva Maria 1914-1915 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Gronlund, Eino 1921-1922 Business Worcester, Mass.
Gummerus, Lauri 1898-1900 Acad. Calumet, Mich
Gummerus, Lauri 1906-1907 Business Calumet, Mich.
Gummerus, Wäinö Ilmarinen 1903-1904 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Gustafson, Aina Sesiilia 1906-1911 Acad. Negaunee, Mich.
Gustafson, Aliina 1909-1912 Business Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Gustafson, Juliaana 1917-1918 Business Brantwood, Wis.
Haanpää, Martha 1920-1921 Business Virginia, Minn.
Haapa, Einard 1919-1923 Prep. Business Franklin Mine, Mich.
Haapa, Lempi 1908-1909 Acad. Lanesville, Mass.
Haapa, Lempi Elisapetti 1904-1908 Acad. Rockport, Mass.
Haapamaa, Ida A. 1915-1916 Prep Ironwood, Mich.
Haapanen, Alfreeti 1898-1905 Acad., Seminary Bonner / Hancock, Mont. / Mich.
Haapanen, Heikki 1897-1904 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Haapaniemi, Antti 1907-1908 Prep Duluth, Minn.
Haapapuro, Heikki A. 1910-1911 Prep, Business Liminga, Mich.
Haapenen, Heikki 1902-1903 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Haapoja, Arthur 1914-1915 Business New York Mills, Minn.
Haarala, Victor 1916-1920 Acad. Port Arthur, Can.
Haines, Francis 1920-1921 Prep Waukegan, Ill.
Hakala, Toivo 1915-1916 Business South Range, Mich.
Hakalahti, Aina A. 1918-1919 Business Clear Creek, Utah
Häkkinen, Jalmar 1911-1912 Prep Gardner, Mass.
Hakli, Jacob 1908-1912 Prep, Acad., Business Floodwood, Minn.
Häkli, John 1914-1915 Acad. (High School student) Hancock, Mich.
Hakola, Johan A. 1913-1916 Acad. Fairport, Ohio
Hakola, John A. 1916-1921 Acad., Seminary Fairport Harbor, Ohio
Hakola, Sakari 1914-1915 Acad. Iron Belt, Wis.
Hakola, Sigrid Matilda 1916-1917 Acad. Newberry, Mich.
Halkola, Sakari 1911-1921 Prep, Acad., Seminary Iron Belt, Wis.
Halme, Antti 1911-1912 Prep Franklin, Mich.
Halmekangas, Iita Maria 1907-1908 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Halonen, Eino 1914-1915 Prep Rudyard, Mich.
Halonen, Niilo 1919-1920 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Halonen, Väinö 1914-1915 Acad. Rudyard, Mich.
Halonen, Väinö H. 1915-1919 Acad., Business Rudyard, Mich.
Halonen, Vilhelmiina 1906-1907 Business Poinsett, S.Dak.
Halvary, Eedla 1909-1911 Business Atlantic, Mich.
Hämäläinen, Emil 1919-1921 Acad., Business Gardner, Mass.
Hämäläinen, Evert 1919-1920 Acad. Gardner, Mass.
Hämäläinen, K.E. 1920-1921 Business Gardner, Mass.
Hämäläinen, Kaarlo 1918-1919 Prep Gardner, Mass.
Hämäläinen, Laine 1920-1921 Business Gardner, Mass.
Hämäläinen, Martta J. 1911-1914 Business Gardner, Mass.
Hankamäki, Hilma 1920-1921 Prep Cleveland, Ohio
Hanki, George 1909-1910 Prep Worcester, Mass.
Hanki, Yrjö 1910-1921 Prep, Acad. Worcester, Mass.
Hänninen, Laina M. 1920-1923 Acad. Monessen, Pa.
Hänninen, Vilho J. 1913-1923 Prep, Acad., Seminary Monessen, Pa.
Hanno, Amanda S. 1911-1912 Business Cokato, Minn.
Hanson, Aino 1913-1915 Prep, Acad. Bessemer, Pa.
Harja, Matti 1909-1910 Prep Wakefield, Mich.
Harju, Amanta 1907-1908 Prep Houghton, Mich.
Harju, Anna S. 1915-1916 Prep Ely, Minn.
Harju, Ellen 1920-1921 Business Cobalt, Ont.
Harju, Fred 1911-1912 Prep, Business Kearsarge, Mich.
Harju, Hilma 1918-1919 Prep Two Harbors, Minn.
Harju, Martin 1918-1919 Business Grand Marais, Mich.
Härkönen, Pentti 1910-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Härmä, Kathryn 1918-1919 Business Rudyard, Mich.
Harper, Artturi 1901-1903 Acad. Ironwood, Mich.
Haukkala, Arvid 1918-1919 Prep Wakefield, Mich.
Hautala, Eemeli 1908-1909 Business Houghton, Mich.
Hautala, Emil 1909-1910 Business Houghton, Mich.
Hautala, Fanni J. 1917-1918 Acad. Bruces Crossing, Mich.
Hautanen, Iita Wilhelmiina 1904-1905 Acad. De Kalb, Ill.
Havunen, Helmi 1910-1914 Acad. Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Hedman, William A. 1918-1919 Business Reedly, Cal.
Hegman, Lyyti 1901-1902 Acad. Ely, Minn.
Heikkilä, Aukusti 1907-1908 Business Coalwood, Mich.
Heikkilä, Signe 1917-1919 Business Ishpeming, Mich.
Heikkinen, Arvid 1909-1910 Prep South Range, Mich.
Heikkinen, Helmi M. 1914-1917 Business Nisula, Mich.
Heikkinen, Hilma Aliina 1897-1899 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Heikkinen, Ilmar 1919-1920 Acad. Nisula, Mich.
Heikkinen, Ilmari 1920-1922 Business Nisula, Mich.
Heikkinen, Kalle 1898-1899 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Heikkinen, Martha 1919-1920 Business Kettle River, Minn.
Heikkinen, Olga 1916-1918 Business Kettle River, Minn.
Heikkinen, Paavo 1915-1916 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Heinonen, Edna 1918-1919 Prep Atlantic, Mich.
Heinonen, Emil 1916-1917 Prep South Range, Mich.
Heinonen, Hilje Johanna 1907-1908 Prep New York, N.Y.
Heinonen, John 1915-1916 Business Toivola, Mich.
Heinonen, Juho Roopertti 1908-1909 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Heinonen, Juho Ruupertti 1906-1908 Acad. Sunshine, Mich.
Heinonen, Julius 1917-1921 Acad. Toivola, Mich.
Heinonen, Samuel 1914-1915 Prep Calumet, Mich.
Hekkala, Yrjö 1910-1911 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Helin, Yrjö A. 1917-1918 Prep, Business Beverly, Mass.
Hellinen, Aliina 1908-1910 Business Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Heltunen, Emil 1920-1921 Business Edgemere, Mich.
Hendrickson, Edward 1920-1921 Business Brantwood, Wis.
Hendrickson, Eeli 1910-1911 Business Stambaugh, Mich.
Hendrickson, Esther 1919-1920 Business Hancock, Mich.
Hendrickson, Fanni Arviida 1908-1909 Prep Sault Ste, Marie
Hendrickson, Hilda 1918-1919 Business Rubocin, Mich.
Hendrickson, Hilda Lyydia 1904-1905 Acad. Stambaugh, Mich.
Hendrickson, Hilja J. 1918-1920 Business South Range, Mich.
Hendrickson, Ida 1915-1917 Business Hancock, Mich.
Hendrickson, Jalmer 1916-1917 Business Toivola, Mich.
Hendrickson, Jennie 1916-1917 Business Chassell, Mich.
Hermanson, Albion 1917-1918 Business ,
Herrala, Julia 1918-1919 Business Arnheim, Mich.
Herttua, Evelyn 1919-1920 Business Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Heusa, Hilja 1907-1908 Business Laurium, Mich.
Heusa, Olka Eemelia 1900-1902 Acad. Laurium, Mich.
Hietala, Edward 1917-1919 Business Chassell, Mich.
Hietila, Tyyne 1921-1922 Business Beacon, Mich.
Hill, Eemeli Eetvartti 1908-1912 Acad., Business Baraga, Mich.
Hill, Eemeli Eetwartti 1903-1908 Acad. Baraga, Mich.
Hill, Hilja 1914-1915 Business Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Hill, Jennie 1920-1921 Business Floodwood, Minn.
Hill, Saima Helvia 1907-1908 Acad. Kingston, Minn.
Hill, Senja 1921-1922 Business Girard, Ohio
Hill, Tekla Dagmar 1913-1914 Business Baraga, Mich.
Hill, Thekla D. 1911-1912 Business Baraga, Mich.
Hill, Uno 1913-1915 Business Lake City, Mich.
Hill, Urba 1915-1916 Business Baraga, Mich.
Hill, Wietti 1909-1911 Business Wakefield, Mich.
Hillilä, Hugo M. 1909-1918 Prep, Acad., Seminary Chisholm, Minn.
Hilson, Arthur 1908-1910 Business Baraga, Mich.
Hilson, Mayme 1920-1921 Business Amasa, Mich.
Hiltunen, Hilda 1916-1917 Business Lake Norden, S. Dak.
Hiltunen, Jalmar 1920-1921 Business Nisula, Mich.
Hiltunen, Petter Arthur 1910-1912 Prep, Business Nisula, Mich.
Hirsimäki, Kalle 1900-1901 Acad. Conneaut, Ohio
Hirsimäki, Ksenia Freedriika 1913-1915 Acad. Monessen, Pa.
Hirvonen, Matti 1914-1915 Prep Ishpeming, Mich.
Hirwelä, Siikri Elwiira. 1897-1898 Acad. Lead, S. Dakota
Hjerpe, Ida 1919-1920 Business Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Högback, John 1919-1920 Business Dodgeville, Mich.
Hoikka, Hilja 1920-1921 Business Crystal Falls, Mich.
Hoikka, Josua 1900-1902 Acad. Crystal Falls, Mich.
Hoikka, Maria Eliisapetti 1904-1905 Prep Crystal Falls, Mich.
Hokkanen, Antti 1904-1905 Acad. Negaunee, Mich.
Holm, Wihtori 1904-1905 Prep Dollar Bay, Mich.
Holm, Wilhelmi 1900-1901 Acad. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Holmbo, Ester Florence 1913-1914 Business Virginia, Minn.
Holmes, Anna 1915-1916 Business Brainerd, Minn.
Holmström, Toivo J. 1913-1915 Business Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Holso, Toivo 1920-1922 Business Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Honka, Alfred 1916-1917 Business Gwinn, Mich.
Honkala, Aino 1899-1900 Acad. Karoliina, Concord City
Honkala, Hilda M. 1918-1920 Prep, Music Allston, Mass.
Hookana, Helmi 1919-1920 Prep Minneapolis, Minn.
Hovi, Kalle 1910-1911 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Huhtala, Andrew 1919-1921 Business Duluth, Minn.
Huhtala, Ellen 1913-1915 Business Palmer, Mich.
Huhtala, Olga 1914-1915 Business Palmer, Mich.
Huotari, Alma 1919-1920 Business South Range, Mich.
Huotari, Anna 1909-1910 Business Hancock, Mich.
Huotari, Edwin Patrikki 1896-1897 Acad. Atlantic, Mich
Huotari, Sorja 1902-1903 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Huotari, Tauno 1901-1903 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Huotari, Urho 1900-1903 Acad. Harbor, Ohio
Huotari, Yrjö 1901-1903 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Hurja, Artturi 1904-1907 Acad., Business Crystal Falls, Mich.
