S-Series (Music and Musicians)

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S-Series : Music and Musicians

S-1 Nisonen, Martti collection 1883-2002 10 linear ft.

S-2 Finnish Sheet Music collection 1.25 linear ft.

S-3 Pikkusaari, Lauri T. collection 1956, 1961 3 Hämärän lauluja = Twilight Songs, a photocopied music book, 1956 (third printing) and 1961 (fifth printing, two copies), of Pelkie, Mich. resident Lauri T. Pikkusaari.

S-4 Björkman, Emil collection 1886 1 item.  Music theory notebook of Emil Björkman of "Uleåborg [Oulu, Finland] : Anna mundi 1886."

S-5 Kaarto, Otto collection. 1 folder. Siirtokansan laulu and Juhla-Hymni (words by Hugo Hillilä) and Luon silmäni Siionin vuorihin päin (words by S. Korpela).  A collection of all three pieces was printed by the Finnish Lutheran Book Concern in Hancock, Mich., undated.

S-6 Saarisuu, Henry Arvi collection [sheet music] 2 items.  Punarrusut = The Red Roses and Paimenlauluja = Shepherd Songs, both written and self-printed by Rev. Saarisuu. See also T-9 for Rev. Saarisuu's writings.

S-7 Ronn-Keskey, Hulda collection 1934 1 item. Suomen Lippu, written and self-printed by Hulda Ronn-Keskey of Wakefield, Mich.

S-8 Haapa, Edward collection [sheet music] 1931 1 item. Roihu Marssi, written by Edward Haapa, photocopied sheet music.  See also T-2 for his personal papers.

S-9 Finnish-American Music House collection 1942 1 item.  The archive holds one item from the "Finnish American Music House" of New York City, Suksimiesten Marssilaulu = (The Song of the Ski-men), words by Mertta Koski and music by Louis Koski, "introduced by Wiljo H. Kujala."

S-10 Hancockin Sekaköörin records 1904-1908, 1933 1 item. Account book of Finnish Choir group in Hancock called Hancockin sekakööri.

S-11 Kantonen, John Emil collection 1952 1 folder. Ikuisuuden Kellot : Melodrama, play written and printed by John E. Kantonen of New York City which has a piece of music that is called Ikuisuuden Kellot, 1952.  Also includes Juhlakantaatti (sekakuoro I and naiskuoro), photopied sheet music.

S-12 Mackey, Waino A. collection 1949 1 item. Jouluilta = (Christmas Eve) music score manuscript.

S-13 Nippa, Bernhart collection 1936 1 item (2 copies). Only A Second Hand Rose, written and printed by Bernhart Nippa of Detroit, Mich.  Back page contains one page of the Nippa composition You and I in Dreamland.

S-14 Luttinen-Bobbio, Tellervo collection 1 folder.  Collection of sheet music manuscripts, composer unclear. 

S-15 Laakso, Alfred collection 1 folder. Sinun Siunattuun armosuojaas (composed by Alfred Laakso, words by Aino Lilja Halkola, piano and choral arrangement by Martti Nisonen), Amerikan Suomalaisten Laulu (composed by Alfred Laakso, piano and choral arrangement by Martti Nisonen).

S-16 Kilkka, K.W. collection 1920 (mostly undated) 4 folders.  Prolific composer, includes printed material from the Finnish Lutheran Book Concern in Hancock, Mich., Self-printed material from Ironwood, Mich., and manuscripts.

S-17 Luoma Family collection 1930-1968 3 folders. Three compositions from Rev. Svante Luoma (Nuorten Laulu = Song of Youth, Pääsiäislaulu I, and Pääsiäislaulu II). Also biographical and ephemeral materials related to Reino Luoma (1919-1968), son of Rev. Luoma and child prodigy pianist from Crystal Falls, Mich.  Includes Photograph, newspaper clippings, piano recital programs (including 1930, at the age of 10). Additionally, there is a Hilma Luoma correspondence file related to her son Reino's service in WWII and recovery.

S-18 "Amerikan Suomalaisten Marssi" sheet music 1917 1 item. 'Finnish-American March' text by Oskar Hammerström, music by A.L. Klemi, published by the Sibelius Club and printed by the Otto Zimmerman & Son Co. in Ohio.  Cover image depicts and Eagle, the Finnish National Seal, and the American and Finnish flags.

S-19 Finnish-American Sheet Music Duplicates collection 1 folder.

S-20 Music Manuscripts with Unknown Composer or Arranger collection 1 item.  (Some of these manuscripts are signed but the name is illegible).

S-21 Turpeinen, Viola '78' Record collection 10 items.  Nine Viola Turpeinen records, three put out by Victor Records, five by Standard Records, and one issued by Columbia Records. Collection also includes a Antti Syrjäniemi record that contains a comic song about Viola Turpeinen titled Viola Turpeinen Tanssit Kiipillä. Donated in the memory of Wilho Wiitala (1905-200) of Misery Bay (Toivola), Mich., who was Viola's cousin.

S-22 Ollila, Leonard collection 1 folder. Photocopied sheet music (includes Kesäpäivä Kangasalla by H. Linsen), lyrics sheets (includes a Finnish translation of You Are My Sunshine), and one one 7" vinyl record of the Armas Lehtrovaara Family Orchestra, self-released, pressed by Century Records in Portsmouth, Virginia (contains Meren Aalot with text by Finnish-American writer Leo Kauppi and Finnish-American accordian player Antti Kosola, and Vihta Humppa by Börje Sundgren).

S-23 Jurva, Roy collection 2 folders.  Six 45 rpm records.

S-24 Vinyl - Unknown Donor collection 2 folders.  Includes Mannerheim-Ristin Marssi.

S-25 Idän Suomalaisten Laulajain ja Soittajain Liitto records 1914-1940 2 items.  Music organization that met in Quincy, Fitchburg, Worcester and Maynard, Massachusetts. Minute book and ledger book.

S-26 Pohjan Kaiku Soittakunnan records 1900-1906 1 item.  "Northern Echoes" music organization in New York City.

S-27 Sibelius Club records 1915-1938 3 folders.  Headquartered in Monessen, Penn., also known as Sibelius Seura and Sibelius-Klubi, includes records from Branch No. 4 : Weirton, W. Virg.  Began as the Amerikan Suomalaisen Kansallisen Musiikki-seuran in Monessen, Penn on 18 July, 1915.

S-28 Windahl, Arvid (Alex) collection 1871- ca. 1915 1 linear ft.

S-29 Oksanen, Toivo papers 1912-1969 3 linear ft.

S-30 Suomalaissen kansallissoittokunnan records 1911-1915 1 item. Maynard, Mass. Minute book.

S-31 Reino V. and Vienne H. Laine collection of William Syrjala and Viola Turpeinen Material 19 linear ft.

S-32 Conneaut Arts Center / Kilpi Hall collection 2 linear ft.

S-33 Pastor Johan Fredrickson Folk Recordings collection 1938.  Digital copies of hymns being song by Johan Fredrickson, recorded by the world-famous ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax.  Also includes a .jpg scan of the Library of Congress' catalog cards.  Digital Collection only, 9 files.