O-Series (organizations, other)

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O-Series : Organizations, other

        [O-1 to O-40 coming soon]

O-41 FUSAC (Finno-Ugric Studies Association of Canada) 1981-2000 2 folders.

O-42 The Finn Hall of Hubbel Mich. 1920-1963 3 folders.  Financial ledger, photographs, and ephemera.

O-43 Massachusettsin Suomalaisa Liikemiehiä 1890-1945 1 box of index cards.  Massachusetts Finnish Businessman Assocation, index cards containing membership information.  Divided into: Rockport Lanesville Peabod Boston Gardner West Barnsatble, Maynard, Quincy, Fitchburg, and Worcester.

O-44 Finnish Martha Society in De Kalb, Illi. 1941-1945. Minute Book.

O-45 "Veikot" urheilu- ja voimistelu seuran in De Kalb, Illi. 1930-1933. Membership and financial ledger, "Veikot" Finnish Athletic Club in De Kalb, Illi.

O-46 De Kalbin Kansallismielisten yhdistys 1926-1929. Minute book, Finnish Nationalistic Society of De Kalb, Illi. Minute Book. 

O-47 Finnish Organizations of Butte, Mont. (W.C. Koski collection) .5 ft.

O-48 Kinnunen, Mauri miscellaneous copies 2 Folders.  Dunblane, Saskatchewan Finnish Cemetery ledger (late 1800's-1978) and Publishing Company Records from Rauha Publishing Assoc. (American Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church to publish "Rauhan Tervehdys," 30 March 1923), Copper Country Printing Company (22 Dec. 1929), and The Finnish Republican Printing Company changes its name to the Valvoja Publishing Company (3 Oct. 1945).

O-49 Finnish-American Mining Company 1908-1927 7 folders.  Correspondence from the J.H. Jasberg collection regarding debt payments