Hurley, Hellen 1910-1911 Business Atlantic, Mich.
Hurulin, Emma Theresa 1913-1914 Business Hancock, Mich.
Hutoari, Sorja 1901-1902 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Huttula, Hilda 1915-1916 Business Covington, Mich.
Huttula, Hilda Elizabeth 1914-1915 Business Covington, Mich.
Hyttinen, Alfreeti 1899-1900 Acad. Hurontown, Mich.
Hyttinen, Elieser 1910-1911 Prep Toivola, Mich.
Hyväri, Arviiti 1904-1909 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Hyväri, Arvitti 1906-1907 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Hyvönen, Tillie 1918-1919 Business Hancock, Mich.
Hywäri, Arwiiti 1904-1905 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Ilmonen, Salomon 1897-1905 Acad., Seminary Hancock, Mich.
Immonen, Antti 1908-1914 Acad., Seminary Worcester, Mass.
Ingala, Aili 1915-1916 Business Calumet, Mich.
Into, Olka 1897-1899 Acad. Negaunee, Mich.
Isaacson, Julia 1918-1920 Business Chassell, Mich.
Isojärvi, Lempi 1911-1914 Business Mesnard, Mich.
Isojoki, Lilly 1918-1919 Business Brantwood, Wis.
Isojoki, Lily 1917-1918 Business Brantwood, Wis.
Jaakola, Victor 1919-1920 Prep Virginia, Minn.
Jaaksi, Hilda 1906-1907 Business Ishpeming, Mich.
Jackson, Alexandra 1913-1914 Acad. Moore, Wis.
Jackson, Fred 1909-1912 Acad., Business Iron Belt, Wis.
Jackson, Sandra 1914-1915 Business Moore, Wis.
Jacobson, Aleksanter Nikolai 1907-1908 Acad. Ironwood, Mich.
Jacobson, Arvid 1921-1923 Prep Watton, Mich.
Jacobson, George 1921-1923 Business Fort Bragg, Calif.
Jämpsä, Rose 1919-1921 Business Onnela, Mich.
Jämsä, Kathryn 1918-1919 Business Brocket, N. Dak.
Järppi, Robert 1911-1912 Business Cokato, Minn.
Jarva, Aina Helena 1904-1907 Acad., Prep Hancock, Mich.
Järvelä, Frans Walfriiti 1904-1905 Acad. Republic, Mich.
Järvenpää, Elmi 1918-1919 Business South Range, Mich.
Jarvi, John 1916-1917 Business Hancock, Mich.
Järvi, Kaarlo 1908-1909 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Järvi, Wilhemi 1904-1905 Acad. Iron Belt, Wis.
Järvinen, Elizabeth 1919-1920 Prep Barron, Wis.
Jasberg, Eino A. 1913-1919 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Jasberg, Kaino Eetvartti 1908-1912 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Jasberg, Lempi W. 1913-1919 Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Jasberg, Onni Johannes 1898-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Jasberg, Paul 1921-1926 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Jasberg, Urho Kustaa 1906-1912 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Jasberg, Yrjö Iisraeli 1901-1910 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Jernberg, Alex A. 1914-1915 Business Adams, Ore.
Jestilä, Jenni 1910-1911 Business Hubbell, Mich.
Joensuu, Martha 1915-1916 Prep SanFrancisco, Cal.
Joensuu, Senia M. 1918-1919 Business Dollar Bay, Mich.
Johnson, Arthur 1920-1922 Business DeKalb, Ill.
Johnson, Bernhard 1909-1910 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Johnson, Edward Arthur 1916-1920 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Johnson, Ella 1915-1917 Business Hancock, Mich.
Johnson, Emilia 1918-1919 Business Soo, Mich.
Johnson, Herbertti 1909-1910 Prep Copper Cliff, Can.
Johnson, Hilda 1920-1922 Business Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Johnson, Martha 1920-1921 Prep Ottertail, Minn.
Johnson, Martha S. 1920-1924 Business, Acad. Ottertail, Minn.
Johnson, Matt H. 1920-1921 Prep Waukegan, Ill.
Johnson, Nicholas 1918-1920 Business Toivola, Minn.
Johnson, Phoebe 1906-1914 Business Oskar, Mich.
Johnson, Phoebe 1913-1914 Prep Calumet, Mich.
Johnson, Sophie 1909-1910 Prep Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Johnson, Sophie Ristiina 1897-1898 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Johnson, Vendla 1914-1919 Acad. Eveleth / Middle River, Minn.
Johnson, Wilhelmi 1896-1897 Acad. Hancock, Mich
Johnson, William 1910-1914 Business, Acad. Munising, Mich.
Johnson, William 1918-1920 Business Wäinölä, Mich.
Johnson, Wintori 1896-1897 Acad. Hacock, Mich
Jokela, Saima 1919-1920 Prep Mohawk, Mich.
Joki, Aukusti 1897-1902 Acad. Republic, Mich.
Joki, Lillie Elviira 1911-1912 Business Republic, Mich.
Joki, Yrjö 1913-1914 Seminary Monessen, Pa.
Jokiipii, Arvo Efraimi 1902-1903 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Jolkanen, Lyyli 1921-1922 Business Chassell, Mich.
Josephson, Sigrid 1920-1921 Acad. Wing, N. Dak.
Jova, Ida 1909-1911 Business Calumet, Mich.
Julku, Friida 1915-1916 Prep Berkeley, Cal.
Julonen, Dagmar 1921-1922 Prep ,
Junnikkala, Juhani Eewertti 1904-1905 Prep Montreal, Wis.
Junnila, Liisa 1899-1901 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Junnila, Wille 1908-1909 Prep Virginia, Minn.
Junso, Mayme 1919-1920 Business Castlewood, S. Dak.
Juntiila, Juho Abner 1906-1909 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Juntilla, Amaalia 1908-1908 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Junttila, Ernst 1910-1911 Prep Coburntown, Mich.
Junttila, Willie 1909-1910 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Juntunen, Charles 1909-1910 Business Atlantic Mine, Mich.
Juntunen, Emma 1915-1916 Business Nisula, Mich.
Juntunen, Ester 1903-1904 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Juntunen, Fred 1920-1921 Business Dollar Bay, Mich.
Juntunen, John Jalmari 1911-1912 Business Nisula, Mich.
Juntunen, Jooseppi 1908-1909 Prep Hubbell, Mich.
Juntunen, Robert 1911-1912 Prep Winona, Mich.
Juntunen, Väinö Johannes 1911-1914 Business Atlantic, Mich.
Juusola, Jeakko 1896-1897 Acad. Atlantic, Mich
Jylhä, Juhani Henrikki 1896-1897 Acad. East Tawas, Mich
Jylhänlehto, Wäinö A. (see also Lehto)
1916-1918 Acad., Business New Castle, Penn.
Jyliin, Nelmi 1909-1910 Acad. Mass, Mich.
Kääntä, Emil 1919-1921 Prep Brantwood, Wis.
Kaanta, Greeta 1916-1917 Business Palo, Minn.
Kaarto, Ida V. 1913-1921 Prep, Acad. Mass, Mich
Kaarto, Juho 1914-1915 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Kaarto, Otto 1903-1912 Acad., Seminary Boston Location / Mass City, Mich.
Kaihlanen, Aina 1920-1921 Business Mt. Iron, Minn.
Kaihlanen, Lillie 1916-1918 Business Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Kainulainen, Albin 1917-1926 Acad., Seminary Hancock, Mich.
Kallio, Anna 1909-1911 Business Finlayson, Minn.
Kallio, Hilma Eliisapetti 1901-1904 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Kallio, Katherine 1921-1928 Prep, Acad., Music Waukegan / Ontanagon, Ill. / Mich.
Kallio, Lempi 1919-1920 Business Trimountain, Mich.
Kallio, Selma 1919-1920 Prep Floodwood, Minn.
Kalliokoski, Naemi Maria 1907-1908 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Kaminen, Wäinö 1902-1903 Prep Ishpeming, Mich.
Kandelin, Matti 1907-1908 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Kangas, A. Werner 1908-1909 Business Marquette, Mich.
Kangas, Aili 1920-1921 Acad. Republic, Mich.
Kangas, Arvid 1900-1902 Acad. Mount Iron, Minn.
Kangas, Arviiti 1907-1908 Business Mount Iron, Minn.
Kangas, Bertha 1919-1922 Business Mass, Mich.
Kangas, Bessie 1906-1907 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Kangas, Carl 1909-1910 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Kangas, Edna 1921-1923 Prep, Business Demmon Location, Mich.
Kangas, Eino H. 1918-1919 Business South Range, Mich.
Kangas, Henr. Artturi 1902-1903 Prep Mount Iron, Minn.
Kangas, Henrikki 1906-1907 Acad. Mount Iron, Minn.
Kangas, Henrikki Artturi 1907-1909 Acad. Mount Iron, Minn.
Kangas, Henry 1921-1922 Business, Prep. Demmon Location, Mich.
Kangas, Impi M. 1917-1918 Business Phelps, Wis.
Kangas, Leo Emil 1914-1915 Business Mount Iron, Minn.
Kangas, Lyyti 1896-1904 Acad. Mountain Iron, Minn
Kangas, Matti 1900-1901 Acad. Jacobsville, Mich.
Kangas, Matti 1906-1909 Business, Acad. Hurontown, Mich.
Kangas, Mattias 1908-1909 Business Isle Royal, Mich.
Kangas, Wiliam C. 1914-1915 Business Hancock, Mich.
Kangasniemi, Marie 1918-1921 Prep, Business New York, N.Y.
Kantonen, Laina Lempi 1916-1917 Acad. Ashtabula, Harbor
Kantonen, Lilja 1920-1921 Acad. Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Kantonen, Siiri 1918-1919 Acad. Ashtabula, Ohio
Kantonen, Taito A. 1917-1920 Seminary Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Karhu, Aarne 1918-1925 Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Karhu, Antti 1908-1917 Prep, Acad., Seminary Trimountain / Painesdale, Mich.
Karhu, Helmi 1906-1907 Prep Houghton, Mich.
Kari, Lempi 1919-1921 Business South Range, Mich.
Kärkkäinen, Hilja Mrs. 1919-1920 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Karppi, Lempi 1915-1917 Business Chassell, Mich.
Karppinen, Anna 1911-1912 Business Hancock, Mich.
Karppinen, Selma 1916-1919 Business Brooklyn, N.Y.
Karvakko, Aukusti 1906-1908 Business Redridge, Mich.
Karvonen, Emil 1917-1919 Business Boston Location, Mich.
Karvonen, Hilda 1906-1907 Prep Fulton, Mich.
Karvonen, Lily 1919-1920 Prep Gilbert, Minn.
Kasari, Adolph 1919-1921 Business Castlewood / Spearfish, S. Dak.
Kasari, Mamie 1921-1922 Acad. Spearfish, S. Dak.
Katajamaa, Ilma 1909-1910 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Kaukola, Martha 1919-1921 Business Rock, Mich.
Kauma, Victor 1919-1921 Prep Virginia, Minn.
Kaunisto, Vieno 1918-1919 Business Rudyard, Mich.
Kauppi, Kalle 1910-1911 Prep Hurontown, Mich.
Kauppila , Ernest Ilmari 1906-1915 Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Kauppila, Matti 1908-1909 Prep Atlantic, Mich.
Kauppila, Urho 1899-1900 Acad. Fairport, Ohio
Kauppinen, Olga M. 1914-1915 Prep San Francisco, Cal.
Kavonius, Martha Johanna 1916-1917 Acad. Wing, N. Dak.
Kekäläinen, Lassi 1911-1912 Prep Pequaming, Mich.
