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2+2 BBA in Applied Management

BBA 2+2This program is intended for students who have received an associate degree or have graduated from two- or three-year college programs in non-business, professional areas of study.

It allows these students to obtain a BBA to complement their professional studies and to expand their options to include administrative or management careers in their professional fields.

The prerequisites for the BBA in Applied Management are 30 or more credit hours of prior study in a "professional concentration" representing the major field of students' associate degrees.  They must complete Finlandia's 40 credit general education requirements (via transfer credit, courses taken while Finlandia associate degree students, and/or completion of additional Finlandia courses) and the 42 credit BBA Core (required of all BBA students).  Students' programs must include 124 total credits, including those earned for their associate degrees, of which at least 30 must be numbered at the 300/400 level.

Finlandia's associate degree students will usually need to complete an additional 60-63 credits, including 18-21 credits of general education courses and the 42 credit BBA Core (42 credits). 

Depending upon their community college program, associate degree transfer students will generally need more coursework to satisfy Finlandia's general education requirements. For example, the table below provides BBA requirements for Finlandia students receiving an AAS in PTA.

Additional credits for the BBA 2+2 degree (60-63 credits)

GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS                  40 credits
Finlandia Foundations:
*ENG 103          College English I (3)
*ENG 104          College English II (3)
*COM 108         Fundamentals of Public Speaking (2)
  MAT 144/145  Math for Liberal Arts or College Algebra (4)
*Science           Science & lab (4)
*CIS 102            Intro. Computer Applications (3) OR
*BUS 222            Bus. Computing Apps.  (3)

REL/FN          Religion or Finnish Studies (3)
+Finlandia Core Courses
Citizenship                             Two Thematic Courses (6)
Critical Thinking & Creativity            Two Thematic Courses (6)
Cultural Heritage & Literacy                   Two Thematic Courses (6)

*Must be successfully completed before taking 300/400-level courses.
+In consultation with your advisor, select from courses that fulfill Finlandia’s theme-based General Education core curriculum as listed in this academic catalog. Students are advised to select as many 300/400-level courses as possible.
^Courses completed for an associate degree may satisfy many of the 2+2 B.B.A. requirements.

  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CORE                 45 credits
    ECN 231     Microeconomics (3)
    ECN 232     Macroeconomics (3)
    MAT 201     Probability & Statistics (3)
    BUS 138      Fundamentals of Business (3)
    BUS 141      Business Communications (3)
    BUS 201      Principles of Accounting I (3) 
    BUS 202      Principles of Accounting II (3) 
    BUS 222      Business Computing Applications1 (3) 
    BUS 235      Leadership and Team Skills (3)  
    BUS 271      Principles of Management (3) 
    BUS 332      Business Finance (3)  
    BUS 345      Principles of Marketing (3) 
    BUS 361      Business Law (3)   
    Senior Experience:  Select one of these options
    BUS 488     Business Strategies (3) AND
    BUS 499     Senior Project (3) OR
    BUS 498     Business Internship/Overseas Study (6) 
    1 Students who used BUS 222 for the Finlandia Foundations CS requirement must substitute ARD 114, CPT 202, COM 282, or BUS 205.


    PROFESSIONAL COURSES                                           30 credits
    Courses completed in the associate degree program major field. 

    OPEN ELECTIVES                                                             9 credits