Kemppainen, Helmi 1918-1920 Prep, Business Hubbell, Mich.
Kemppainen, Ruusa 1916-1917 Prep Paavola, Mich.
Kemppainen, Saima 1921-1922 PrepI Covington, Mich.
Kenttä, Martha 1918-1919 Business Gwinn, Mich.
Keräänen, Pekka 1901-1902 Acad. Fulton, Mich.
Keräanen, Väinö 1907-1908 Business Atlantic, Mich.
Keränen, Eleanor 1917-1919 Business Atlantic, Mich.
Keranen, Hilja 1921-1923 Prep, Business Nisula, Mich.
Keränen, Kathryn 1919-1920 Business Nisula, Mich.
Keränen, Pekka 1898-1905 Acad., Seminary Fulton / Elm River, Mich.
Keränen, Tyyne Maria 1914-1915 Business Hancock, Mich.
Keränen, Wäinö Johannes 1903-1907 Acad. Atlantic, Mich.
Kerttula, Fannie 1918-1921 Acad., Business Brantwood, Wis.
Keskinen, Werner Edward 1916-1919 Prep, Business Fairport / Ashtabula, Ohio
Kesti, George 1915-1916 Acad. Brooklyn, N.Y.
Kesti, Irma 1908-1909 Business Hancock, Mich.
Kesti, Lempi 1911-1914 Business Hancock, Mich.
Kesti, Yrjö 1910-1915 Prep, Acad. Brooklyn, N.Y.
Ketola, Celia Emily 1914-1916 Business Virginia, Minn.
Ketola, Edla Eliina Susanna 1910-1912 Prep Amasa, Mich.
Kettunen, Andrew 1918-1919 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Kieri, Anna 1904-1905 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Kiiski, Maria 1911-1917 Prep, Acad. Portland / Chicago, Oreg. / Illi.
Killinen, Saima E 1913-1914 Business Fairport, Ohio
Killinen, Saima E. 1911-1912 Business Fairport, Ohio
Kilpeläinen, Impi Monessen 1904-1905 Acad. Pa. ,
Kinnenen, Wille 1900-1901 Acad. Jacobsville, Mich.
Kinnunen, Aapeli 1903-1904 Acad. Atlantic, Mich
Kinnunen, Aliina 1918-1920 Business Franklin Mine, Mich.
Kinnunen, Alma 1902-1909 Acad., Business Calumet, Mich.
Kinnunen, Erkki 1907-1908 Acad. Boston k., Mich.
Kinnunen, Maria Albertiina 1911-1916 Prep, Acad. Fort Bragg, Cal.
Kinnunen, Martha 1921-1922 Prep ,
Kinnunen, Onni 1921-1922 Business Alston, Mich.
Kitinoja, Hilma 1921-1923 Prep, Acad. Monessen / Middlefield, Penn. / Ohio
Kitinoja, Lempi 1919-1921 Prep, Acad. Monessen, Pa.
Kitti, Eetwartti 1900-1903 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Kitti, Harry 1909-1911 Business Calumet, Mich.
Kivari, Artturi 1904-1908 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Kivelä, Antti Oskari 1903-1908 Acad. Savo, S.D.
Kivelä, Henrikki Wihtori 1901-1902 Prep Calumet, Mich.
Kivelä, Nelma 1918-1920 Business Mass, Mich.
Kivi, Siigriid Maria 1906-1907 Acad. Cleveland, Ohio
Kivi, Tyyne 1920-1923 Prep Brantwood, Wis.
Kiviniemi, Aina 1921-1923 Prep Warren, Ohio
Kiwari, Artturi 1904-1905 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Kiwari, Hilja Aliina 1902-1903 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Kleemola, Ernesti 1901-1902 Acad. Biwabik, Minn.
Klemetti, Hemminki 1910-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Klemetti, Nikke 1919-1924 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Knuuttila, Uuno Adolf 1916-1921 Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Koevela, Lillian 1913-1914 Business Palmer, Mich.
Koirikivi, Pekka 1911-1914 Prep, Business Burton, Ohio
Koivisto*, Elli 1919-1920 Prep Two Harbors, Minn.
Koivisto, Juho 1909-1910 Prep Palmer, Mich.
Koivisto, Selma 1921-1926 Prep, Acad., Business South Range / Trimountain / Mill Mine Junct., Mich.
Koivumäki, Vihtori 1897-1905 Acad., Seminary Crystal Falls, Mich
Kojo, Matti 1908-1909 Prep Floodwood, Minn.
Kokko, Aili Elizabeth 1921-1925 Prep, Acad. Houghton, Mich.
Kokko, Antti 1910-1911 Prep, Business Ellis Bay / Montreal, Can.
Kokko, Kathryn 1918-1919 Business South Range, Mich.
Kokko, Walfrid 1920-1922 Business Ontonogon, Mich.
Kokkonen, Arwid 1903-1905 Acad. Hibbing, Minn.
Kokkonen, Axel Edwin 1916-1918 Acad. Rockport, Mass.
Komppa, Kaarlo 1911-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Komula, Hemmi 1904-1905 Acad. Chassell, Mich.
Komula, Manta 1908-1909 Prep Chassell, Mich.
Könni, Alma 1906-1907 Business Toronto, Can.
Könönen, Antti 1910-1912 Acad., Seminary Maynard, Mass.
Könönen, Maynard 1908-1910 Acad., Seminary Mass. ,
Konttas, Helen 1917-1918 Business Portland, Ore.
Kopanna, Anna 1908-1910 Business Hancock, Mich.
Koppana, Inka Lempi 1911-1912 Business Pequaming, Mich.
Koppana, Julia 1914-1916 Business Hancock, Mich.
Koppana, Siiri Sofia 1914-1916 Acad. Pequaming, Mich.
Kopra, Antti 1916-1917 Prep Akron, Ohio
Korhonen, Anna 1920-1921 Business Floodwood, Minn.
Korhonen, Anton 1915-1917 Seminary San Francisco. ,Cali.
Korhonen, Arvo J. 1911-1920 Prep, Acad., Seminary Hibbing / Kettle River / Leipold, Minn.
Korhonen, Ida 1919-1920 Acad. Leipold, Minn.
Korhonen, Toivo 1921-1923 Business Keweenaw Bay, Mich.
Korpela, William 1916-1917 Business Virginia, Minn.
Kortesmäki, Matti 1904-1912 Acad., Seminary Fairport, Ohio
Korvela, Lillie 1914-1915 Business Palmer, Mich.
Koskela, Elizabeth 1921-1923 Prep Warren, Ohio
Koskela, Hilma 1918-1920 Prep Fitchburg / Cleveland, Mass. / Ohio
Koskela, Kustaa 1908-1909 Prep Hurontown, Mich.
Koskela, Lilliam 1915-1916 Business Spencer, N.Y.
Koskela, Sallie 1915-1916 Business Hancock, Mich.
Koskela, William 1908-1909 Prep Point Mills, Mich.
Koski, Aliina 1913-1914 Business Leipold, Minn.
Koski, Anna 1921-1922 Business Cloquet, Minn.
Koski, Annie 1917-1918 Business Cloquet, Minn.
Koski, Antti 1914-1915 Prep Wakefield, Mich.
Koski, Edward 1920-1921 Business Finlayson, Minn.
Koski, Emanueli 1906-1908 Prep, Acad. Hibbing, Minn.
Koski, Frank 1913-1916 Prep Hibbing, Minn.
Koski, Helmi 1908-1909 Prep Copper Cliff, Ont.
Koski, Hulda 1918-1920 Prep Chicago, Ill.
Koski, Jalmar 1920-1921 Acad. High Bridge, Wis.
Koski, Jennie 1921-1922 Business Liminga, Mich.
Koski, John 1919-1922 Prep, Business Chisholm / Cloquet, Minn.
Koski, John A. 1914-1915 Business Hancock, Mich.
Koski, Juho / John 1904-1909 Acad., Business Fairport / Chatham, Ohio / Mich.
Koski, Juho Eemeli 1904-1905 Acad. Copper Cliff, Can.
Koski, Juho Ivari 1907-1908 Prep Negaunee, Mich.
Koski, Olga 1915-1916 Business Finlayson, Minn.
Koski, Victor 1907-1910 Business Calumet, Mich.
Koskinen, Arnold Armas 1911-1912 Business Champion, Mich.
Koskinen, Jaako 1899-1902 Acad. Champion, Mich.
Koskinen, Onni Heikki 1900-1903 Acad. Bessemer, Pa.
Kosola, Eva 1915-1916 Business Kinney, Minn.
Kotila, Alma 1915-1916 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Kotila, Maria 1906-1907 Acad. Franklin, Mich.
Kotila, Matti 1906-1908 Business Hancock, Mich.
Kovala, Edward 1919-1920 Business Hancock, Mich.
Kovala, Oskari F. 1911-1912 Business Hancock, Mich.
Kovanen, Taimi Serafiia 1907-1908 Acad. Mass, Mich.
Kuijala, Laura I. 1910-1918 Prep, Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Kuitunen, Pearl 1918-1919 Business Winton, Minn.
Kuivinen, Liisa 1921-1922 Prep Ylistara, Vaasanl. Suomi
Kuivinen, Sanna 1921-1922 Prep Ylistara, Vaasanl. Suomi
Kujala, Elmer 1918-1920 Business DeKalb, Ill.
Kukko, Kalle 1910-1911 Prep Dadgeville, Mich.
Kukkola, Hilda 1916-1917 Prep Peabody, Mass.
Kukkola, Iida Maria 1901-1902 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Kukkonen, Kaarlo 1908-1909 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Kumara, Sigrid 1917-1918 Acad. Westminster, Mass.
Kunnas, Sigrid J. 1914-1915 Prep Quincy, Mass.
Kurtti, Milka 1907-1908 Business Calumet, Mich.
Kurttila, Arvid 1918-1920 Business Floodwood, Minn.
Kurunsaari, Ida 1911-1912 Acad. Baltic, Mich.
Kuusistio, Ilmi 1921-1922 Business Gilbert, Minn.
Kuusisto, Antti O. 1911-1920 Prep, Acad., Seminary DeKalb, Ill.
Kuusisto, Ilmi 1920-1921 Business Gilbert, Minn.
Kuusisto, Kalle B. 1911-1912 Prep Chisholm, Minn.
Kuusisto, Victor 1907-1912 Prep, Acad., Seminary Monessen, Pa.
Kyllönen, Aleksanteri 1903-1908 Acad. Huron Kaiw., Mich.
Kyllönen, Alma 1909-1910 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Kyllönen, Anna (Mrs. A Kinnunen) 1918-1920 Prep, Business Alston, Mich.
Kyllönen, Fanni 1906-1908 Business Hancock, Mich.
Kyllönen, Herman 1913-1914 Prep South Range, Mich.
Kyllönen, Hilma 1920-1921 Business Atlantic, Mich.
Kyllönen, Lili 1904-1910 Acad. Mass, Mich.
Kyrö, Anna 1918-1920 Prep Port Arthur, Can.
Kyrö, Otto A. 1909-1911 Prep Port Arthur, Can.
Kyyhkynen, John 1917-1919 Prep Duluth, Minn.
Laajala, Sigrid 1917-1918 Business Paavola, Mich.
Laakonen, Lempi I. 1914-1916 Prep, Acad. New York, N.Y.
Laakso, Fanni Maria 1910-1920 Prep, Acad., Business Sudbury, Can.
Laakso, William Nikolai 1916-1917 Prep, Business Chisholm, Minn.
Laamanen, Hilda 1914-1916 Prep Onnela, Mich.
Laaninen, Alma 1918-1921 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Lahikainen, Albin 1910-1912 Prep, Business South Range, Mich.
Lähteenmäki, Frans Wiljami 1904-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Lahti, Anna Sofia 1896-1898 Acad. Hancock, Mich
Lahti, Anselm 1917-1922 Prep, Acad. Ely, Minn.
Lahti, Arvo 1910-1911 Acad. Brocket, Pohj. Dak.
Lahti, Elsie 1921-1922 Business Chisholm, Minn.
Lahti, Johan 1913-1914 Prep Worcester, Mass.
Lahti, Mayme 1918-1919 Business Wakefield, Mich.
Lahti, Paavo 1911-1914 Prep Mohawk / Copper City, Mich.
Laine, Einar 1917-1918 Acad. Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Laine, Impi 1920-1922 Business Gilbert, Minn.
Laitala, Jenni 1901-1903 Acad. Hancock, Minn.
Laitila, Vihtori J. 1913-1915 Prep Hibbing, Minn.
Laitinen, Reino 1917-1922 Prep, Acad., Business Ishpeming, Mich.
Lake (Raurjärvi), Lempi 1917-1918 Prep Steelton, Can.
Lammi, Aina 1918-1919 Business Crystal Falls, Mich.
Lammi, Alli Josefiina 1904-1905 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Lamminmäki, Emma 1908-1909 Prep Hibbing, Minn.
Lamminmäki, Juho Anttoni 1907-1908 Prep ,
Lampinen, Alfred J. 1909-1910 Prep Amasa, Mich.
Lampinen, David 1915-1916 Prep Port Arthur, Ont. Can.
Lankinen, Hans 1908-1910 Business Mass, Mich.
Länsimäki, Edla 1918-1919 Prep Warren, Ohio
Lansimaki, Lempi 1916-1922 Business, Acad. Warren, Ohio
Länsimäki, Lempi M. (Westerbacka) 1914-1921 Acad., Business Warren, Ohio
Lantto, Hilma 1908-1909 Business Oskar, Mich.
Lantto, Maria 1913-1915 Business Sebeka, Minn.
Lantto, Paul A. 1911-1915 Prep, Acad. Gay, Mich.
Larsen, Kate T. 1918-1919 Business Painesdale, Mich.
Larsen, Senja K. 1918-1919 Business Painesdale, Mich.
Larson, Hilda 1914-1915 Business Hancock, Mich.
Laulaja, Aili Alberta 1914-1915 Business Wakefield, Mich.
Laulaja, Einari 1909-1910 Prep Hibbing, Minn.
Laurila, Julius E. 1919-1920 Seminary Toronto, Ont. Can.
Laurils, Alfreeti 1906-1907 Business Somerset, Col.
Lauronen, Elsa 1904-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Laury, Eetvartti 1906-1907 Business Cokato, Minn.
Laury, Vihtori Edvin 1907-1908 Business Cokato, Minn.
Lehmuskoski, Juho 1906-1907 Prep, Business Hancock, Mich.
Lehti, Henry 1909-1911 Business Atlantic Mine, Mich.
Lehtinen, Kalle 1908-1909 Prep Newberry, Mich.
Lehto, Wäinö (see also Jylhänlehto)
1911-1912 Business Monessen, Penn.
Lehto, Yrjö/George Eenokki 1914-1917 Acad., Business Onnela, Mich.
Lehtonen, Jacob August 1911-1912 Prep DeKalb, Ill.
Leino, Oscar Johannes 1916-1917 Prep Worcester, Mass.
Leinonen, Elsie 1919-1920 Business Hancock, Mich.
Leinonen, Eva 1917-1918 Business Salo, Mich.
Leinonen, John 1916-1917 Prep South Range, Mich.
Leinonen, Jooseppi 1916-1917 Prep South Range, Mich.
Leinonen, Sanna Maria 1901-1902 Acad. Biwabik, Minn.
Leinonen, Toivo 1909-1910 Prep Laurium, Mich.
Lepistö, Antti 1910-1915 Prep, Acad. Gardner, Mass.
Lepistö, Vihtori 1904-1908 Acad., Business Mass, Mich.
Leppämäki, Eeva M. 1909-1911 Prep Chatham, Mich.
Leppänen, Wäinö Kauno 1911-1912 Prep Chisholm, Minn.
Leppi, Kustaa Aadolfi 1906-1909 Acad. Mount Iron, Minn.
Lescelius, Linda 1915-1915 Business Keweenaw Bay, Mich.
Levänen, Evert 1909-1910 Prep Mesnard, Mich.
Levola, Jalmari 1907-1908 Prep Nashwauk, Mich.
Lewis, Anna 1909-1911 Business Ironwood, Mich.
Liedtke, Paul 1910-1911 Business Canal, Mich.
Liikaluoma, Martha 1918-1920 Acad. Fairport Harbor, Ohio
Liljeroos, Armas 1911-1912 Prep Calumet, Mich.
Liljeroos, Martti 1910-1912 Prep, Acad. Fitchburg / Calumet, Mass. / Mich.
Lillberg, Juho Eemeli 1901-1903 Acad. Cambria, Wyom.
Lilvis, Marie 1918-1919 Business Paynesville, Mich.
Lindberg, Anna 1919-1921 Business Paynesville, Mich.
Linden, Maria 1908-1911 Prep, Acad. Pittsburg, Pa.
Lindfors, Martin 1911-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Lindquist, William 1910-1911 Prep, Business Chisholm / Hibbing, Minn.
Lindroos, Akseli Eewertti 1901-1902 Acad. Iron Belt, Wis.
Lindroos, Oscar L. 1913-1916 Prep Republic / Trout Creek, Mich.
Lintala, John 1915-1916 Business Fairport Harbor, Ohio
Liuha, Arthur 1919-1920 Prep Wakefield, Mich.
Lofback, Rudolph 1920-1921 Business Virginia, Minn.
Löfbacka, Jennie S. 1914-1915 Business Virginia, Minn.
Löffman, Ida J. 1914-1915 Business East Tawas, Mich.
Loukiainen, Kalle 1915-1916 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Louko, Ilma 1904-1905 Acad. Dollar Bay, Mich.
Louko, Pauliina 1908-1909 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Louko, Victor E. 1911-1914 Prep, Acad. Alston, Mich.
Loukoo, Pauliina 1904-1908 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Luhtala, Elsa 1920-1921 Business Cleveland, Ohio
Luhtala, Elsie 1919-1920 Business Cleveland, Ohio
Lukkari, Louise 1919-1920 Business Hancock, Mich.
Lukkarila, Ester 1903-1905 Acad. Hancock / Mass, Mich.
Lukkarila, Mayme 1916-1917 Business Mass, Mich.
Lundqvist, Aadolfi 1910-1904 Acad. Hibbing, Minn.
Lunttila, Helmi 1918-1919 Business Soo, Can.
Luoma, Sophie 1918-1919 Business Iron Junction, Minn.
Luoma, Svante 1908-1911 Acad. Fitchburg, Mass.
Luoma, Svante 1915-1918 Seminary Waukegan, Ill.
Luomajoki, Heikki 1909-1910 Prep Mass, Mich.
Luomajoki, Sofia 1910-1912 Prep, Acad. Mass., Mich.
Luomanperä, Toivo 1916-1918 Business Wakefield / Angora, Mich. / Minn.
Luosalo, Väinö Elmer 1911-1912 Business Maynard, Mass.
Luoto, Selma 1909-1911 Acad. Eveleth, Minn.
Luoto, Toivo Johannes 1907-1908 Acad. Mount Iron, Minn.
Lutala, Elsa 1918-1919 Prep Cleveland, Ohio
Luttinen, Helmi Maria 1897-1903 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Luttinen, Matti 1898-1905 Acad., Seminary Calumet, Mich
Luttinen, Matti 1907-1908 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Luttio, Antti Oskari 1902-1905 Acad. Savo / San Francisco, S.D. / Cali.
Luttio, Juho Wiljami 1907-1908 Acad. Savo, S. Dak.
Luttio, Wäinö A. 1909-1914 Prep, Acad. Savo, S. Dak.
Määttä, John 1920-1921 Prep Ewen, Mich.
Määttälä, Edward 1910-1912 Seminary Ashtabula, Ohio
Määttälä, Eewertti 1899-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Mack, Lillie 1916-1917 Business Finlayson, Minn.
Mackey, Anna 1917-1918 Business Forest Lake, Mich.
Mäkelä, Fabian 1915-1916 Prep Copper Cliff, Can.
Mäkelä, Jaakoppi 1908-1909 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Mäkelä, Jalmar 1914-1915 Business Rockport, Mass.
Makela, Laura 1916-1917 Business Virginia, Minn.
Mäkelä, Mathias Jalmar 1913-1914 Prep Rockport, Mass.
Mäkelä, Otto 1911-1914 Prep, Acad. Waukegan, Ill.
Mäki, Albert 1920-1921 Business Angora, Minn.
Mäki, Aleks 1911-1912 Business Rudyard, Mich.
Mäki, Anna 1909-1910 Prep Ironwood, Mich.
Mäki, Anna 1915-1916 Business Franklin Mine, Mich.
Maki, Eemeli 1909-1910 Prep Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Mäki, Elma 1920-1921 Music Angora, Minn.
Mäki, Fiilus 1914-1915 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Maki, Herman 1909-1910 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Mäki, Jalmar 1917-1918 Business Brantwood, Wis.
Maki, Juho 1909-1910 Prep Hibbing, Minn.
Mäki, K. 1911-1912 Prep Maria Lydia, New York Mills
Mäki, Otto E. 1909-1915 Acad., Seminary Negaunee, Mich.
Mäki, Selma Maria 1904-1908 Acad., Business Virginia, Minn.
Mäkinen, Aino 1909-1910 Acad. Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Mäkinen, Aino S. 1908-1909 Prep Harbor, Ohio
Mäkinen, Anna 1909-1910 Business Copper Cliff, Can.
Makinen, Elmi 1916-1917 Business Chassell, Mich.
Mäkinen, Elmi 1917-1918 Business Chassell, Mich.
Mäkinen, Impi 1907-1909 Business Copper Cliff, Ont.
Makinen, Karti 1916-1917 Acad. Copper Cliff, Ont. Can.
Mäkinen, Katherine 1919-1920 Acad. Copper Cliff, Ont. Can.
Mäkinen, Katri 1917-1919 Acad. Copper Cliff, Ont.
Mäkinen, Olga Maria 1902-1908 Acad. Harbor, Ohio
Malberg, Linta 1896-1897 Acad. Calumet, Mich
Malila, Laina Johanna 1911-1912 Prep, Acad. Mass, Mich.
Malkamäki, John 1917-1918 Prep Wakefield, Mich.
Malm, George 1921-1922 Business Worcester, Mass.
Malm, Hilma 1906-1908 Business Dollar Bay, Mich.
Malmström, Milma 1919-1920 Business South Range, Mich.
Manner, Hilma Eliina 1916-1920 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Manninen, Arthur 1914-1915 Business Liminka, Mich.
Manninen, Klemens 1910-1911 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Mänttä, Jaakko 1899-1905 Acad., Seminary Hancock, Mich.
Mänty, John 1910-1911 Prep Painesville, Mich.
Mäntylä, Selma 1919-1920 Prep Warren, Ohio
Marin, Amos 1914-1923 Acad., Seminary Negaunee, Mich.
Markkanen, Saima 1917-1921 Acad. Duluth, Minn.
Maronen, Anna 1917-1918 Business Nisula, Mich.
Marsell, Flora 1919-1920 Business South Range, Mich.
Martimo, Margaret 1916-1918 Business Floodwood / Duluth, Minn.
Marttila, Pekka 1910-1911 Prep Red Lodge, Mont.
Mäsi, Iida 1909-1910 Acad. Rudyard, Mich.
Matero, Herman 1916-1924 Prep, Acad., Seminary Painesdale / Houghton, Mich.
Matsen, Anna 1915-1916 Business Kingston, Minn.
Matson, Hulda 1913-1914 Prep Pittsburg, Pa.
Matson, Jalmar 1917-1918 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Matson, John 1916-1917 Business Ludlow, Vt.
Matson, Maemi 1920-1921 Business Virginia, Minn.
Mattila, Anna 1919-1921 Prep Superior, Wis.
Mattila, Artturi 1906-1908 Acad. Crystal Falls, Mich.
Mattila, Edith Josefiina 1913-1914 Business Republic, Mich.
Mattila, Eino Jalmar 1914-1915 Business Mount Iron, Minn.
Mattila, Emil 1919-1920 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Mattola, Manna 1908-1909 Prep Ironwood, Mich.
Mattson, Emil 1919-1920 Business Dodgeville, Mich.
Mattson, Fabian 1915-1916 Business Baraga, Mich.
Mattson, Frans 1909-1910 Prep Painesdale, Mich.
Mattson, Helen 1920-1921 Business Gilbert, Minn.
Mattson, Hilma 1919-1920 Business Iron River, Mich.
Mattson, Hjalmar 1921-1923 Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Mattson, Jalmar 1919-1921 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Mattson, Jalmer 1918-1919 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Mattson, Jennie 1909-1910 Business Brainerd, Minn.
Mattson, John 1915-1916 Acad. Astoria, Ore.
Mattson, Lempi 1920-1921 Business Ironwood, Mich.
Mattson, Mayme 1919-1920 Business Virginia, Minn.
Maula, Florence 1916-1917 Business Nisula, Mich.
Mäyry, Elias 1914-1915 Acad. Rudyard, Mich.
McCormick, Charles 1911-1912 Business Houghton, Mich.
Melander, Aina Matilda 1899-1902 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Merijärvi, (Matti) Eeli 1906-1914 Acad., Prep, Seminary Hancock, Mich.
Merilä, Anna 1904-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Miettunen, Eeva Ksenia 1916-1917 Prep Mohawk, Mich.
Miettunen, Viivi 1916-1917 Prep Alexandra, Mohawk
Miilu, Anna 1919-1921 Business Rubicon, Mich.
Mikkelson, Alma 1918-1919 Business Hancock, Mich.
Mikkelson, Elmer J. 1909-1910 Prep Shuswap, B.C.
Mikkilä, Herman 1911-1912 Prep Waukegan, Ill.
Mikkilä, Yrjö 1908-1910 Prep Worcester, Mass.
Mikkola, Osmar Gregori 1903-1904 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Mitchell, Maria Aliina 1897-1899 Acad. Negaunee, Mich.
Moilanen, Anna Liisa 1898-1899 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Moilanen, Aukusti 1896-1897 Acad. Calumet, Mich
Moilanen, Carl F. 1916-1918 Business Atlantic Mine, Mich.
Moilanen, Eeli 1909-1911 Prep Atlantic Mine, Mich.
Moilanen, Gunnar 1911-1912 Prep Mohawk, Mich.
Moilanen, Heikki 1909-1914 Prep, Acad. Wolverine / Hancock, Mich.
Moilanen, Jalmari 1897-1901 Acad. Boston Location, Mich.
Moilanen, Miriam 1919-1921 Business Atlantic Mine, Mich.
Monola, Josephine 1920-1921 Prep Fairport Harbor, Ohio
Möttönen, Hanna Maria 1906-1911 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Möttönen, Helmi 1918-1919 Business Hancock, Mich.
Möttönen, Hilia 1909-1910 Business Hancock, Mich.
Möttönen, Hilja 1910-1911 Business Hancock, Mich.
Möttönen, Väinö 1909-1915 Prep, Business Hancock, Mich.
Muotka, Einart 1908-1909 Prep Mohawk, Mich.
Murtoniemi, Maria 1902-1903 Prep Atlantic, Mich.
Mustikkamaa, Matti 1918-1919 Prep Gwinn, Mich.
Mustonen, Aina Maria 1907-1910 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Mustonen, Henry 1916-1918 Prep, Business Fitchburg, Mass.
Mustonen, Jaako 1910-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Mustonen, Matti 1908-1909 Prep Floodwood, Minn.
Mykkanen, Kalle V. 1916-1918 Acad., Prep. Ely, Minn.
Mykkänen, Wm. K. 1918-1921 Seminary, Acad. Ely, Minn.
Mylläri, Juho Sylvesteri 1911-1912 Prep DeKalb, Ill.
Myllyoja, Jalmar 1911-1915 Business Coburntown, Mich.
Myllyoja, Matti 1907-1908 Business Atlantic, Mich.
Myllys, Hilda 1918-1919 Prep Montclair, N.J.
Nampa, Arwiiti 1900-1902 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Närä, Frans Emil Arvid 1904-1905 Acad. Lead / Calumet, S.D. / Mich.
Närvä, J. Werner 1918-1920 Business DeKalb, Ill.
Närvä, Wilho Jalmari 1910-1912 Prep, Acad. DeKalb, Ill.
Näsi, Enokki Reinhold 1913-1914 Business Rudyard, Mich.
Näsi, Ida 1919-1921 Business Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Näsi, Iida Eliina 1908-1909 Acad. Rudyard, Mich.
Näsi, Loviisa 1898-1899 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Nätti, Oliivia 1907-1908 Acad. Arnheim, Mich.
Neimi, Frank 1916-1917 Acad. Houghton, Mich.
Nelson, Heikki Jooseppi 1904-1905 Acad. Monessen, Pa.
Nelson, William 1915-1917 Business Port Arthur, Can.
Nelson, Yrjö V. 1913-1914 Prep Port Arthur, Ont. Can.
Nenonen, Ivar 1914-1915 Prep Montreal, Mich.
Neuvonen, August 1915-1916 Business New York Mills, Minn.
Nevala, Henry 1915-1918 Business Telluride, Colo.
Nevasaari, Eliina 1908-1910 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Nevasaari, Toivo 1919-1920 Prep Nashwauk, Minn.
Newman, Alfreeti 1910-1911 Business Hibbing, Minn.
Niemelä, Hermanni 1900-1901 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Niemelä, Impi 1919-1920 Business Franklin Mine, Mich.
Niemelä, Valdemar 1911-1912 Prep, Business South Range, Mich.
Niemi, David 1921-1922 Prep ,Finland
Niemi, Edward 1920-1921 Business Pequaming, Mich.
Niemi, Frank K. 1913-1914 Prep Houghton, Mich.
Niemi, Ingrid 1920-1921 Acad. Brule, Wis.
Niemi, John 1914-1915 Prep Ishpeming, Mich.
Niemi, John W. 1915-1916 Prep Belt, Mont.
Niemi, Juho Aukusti 1907-1909 Prep Ely / Floodwood, Minn.
Niemi, Juho Eemeli 1904-1907 Acad., Business Lead, S. Dak.
Niemi, Julius 1914-1915 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Niemi, Kiiteoni 1896-1898 Acad. Kearsarge, Mich
Niemi, Meemi 1910-1911 Business Coburntown, Mich.
Nieminen, Helmi 1917-1918 Business DeKalb, Ill.
Nieminen, Matti 1911-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Niemistö, Serafia 1906-1907 Prep Brule, Wis.
Niilekselä, Anna 1915-1918 Business Hancock, Mich.
Niilekselä, Ernest 1909-1910 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Niilekselä, Helena 1918-1921 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Niileksela, Karti Helena 1916-1917 Acad. Canal, Mich.
Niilekselä, Katri Helena 1917-1918 Acad. Canal, Mich.
Niilekselä, Phoebe 1919-1920 Business Hancock, Mich.
Niilekselä, Sallie 1908-1911 Business Hancock, Mich.
Niilu, Anna 1921-1922 Business Rubicon, Mich.
Niippa, Bernhard 1911-1912 Business Calumet, Mich.
Nikander, Aino 1918-1925 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Nikander, Gertrude 1914-1916 Business Hancock, Mich.
Nikander, Siiri / Sigrid Irene 1903-1909 Acad. Negaunee, Mich.
Nikander, Viljo Kustaa 1916-1924 Prep, Acad., Seminary Hancock, Mich.
Nikkilä, Kaarlo Fertinantti 1897-1901 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Niklander, Hulta 1904-1905 Prep Fitchburg, Mass.
Nikula, Arthur 1913-1917 Prep. Cpmm. Wakefield, Mich.
Nikula, Kustaa Wilhelmi 1901-1903 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Niskanen, Antti 1911-1912 Prep Coburntown, Mich.
Niskanen, Jaakko E. 1913-1918 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Nissi, Eino 1914-1918 Acad. Floodwood, Minn.
Nissi, Impi 1918-1921 Acad. Floodwood, Minn.
Nissilä, Amanda 1909-1910 Prep Mesnard, Mich.
Nissilä, Arthur 1914-1915 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Nissilä, George 1919-1921 Business Hancock, Mich.
Nissila, Ida 1916-1921 Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Nissilä, Verner Edward 1907-1914 Acad., Prep., Business Hancock, Mich.
Nisula, Kaarlo Aukusti 1896-1898 Acad. Laird, Mich
Niva, Verner 1908-1909 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Nivala, Hannah 1920-1924 Acad., Business Franklin Mine, Mich.
Norback, Abraham 1911-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Nordbeck, Isaac 1914-1915 Prep Dollar Bay, Mich.
Nori, Mayme 1916-1917 Business Palo, Minn.
Norkniivilä, Matti 1906-1907 Business Crystal Falls, Mich.
Noso, Teodor 1918-1919 Prep Eveleth, Minn.
Noso, Teodor M. 1917-1918 Prep Eveleth, Minn.
Nummelin, Lempi 1919-1921 Business Caspian / Stambaugh, Mich.
Nurmi, Helmi 1918-1921 Business, Acad. Gwinn, Mich.
Nygord, Emil 1921-1922 Prep Negaunee, Mich.
Nykänen, Ida 1911-1912 Prep Chicago, Ill.
Nykänen, Impi Maria 1908-1911 Prep, Acad. Pittsburg / Mason, Penn. / N.H.
Nylund, Hilma 1896-1897 Acad. New York Mills, Minn
Nylund, Hilma Sofia 1897-1899 Acad. New York Mills, Minn.
Ockman, Esther 1919-1920 Acad. Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Ogren, Ivar 1914-1915 Prep Dollar Bay, Mich.
Oja, Aliina 1907-1908 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Oja, Arvo 1919-1922 Business Cloquet, Minn.
Oja, Helen 1918-1919 Business Hancock, Mich.
Ojajärvi, Agda M. 1913-1915 Acad., Business Conneaut, Ohio
Ojala, Ida 1921-1922 Prep Ishpeming, Mich.
Ojala, Jaakko 1901-1904 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Oksala, Antti 1914-1915 Prep Palmer, Mich.
Olgren, Alpaanus 1900-1902 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Olgren, Eliina 1897-1899 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Olkkonen, Juhani 1896-1897 Acad. Hancock, Mich
Olkkonen, Sakari 1904-1905 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Ollila, Helmi 1919-1922 Business Atlantic Mine, Mich.
Ollila, Mieluisa Laina 1901-1903 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Ollilia, Heikki Nikolai 1904-1905 Acad. Huron k., Mich.
Olson, Hanna 1914-1917 Acad. Lake Norden, S. Dak.
Olson, Ina 1915-1917 Business Lake Norden, S. Dak.
Olson, Rose 1918-1919 Business Chassell, Mich
Olson, Selma 1910-1912 Business Wakefield, Mich.
Olson, William W. 1911-1917 Prep, Acad. Lake Norden, S.D.
Onkka, Eli 1913-1915 Acad., Business Cokato, Minn.
Orasmaa, Jussi 1910-1911 Prep Fitchburg, Mass.
Paajanen, Alma 1913-1916 Prep, Acad. New Castle, Pa.
Paajanen, Selma Juliaana 1902-1905 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Pääkkönen, Arthur 1919-1920 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Paananen, Emil J. 1909-1918 Prep, Acad., Seminary Sault Ste. Marie / Steelton, Ontario
Paananen, Julius Heikki 1907-1908 Acad. Erie, Pa.
Paavola, Aleksanteri 1906-1907 Business Rumley, Mich.
Paavola, Aleksi 1900-1904 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Paavola, Aleksi 1907-1908 Business Rumley / Arcadia, Mich.
Paavola, Hilda 1896-1897 Acad. Hancock, Mich
Paavola, Hilda 1907-1910 Business, Acad. Arcadia / Van Buskirk, Mich. / Wisc.
Paavola, Hilda Maria 1906-1908 Acad. Rumley, Mich.
Paavola, Hilja Katariina 1904-1905 Acad. South Range, Mich.
Paavola, Juho Henrikki 1900-1902 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Paavola, Liisa Sofia 1897-1904 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Paavola, Maria 1901-1904 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Pakka, Wiljami 1908-1909 Business Newberry, Mich.
Pakkala, Lea Ataalia 1896-1897 Acad. Quincy, Mich
Paldanius, Paavo 1918-1919 Prep N. Dak. ,
Palo, Juhani 1904-1905 Acad. Huron k., Mich.
Palo, Kaarlo 1897-1898 Acad. Republic, Mich.
Palojärvi, Walfrid N. 1917-1918 Prep Gardner, Mass.
Palomäki, Charles 1909-1910 Business Coal Center, Pa.
Palomäki, Kalle 1910-1911 Business Coal Center, Pa.
Palonen, Matti 1904-1905 Acad. South Range, Mich.
Panttari, Lempi M. 1911-1917 Prep, Acad., Business Etna / Wing, N. Dak.
Pantti, Martti 1909-1910 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Pantti, Olga Emilia Aleksandra 1903-1914 Acad., Business Ishpeming, Mich.
Pantti, Onni 1921-1922 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Panttila, Fanni Maria 1913-1915 Prep, Business Nanty-Glo / Denver, Penn. / Colo.
Panttila, Lillian 1918-1919 Business Bovey, Minn.
Panula, Sanna 1899-1900 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Parkkila, Juho 1903-1907 Acad. Chatham / Fairport, Mich. / Ohio
Parkkisenniemi, Priitta 1908-1909 Prep Trimountain, Mich.
Parta, Hilda G. 1911-1912 Prep Wolverine, Mich.
Partanen, Henrikki 1907-1908 Business Calumet, Mich.
Partanen, Olga 1917-1918 Business Swan River, Minn.
Partti, Einar A. 1915-1916 Prep Winton, Minn.
Peinekainen, Sylvia 1921-1922 Acad. Fitchburg, Mass.
Pekkala, Edward 1917-1918 Business Wing, N. Dak.
Pekkala, William 1918-1919 Business Hancock, Mich.
Pelämäki, Salomoni Akseli 1901-1902 Prep Ishpeming, Mich.
Pelkonen, Fannie 1919-1921 Business Ironwood, Mich.
Pelkonen, Frank A. 1920-1924 Seminary Ironwood, Mich.
Pellow, Eva 1919-1920 Business Ahmeek, Mich.
Pelto, Akseli Alfhilti 1896-1901 Acad. Hancock, Mich
Pelto, Artturi 1904-1907 Acad. Hibbing, Minn.
Pelto, Eliina 1906-1907 Acad. , Mich.
Pelto, Heili 1909-1910 Business Negaunee, Mich.
Pelto, Maria Eliina 1901-1905 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Pelto, Saimi 1921-1922 PrepI Iron Belt, Wis.
Pelto, Vilhelmiina 1906-1907 Business Hancock, Mich.
Peltola, Edward 1906-1908 Business Boston Location, Mich.
Peltomäki, Nikoteemus 1911-1912 Prep Chisholm, Minn.
Pennanen, Henrikki 1908-1909 Prep Calumet, Mich.
Penttala, Impi 1920-1922 Business Girard, Ohio
Perämäki, Auruura Matilta 1904-1908 Acad. Eveleth, Minn.
Perander, Nanna Augusta 1903-1904 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Perander, Norman Huugo 1909-1911 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Perry, Edna Maria 1916-1917 Acad. Eveleth, Minn.
Perttula, Ilma 1920-1922 Acad. Glendale, Oreg.
Perttula, Juho Hermanni 1904-1905 Acad. Ely, Minn.
Perttula, Selma Elisabeth 1911-1916 Acad. Ely, Minn.
Perttula, Wilhelmiina 1898-1904 Acad. Ely, Minn.
Pesämäki, Salomoni Akseli 1902-1903 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Pesola, Fannie 1920-1922 Business Ishpeming, Mich.
Pesonen, Akseli Aleskanteri 1899-1907 Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Pesonen, Antti 1908-1909 Prep Fort Bragg, Calif.
Pesonen, Antti 1915-1917 Prep, Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Pesonen, Esther 1909-1910 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Pesonen, Gertrude M. 1915-1919 Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Pesonen, Maria Loviisa 1911-1912 Prep, Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Pesonen, Matti 1902-1907 Acad. Portland, Ore.
Pesonen, Matti 1906-1907 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Pesonen, Peter 1921-1926 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Petaja, Helen 1921-1923 Business Chassell / Ahmeek, Mich.
Peterson, Hilma 1910-1912 Business Cokato, Minn.
Peterson, Jaakkoppi 1904-1908 Acad., Business Savo, S.D.
Peterson, John 1915-1916 Business Ripley, Mich.
Peterson, Mae 1918-1919 Business Houghton, Mich.
Peterson, Minnie 1915-1916 Business Houghton, Mich.
Piilikangas, Iida 1902-1903 Acad. Oskar, Mich.
Piipo, Juhani Antero 1897-1898 Acad. Boston kaiw., Mich
Piipola, Aino 1918-1919 Acad. Onnela, Mich.
Piippo, Henrikki 1904-1905 Acad. Boston, Mich.
Piippola, Aino 1919-1922 Acad. Onnela, Mich.
Piira, Edna M. 1917-1918 Acad. Eveleth, Minn.
Piirainen, Charles 1921-1923 Acad. Paavola, Mich.
Piirto, Fredrick 1904-1905 Acad. Chisholm, Minn.
Piirto, Juhani 1907-1908 Business Hancock, Mich.
Piirto, Juho 1906-1907 Prep, Business Chisholm, Minn.
Pikka, Tyyne 1918-1919 Business Wakefield, Mich.
Pikkarainen, Paavo 1908-1909 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Pinoniemi, Lauri 1908-1911 Prep Dollar Bay, Mich.
Pintamo, Matilda 1903-1904 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Pippo, Hilda 1918-1919 Business Demmon, Mich.
Piri, Alina Susanna 1914-1915 Business Paynesville, Mich.
Pitkänen, Anni 1914-1915 Acad. Fairport, Ohio
Pohjola, Jenni H. 1915-1916 Prep Boston Mine, Mich.
Pöksyläinen, Lydia J. 1911-1912 Prep Negaunee, Mich.
Pollari, Ervi 1916-1917 Business Rudyard, Mich.
Pollari, Hilda 1909-1911 Acad. Ironwood, Mich.
Pontinen, Ananias 1920-1921 Business Ely, Minn.
Pöntinen, Ananias 1919-1920 Prep Ely, Minn.
Porhola, Edward 1915-1917 Business Pelkie, Mich.
Porkka, Emma 1916-1917 Business Liminga, Mich.
Porko, Alfreeti 1901-1904 Acad. Astoria, Oregon
Porthan, Ida Sofia 1903-1905 Acad. Ely, Minn.
Poti, Sam. 1914-1915 Prep Hibbing, Minn.
Pötinen, Ananias 1919-1920 Business Ely, Minn.
Prami, Anna Lyyti 1896-1898 Acad. Quincy, Mich
Pukema, Wilhelm 1911-1912 Business Salo, Mich.
Pulkas, George 1915-1918 Business Trout Creek, Mich.
Pulkas, Yrjö A. 1914-1915 Prep Trout Creek, Mich.
Pulkkinen\, Saima 1919-1920 Prep So. Paris, Me.
Pummalainen, E. Hancock 1921-1922 Acad. Mich. ,
Puolakka, Jaako 1910-1911 Prep Wolverine, Mich.
Puolakka, Wolverine 1909-1910 Prep Mich. ,
Puotinen, Aina 1917-1918 Business Amasa, Mich.
Puotinen, Eino 1919-1920 Business Amasa, Mich.
Puotinen, Eino Elias 1910-1911 Prep Amasa, Mich.
Puotinen, Emil J. 1909-1911 Prep, Acad. Amasa, Mich.
Puotinen, Ilma 1921-1922 Acad. Amasa, Mich.
Puska, Jacob Edward 1914-1915 Business Salo, Mich.
Puumalainen, Edward 1918-1924 Prep, Acad. Hibbing, Minn.
Pylvanainen, Amalia 1916-1917 Prep Peabody, Mass.
Pyykkönen, Arvid 1909-1911 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Pyykkönen, Kaisa Aliina 1897-1898 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Pyykönen, Kaisa 1896-1897 Acad. Hancock, Mich
Quick, Anna Wilhelmiina 1903-1905 Acad. Harbor, Ohio
Raapana, Armo 1909-1910 Prep Brooklyn, N.Y.
Raaska, Impi E. 1915-1916 Prep South Range, Mich.
Raatikainen, Eeva 1907-1908 Business Thomaston, Me.
Rahko, Hannes 1918-1919 Prep Toivola, Mich.
Rahkola, Juho 1907-1908 Business Mount Iron, Minn.
Rajala, Alexander 1908-1910 Prep Covington, Mich.
Rajala, Maria 1904-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Rajala, Maria 1920-1921 Prep Kaleva, Mich.
Rajala, Oskar 1917-1918 Prep Calumet, Mich.
Rajala, Sanna Kristiina 1900-1902 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Randell, Eerikki 1900-1901 Acad. Mansfield, Mich.
Ranta, Onni 1918-1919 Business Wakefield, Mich.
Ranta, Raphael 1917-1918 Business Wakefield, Mich.
Ranta, Vilho 1913-1921 Prep, Acad., Seminary Hibbing, Minn.
Ranta, Wäinö 1900-1902 Acad. Harbor, Ohio
Ranta, Wilho 1909-1910 Prep Hibbing, Minn.
Rantala, Martha 1916-1920 Business Brule, Wis.
Rantala, Selma J. 1914-1915 Prep New York, N.Y.
Rantamaki, Hulda 1921-1921 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Rantanen, Lempi Alfhilta 1911-1914 Acad. Rudyard, Mich.
Rantanen, Lempi S. 1914-1915 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Räsänen, Uolu 1908-1909 Business Baraga, Mich.
Rastas, Otto 1909-1910 Prep Cleveland, Ohio
Rautio, Alma 1907-1908 Prep Port Arthur, Can.
Rautio, Heikki 1911-1912 Prep Houghton, Mich.
Rautio, Hilta Aliina 1907-1908 Acad. Ely, Minn.
Reinikainen, Jalmari 1911-1912 Prep Gardner, Mass.
Reinikainen, Olga 1916-1917 Prep Peabody, Mass.
Reinikainen, Sylvia 1920-1925 Prep, Acad. Fitchburg, Mass.
Rentto, Tyyne 1921-1922 Acad. Lead, S. Dak.
Richard, Ida 1920-1921 Business Hancock, Mich.
Richards, Ina 1921-1922 Business Hancock, Mich.
Riippa, Eino Ilmari 1901-1904 Acad. Rock Springs / Waukegan, Wyom. / Illi.
Riippa, Ilamri 1907-1908 Business Atlantic, Mich.
Rikkola, Alfred E. 1919-1923 Acad. Peabody, Mass.
Rimpelä, John 1911-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Rintala, Iida 1906-1907 Business Houghton, Mich.
Risku, Wäinö 1913-1914 Prep Kauhajoki, Finland
Rissanen, Saima 1915-1917 Acad. Finlayson, Minn.
Risteli, Alma Sofia 1897-1898 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Risteli, Helmi Maria 1902-1904 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Ristikangas, Erkki 1897-1898 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Rostedt, Kustaa 1904-1908 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Röytiö, Nikolai 1911-1912 Prep Wolverine, Mich.
Ruohoniemi, Sanfrid 1918-1919 Business Demmon, Mich.
Ruona, John 1914-1916 Business Ishpeming, Mich.
Ruona, Lempi S. 1910-1915 Prep, Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Ruotsala, Ada 1917-1920 Business Salo, Mich.
Ruotsala, Anna 1917-1918 Prep Salo, Mich.
Ruotsala, Henry 1915-1916 Business Salo, Mich.
Ruotsala, Hilja 1920-1921 Business Hancock, Mich.
Ruotsala, John H. 1914-1915 Business Salo, Mich.
Ruotsinoja, Lempi 1919-1921 Acad. Kimball, Minn.
Ruotsinoja, William 1914-1915 Acad. Kingston, Minn.
Ruottinen, Harold 1915-1917 Business Hancock, Mich.
Rutanen, Maria 1917-1918 Prep Gardner, Mass.
Rutanen, Marie 1918-1919 Acad. Gardner, Mass.
Ruuka, Yrjö 1913-1914 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Ruuska, Emil 1910-1917 Prep, Acad. Long Cove / Thomaston, Maine / Mich.
Ruuska, Yrjö 1914-1915 Prep New York, N.Y.
Ryty, George 1919-1921 Business Atlantic Mine, Mich.
Saarberg, Laima 1916-1917 Business Palo, Minn.
Saari, Antti 1899-1901 Acad. Mountain Iron, Minn.
Saari, Elias 1910-1912 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Saari, Hilda Elizabeth 1916-1918 Prep, Acad. Fitchburg, Mass.
Saari, Hilja A. 1911-1914 Business Republic, Mich.
Saari, Ida 1908-1910 Prep Hibbing, Minn.
Saari, Jacob 1920-1922 Business Ironwood, Mich.
Saari, John 1919-1920 Prep Palmer, Mich.
Saari, Lydia 1915-1916 Prep Peabody, Mass.
Saari, Oskari 1911-1912 Business Hancock, Mich.
Saari, Sanna Maria 1908-1911 Prep, Acad. Montreal, Mich.
Saari, Selma 1918-1919 Business Cloquet, Mich.
Saarikoski, Amanda 1915-1917 Business Wakefield, Mich.
Saarinen, Christofer G. 1914-1915 Prep San Francisco, Cal.
Saarinen, Juho / John Fredrick 1907-1914 Acad., Seminary East Cambridge, Mass.
Saastamoinen, Niilo J. 1915-1917 Seminary Hancock, Mich.
Saastamoinen, South Range 1909-1910 Prep Mich. ,
Sahinen, Mathias (Ström) 1913-1914 Seminary, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Sahlsten, George 1919-1920 Prep Floodwood, Minn.
Saikkonen, Matti 1915-1917 Prep Stambaugh, Mich.
Säkkinen, Hilda 1909-1910 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Salli, Gust. 1914-1915 Prep Duluth, Minn.
Sallmann, Fred 1910-1911 Business Canal, Mich.
Salmela, Aina Helen 1916-1917 Prep Brooklyn, N.Y.
Salmela, Aino Hellen 1917-1918 Business Brooklyn, N.Y.
Salmela, Helen 1918-1919 Business New York, N.Y.
Salmi, Charles 1915-1921 Prep Stambaugh / Bessemer, Mich.
Salmi, Kerttu 1909-1910 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Salminen, Frans Uno 1916-1917 Prep Fairport, Ohio
Salminen, Juho 1898-1904 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Salminen, Sally 1921-1922 Business Hancock, Mich.
Salminen, Uuno F. 1917-1918 Acad. Fairport, Ohio
Salmu, Aada Aliina 1899-1902 Acad. Laurium, Mich.
Salmu, Hilma 1906-1907 Acad. Salo, Mich.
Salmu, Hilma Sofia 1907-1910 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Salmu, Hulta 1903-1904 Acad. Laurium, Mich.
Salmu, Iita 1907-1908 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Salmu, Iita Maria 1904-1905 Acad. Laurium, Mich.
Salmu, Juho 1907-1909 Prep, Business, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Salmu, Olga J. 1908-1915 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Salo, Betty 1904-1905 Acad. Cleveland, Ohio
Salo, Helen 1921-1922 Business Champion, Mich.
Salo, Juhani Iiwari 1903-1905 Acad. Mount Iron, Minn.
Salo, Senja 1918-1921 Prep, Acad. Warren, Ohio
Salonen, Theodore 1919-1920 Acad. So. Paria, Maine
Samanen, Impi 1915-1921 Acad. Chatham, Mich.
Samanen, Lempi 1921-1922 Acad. Chatham, Mich.
Samanen, Rauha Silja 1914-1919 Prep, Acad. Chatham, Mich.
Samanen, Taavetti / 1903-1912 Acad., Seminary Chatham, Mich.
Samuli, Jalmar 1914-1915 Business South Range, Mich.
Sandberg, Carl / 1909-1911 Prep Hibbing, Minn.
Sandell, Maria 1910-1911 Business Dollar Bay, Mich.
Sandell, Minnie 1917-1918 Prep San Francisco, Cal.
Sandqwist, Hubert 1898-1899 Acad. Quincy, Mich.
Saraanpaa, Jalmar 1914-1918 Prep, Business Monessen, Pa.
Sarvela, Hermanni Lutwiiki 1896-1905 Acad. West Duluth, Minn
Sarvela, Ila 1919-1920 Business DeKalb, Ill.
Sarviranta, Kalle 1903-1904 Acad. Arcadia, Mich.
Sarviranta, Kalle / Kaarlo Aukusti 1906-1908 Acad., Prep Arcadia, Mich.
Sauvola, Edith 1920-1922 Business Chassell, Mich.
Sauvola, Maria 1920-1921 Prep Chassell, Mich.
Savilahti, Edward 1909-1912 Prep, Business Newberry, Mich.
Savola, Peter 1920-1921 Prep Erie, Pa.
Savunen, Elma 1920-1923 Prep Hancock / Chicago, Mich. / Illi.
Savunen, Viljo 1917-1919 Prep, Business Rudyard, Mich.
Seikkula, Maria 1903-1904 Acad. Michigamme, Mich.
Seppälä, Edward 1919-1920 Prep Demmon, Mich.
Seppanen, Anna H. Johanna 1916-1917 Prep Winona, Mich.
Seppänen, Atlantic Mine 1909-1910 Prep Mich. ,
Seppänen, Hanna 1918-1920 Business Winona, Mich.
Seppänen, Hilda Sofia 1907-1909 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Seppänen, Hilma 1915-1916 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Seppänen, Margaret 1920-1921 Business Atlantic, Mich.
Seppänen, Verner Edward 1903-1904 Acad. Painesdale, Mich.
Siik, Julius 1917-1918 Music Ironwood, Mich.
Siikanen, Evert 1911-1917 Acad., Business Floodwood, Minn.
Siikanen, Ina 1920-1921 Business Floodwood, Minn.
Siikaniva, Helga 1919-1922 Business Iron River, Mich.
Siitonen, Ida Kaarina 1916-1917 Prep Peabody, Mass.
Silfven, Katri Elviira 1903-1904 Acad. Sturgis, S.Dak.
Silfwen, Fred. Arnold 1904-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Silfwen, Wiljami Artturi 1903-1904 Acad. Sturgis, S. Dak.
Sillberg, Kaarlo Pietari 1904-1911 Acad., Seminary Ironwood, Mich.
Simi, Juho Eevertti 1906-1907 Acad. Laird, Mich.
Singo, Aina M. 1913-1916 Acad. Chassell, Mich.
Singo, Helmi 1918-1919 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Sinko, Aina M. 1916-1917 Acad. Jacobsville, Mich.
Sinko, Aino 1921-1922 Business Chassell, Mich.
Sinko, Alfreeti 1902-1903 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Sinko, Fred 1916-1917 Business Jacobsville, Mich.
Sinko, Helmi Elviira 1916-1921 Prep, Business Jacobsville, Mich.
Sinko, Jalmari 1901-1903 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Sippola, Edith 1920-1921 Business Kaleva, Mich.
Siren, Alviina 1899-1901 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Sirviäinen, Frida W. 1917-1919 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Siukonen, Lauri 1903-1905 Acad. Kearsarge, Mich.
Siurua, Fred 1920-1921 Business Pecan, Miss.
Siurua, Tauno 1919-1920 Business Pecan, Miss.
Sjoblom, Wäinö 1921-1921 Acad., Prep New York, N.Y.
Sjoman, Emma Gunilla 1916-1918 Prep Peabody, Mass.
Skogster, Sylvia I. 1920-1921 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Smed, Sanna 1903-1904 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Smed, Susanna Eriika 1901-1902 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Soininen, Josefiina 1914-1915 Prep Quincy, Mass.
Somero, Helmi Emilia 1911-1915 Acad. Ely, Minn.
Sorvala, John W. 1917-1918 Prep Franklin Mine, Mich.
Sorvala, William 1918-1920 Prep Salo, Mich.
Stangberg, Kustaa Aleksanteri 1902-1903 Acad. Eveleth, Minn.
Staudinger, Wäinö Aleksanteri 1902-1911 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Steikari, Ellen 1920-1921 Acad. Rudyard, Mich.
Steikari, Esther 1918-1919 Business Rudyard, Mich.
Stein, Olli 1914-1915 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Steinback, Tillie A. 1911-1914 Business Rudyard, Mich.
Stenbacka, Eemeli Arwiiti 1904-1909 Acad. Lead, S. Dak.
Stenbacka, Juho 1899-1901 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Stenberg, Anna M. (Mrs.Häkli) 1911-1914 Prep, Acad. Lanesville, Mass.
Stone, Selma 1910-1911 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Stoor, Kaarlo 1904-1905 Prep Dollar Bay, Mich.
Storwiis, Matti 1896-1897 Acad. Jacobsville, Mich
Ström, Mathias 1910-1912 Acad., Seminary Hancock, Mich.
Sundstrom, Maria Eveliina 1906-1908 Acad. Fairport, Ohio
Sunell, Anna Ingeborg 1907-1908 Prep Ely, Minn.
Suomela, Erland 1911-1914 Prep Virginia, Minn.
Suomela, Jenni 1906-1908 Business Negaunee, Mich.
Suomi, Dan. 1915-1916 Prep Negaunee, Mich.
Suomi, Eemeli 1911-1912 Prep Republic, Mich.
Suomu, Laimi 1907-1909 Business Brantwood, Mich.
Suutari, Aune 1921-1922 Business Gardner, Mass.
Swan, Ellen 1920-1921 Business, Music Worcester, Mass.
Swen, Saima M. 1911-1914 Business Floodwood, Minn.
Syrjäniemi, Onni K. 1917-1918 Prep Lanesville, Mass.
Taivalmäki, George 1915-1916 Business Chisholm, Minn.
Takala, Aukusti 1899-1901 Acad. Mountain Iron, Minn.
Takala, Emil C. 1920-1923 Acad., Business Orr, Minn.
Takala, Maria Adolfiina 1903-1904 Acad. Mountain Iron, Minn.
Takala, Sadie 1911-1914 Business Orr, Minn.
Talkkari, Fiina 1916-1918 Acad., Business Eveleth, Minn.
Talvensaari, John 1910-1912 Business Hubbell, Mich.
Tammela, William 1920-1921 Business Hancock, Mich.
Tapanila, Edward 1915-1917 Business Dollar Bay, Mich.
Tapper, Edward 1920-1922 Prep, Business Nisula, Mich.
Tapper, Lillian 1916-1917 Business Nisula, Mich.
Tauriainen, Anna Lydia 1913-1915 Business South Range, Mich.
Taurianen, Oskari 1899-1901 Acad. Laurium, Mich.
Tenhonen, Sadie 1919-1920 Business Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Tenhunen, Emelia 1915-1916 Business New York Mills, Minn.
Tenhunen, Juho Henrikki 1899-1901 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Tennlen, Anna E. 1917-1918 Prep Ironwood, Mich.
Terio, Akseli 1909-1911 Prep New York, N.Y.
Tervaoja, Jacob Victor 1914-1915 Business Ishpeming, Mich.
Tervo, Emil 1920-1927 Acad, Seminary Ironwood, Mich.
Tervo, Olga 1916-1922 Business, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Tervo, Uno 1915-1916 Business South Range, Mich.
Tervo, Urpo 1921-1922 Business South Range, Mich.
Tervo, Victor 1915-1916 Business Ishpeming, Mich.
Tervo, William 1919-1921 Acad. Ironwood, Mich.
Tervo, William 1921-1927 Acad., Prep., Seminary Ironwood, Mich.
Tervonen, Katri 1913-1914 Prep Fitchburg, Mass.
Terwo, Jaakoppi 1897-1898 Acad. Menahga, Minn.
Thompson, Hilja 1916-1917 Business Amasa, Mich.
Thompson, Theodore 1919-1921 Acad. Turtle Lake, Wis.
Tikanmäki, Otto Elias 1906-1909 Acad. Negaunee, Mich.
Tikkala, Lillie 1911-1912 Prep Ironwood, Mich.
Tikkanen, Antero 1907-1908 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Tikkanen, Eemeli 1899-1902 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Tikkanen, Petteri Eemeli 1911-1912 Prep Iron Belt, Wis.
Tikkanen, Väinö 1907-1908 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Tikkanen, Veera 1915-1916 Prep Herman, Mich.
Tikkanen, William 1914-1915 Prep South Range, Mich.
Timonen, Hulda M. 1918-1919 Acad. Mohawk, Mich.
Timonen, Maria 1917-1918 Business Mohawk, Mich.
Toivonen, Eero Heikki 1908-1910 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Tolonen, Eemeli 1896-1897 Acad. Hancock, Mich
Toolanen, Samuel 1915-1916 Prep South Range, Mich.
Toppari, H. Maria 1914-1915 Business Eveleth, Minn.
Torkko, Evert E. 1919-1924 Business, Acad., Seminary Soudan, Minn.
Törmä , Alfreeti 1904-1905 Acad. Eben, Mich.
Törmä, Alfreeti 1902-1904 Acad. Cooks, Mich.
Törmälä, Andreas Ronaldi 1904-1905 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Törmälä, Cecelia 1918-1919 Business Hancock, Mich.
Törmälä, Serge 1914-1915 Business Salo, Mich.
Torppa, Alli 1920-1921 Business Gardner, Mass.
Trast, Ilma 1919-1920 Business Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio*
Tulikangas, Urho 1921-1922 Business Baraga, Mich.
Tulppo, Sakari 1907-1908 Business Kearsarge, Mich.
Tuomi, Matti 1910-1911 Prep Copper Cliff, Can.
Tuomikoski, John 1911-1912 Prep Allouez, Mich.
Tuomisto, Anna 1921-1924 Prep, Acad. Quincy, Mass.
Tuonela, Urho 1921-1922 Prep Ironwood, Mich.
Turja, Elin 1918-1919 Prep Minneapolis, Minn.
Turja, Hanna 1908-1909 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Turja, Johan Emil 1903-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Turvanen, Kalle / Karl H. 1921-1923 Prep Astoria / Pälkäne, Oregon / Finland
Uksila, Heikki Artturi 1899-1902 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Uksila, Kaarlo 1902-1904 Acad. Calumet, Mich.
Ulkoniemi, Arvid 1896-1898 Acad. Quincy, Mich
Ulkoniemi, Heimo Henrikki 1904-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Ulwila, Wiljami Aukusti 1903-1905 Acad. Douglas, Wis.
Uusitalo, Ida 1916-1918 Business Oskar, Mich.
Vaara, Anna 1920-1921 Prep Minneapolis, Minn.
Väisänen, Katri 1910-1911 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Väisänen, Matti 1906-1907 Business Wolverine, Mich.
Välijärvi, Juho 1910-1914 Prep, Business Copper City, Mich.
Valli, Ida Wilhelmiina 1911-1912 Business Hubbel, Mich.
Valli, Iida Wilhelmiina 1911-1912 Business Hubbel, Mich.
Valtanen, Samuel 1914-1916 Prep South Range, Mich.
Vänni, Anna 1919-1921 Business Negaunee, Mich.
Vänni, Uuno 1917-1919 Business Negaunee, Mich.
Vartiainen, Pekka 1913-1914 Prep Kiuruvesi, Finland
Värynen, Juho 1908-1907 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Väyrynen, Henry 1914-1915 Business Baltic, Mich.
Vesa, Artturi 1906-1907 Business Menahga, Minn.
Vesala, Matti Eetvartti 1904-1907 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Viinikainen, Naimi 1919-1920 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Vilamo, Jalmari M. 1908-1909 Acad. Lead, S. Dak.
Vilkkiä, Kaaprieli 1906-1907 Prep Chatham, Mich.
Vinqvuist, Helmi 1906-1907 Acad. Chisholm, Minn.
Virkki, Jooseppi 1913-1915 Prep Waukegan / Hancock, Illi. / Mich.
Virsula, Jaakkoppi 1906-1907 Business Hancock, Mich.
Virtanen, Lauri 1914-1915 Prep South Range, Mich.
Vuohtoniemi, Klemens 1906-1911 Acad. Rockland, Mich.
Vuolle, Martha 1917-1918 Business Republic, Mich.
Vuosalo, Urho 1917-1918 Prep Flint, Mich.
Vuotila, Aliina 1904-1907 Acad., Business Floodwood, Minn.
Waara, Auruura 1907-1908 Business Calumet, Mich.
Waara, Iida 1908-1909 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Waatti, Jorma 1921-1922 Business Calumet, Mich.
Wähälä, Matti 1903-1904 Acad. Harbor, Ohio
Wähälä, Matti Wilhelmi 1901-1902 Acad. Harbor, Ohio
Wäinsänen, Senja 1920-1921 Business Franklin Mine, Mich.
Wäisänen, Artturi 1898-1901 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Wäisänen, Eewa 1901-1902 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Waisänen, Kaisa 1899-1900 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Wäisänen, Kaisa 1900-1902 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Wäisänen, Senja 1919-1920 Business Franklin Mine, Mich.
Wäisänen, Väinö 1907-1908 Business Hancock, Mich.
Waisanen, Wäinö 1908-1909 Business Hancock, Mich.
Waljakka, Toivo J. 1918-1920 Business New York, N.Y.
Walley, Wilhelmiina 1910-1911 Business Hubbell, Mich.
Waltanen, John 1909-1910 Prep Girard, Ohio
Wargelin, Arno 1917-1924 Prep, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Wargelin, Hilturi Eliisapetti 1907-1911 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Wargelin, Juho 1896-1905 Acad., Seminary Champion, Mich
Wargelin, William 1915-1922 Business, Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Waris, Martha 1919-1920 Business Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio
Warpula, Salomoni Vihtori 1903-1904 Acad. Ironwood, Mich.
Wartio, Frans 1904-1905 Acad. Ishpeming, Mich.
Waski, Lydia 1920-1921 Business Kearsarge, Mich.
Wäyrynen, Hermanni 1898-1900 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Wäyrynen, Ida Sofia 1911-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Wäyrynen, Juho 1901-1912 Prep, Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Wendell, Ingrid 1920-1921 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Wentala, Elma 1921-1922 Business Nisula, Mich.
Wentalä, Joseph 1910-1910 Prep Mass, Mich.
Wentelä, Betty 1919-1920 Business Nisula, Mich.
Wesa, Heikki 1907-1908 Business Menahga, Minn.
Wesala, Edward 1909-1910 Business Hancock, Mich.
Wesala, Matti Edward 1903-1908 Acad., Business Hancock, Mich.
Wesala, Siimon 1907-1908 Prep Crystal Falls, Mich.
Wesander, Lempi 1918-1919 Business Mass, Mich.
Wicks, Frank 1915-1916 Business Rudyard, Mich.
Wiiki, Aarne 1911-1912 Business Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
Wiio, John 1915-1916 Business Hancock, Mich.
Wiita, Oscar 1921-1923 Business Floodwood, Minn.
Wikstrom, Augusta 1915-1916 Prep Calumet, Mich.
Wilamo, Jalmari Matias 1904-1908 Acad. Lead, S. Dak.
Wilein, Alma 1909-1911 Business Hancock, Mich.
Wilenius, Lauri 1916-1918 Acad. Fitchburg, Mass.
Wiljanen, Lemp Seliina 1903-1904 Acad. Wolverine, Mich.
Williamson, Toivo 1918-1919 Business Gwinn, Mich.
Wirranniemi, Jacob 1911-1912 Prep Calumet, Mich.
Wirsula, Aline 1915-1916 Business Hancock, Mich.
Wirsula, Anna Aliina 1911-1912 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Wirsula, Jaakooppi 1899-1905 Acad. Hancock, Mich.
Wirta, Aarne 1911-1912 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Wirtanen, Anna 1921-1922 PrepI Chassell, Mich.
Wirtanen, Perttu 1911-1912 Acad. Chicago, Ill.
Wirtanen, Perttu H. 1914-1916 Acad. Jackson, La.
Wuolle, Martha 1918-1919 Business Republic, Mich.
Wuorenmaa, Alma 1919-1920 Acad. Turtle Lake, Wis.
Wuori, Pietari 1896-1898 Acad. Hancock, Mich
Wuotila, Aliina 1902-1905 Acad. Floodwood, Minn.
Ylihannu, Olga Aurora 1914-1917 Prep, Acad. Waukegan, Ill.
Ylijarvi, Elizabeth 1916-1917 Acad. French Lake, Minn.
Ylijärvi, Ester 1911-1912 Acad. Cokato, Minn.
Ylitalo, August 1914-1915 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Ylitalo, Matti 1908-1909 Prep Hancock, Mich.
Ylitalo, William 1919-1921 Business Atlantic Mine, Mich.