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T-1 Jasberg, J.H. papers

Title: Jasberg, J.H. papers
Creator: J.H. Jasberg, Nov. 1, 1861 - Dec. 2, 1928
Inclusive Dates: 1880-1939
Bulk dates: 1887-1928
Extent: 5 linear ft.
Languages: Finnish and English

Abstract: Collection of the papers of Juho Heikki Jasberg, immigrant Finnish-American businessman.  Collection includes his personal records, as well as his correspondence related to temperance, Lincoln Loyalty League, Finnish Republican League, Suomi Synod, Suomi College, and Finnish Lutheran Book Concern. Includes business correspondence relating to steamship companies, railroads, real estate, banking, and the Finnish-American mining company. Also a collection of newspaper clippings relating to Finland and Finnish-Americans.

Biographical and Historical Notes:  Juho Heikki Jasberg was born in Leppala, Kivijarvi, Finland November 1, 1861. Jasberg arrived in Hancock, Michigan on June 24th, 1880. On January 1, 1886 he married Wilhelmina Nikander. Jasberg and Wilhelmina had one daughter and six sons. He was a well known businessman involved in real estate and publishing, an agent for steamship companies and railroads, and was a business manager of Suomi College. Jasberg helped organize the Suomi Synod in which he remained very active. He was one of the leaders of the S.K.R.V. Temperance Society. He was also a member of the Lincoln Loyalty League and the Finnish Republican League. Jasberg was involved with Finnish relief work and had many contacts with the Finnish government.  In his earlier years he lived in several places including Republic and Ishpeming, Michigan, Minneapolis, New York and Montreal, Canada. Finally he settled in Hancock, Michigan in 1895, where he remained. In 1923 Jasberg wrote and published the book, Amerikoissa.

Collection Scope and Content Note: The Juho Heikki Jasberg papers are divided into four series: Personal Papers, Correspondence, Organizations and Businesses, and Ephemera.

Finding Aid Created By: Galan Miron, assisted by K. Niemi, Winter 2011.


I. Personal Papers [series]:

The Personal Papers series contains six subseries: Notebooks and Diaries; Personal Finances; Publishing; Biographical Materials; Personal Items; Press;  and Photos.

   A. Notebooks and Diaries [subseries]:

Box T-1a,F1     Jasberg address book

Box T-1a,F2     Jasberg diary (notebook) July 14, 1888-Aug. 19, 1888

Box T-1a,F3     Jasberg diary (notebook) Aug. 27, 1888-Nov. 6, 1888

Box T-1a,F4     Jasberg diary (notebook) Nov. 7, 1888-Dec. 21, 1888

Box T-1a,F5     Jasberg diary (notebook) Dec. 22, 1888-March 30, 1888

Box T-1a,F6     Jasberg diary (notebook) March 30, 1888-May, 4 1890

Box T-1a,F7     Jasberg notebook, detailed info. about Finns & Finnish Communities

Box T-1a,F8     Jasberg notebook, incl. family info., birth of children, their development,
                where the family lived, 1888-1895

Box T-1a,F9     Jasberg notebook, prominent Finnish-American names and addresses

Box T-1a,F10    1928, record of where he was each day & various addresses, some notes

Box T-1a,F11    Jasberg notebook, short stories

Box T-1a,F12    Scandinavian & Finlanders Emigration Co. Ld.

   B. Personal Finances [subseries]:

Box T-1a,F13    Financial Ledger (Tilikirjo) J.H. Jasberg 1887-1913

Box T-1a,F14    Insurance: Correspondence & reports

Box T-1a,F15    Ledger J.H. Jasberg financial account book, March 2, 1914 - June 1, 1925

Box T-1a,F16    Life insurance certificate

   C. Publishing [subseries]:

Box T-1a,F17    Correspondence, related to sales of Amerikoissa 1922-1923

Box T-1a,F18    Cover designs for Amerikoissa, includes 3 photos-may have been models

Box T-1a,F19    Ed. Manuscripts of Amerikoissa by J.H. Jasberg

Box T-1a,F20    J. Jasberg’s book  Amerikoissa & art. in Dec. 8, 1923 issue of Amerikan Suometar

Box T-1a,F21    Sketch of cover of Amerikoissa & related correspondence from K.V. Arminen

Box T-1a,F22    “Vaalipäivä Calumetissa”-draft manuscript 32pp.

   D. Biographical Materials [subseries]:

Box T-1a,F23    Decision of imperial Sen. Of Finland

Box T-1a,F24    J.H. Jasberg  “Order of the White Rose”

Box T-1a,F25    J.H. Jasberg, photocopied from 1930 Kirkkolinen Kalenteri pp. 178-198

Box T-1a,F26    Notebook w/handwritten bio. Of Jasberg’s early life

Box T-1a,F27    Reminiscences of E.A. Jasberg, nephew of J.K. Nikander

   E. Personal Items [subseries]:

Box T-1a,F28    Birthday greetings (60th) inc. Cert. signed by Suomi College Board of Dir.

Box T-1a,F29    Book Amerikan Suometar 1899-1919

Box T-1a,F30    Finnish passport of Miina Jasberg & son Onni, stamped Aug. 24, 1905

Box T-1a,F31    Jasberg’s 50th Birthday

Box T-1a,F32    Jasberg invitations, correspondence, mementoes (No.1)

Box T-1a,F33    Jasberg invitations, correspondence, mementoes (No.2)

Box T-1a,F34    Jasberg, includes speeches, stories, articles (some manuscripts)

Box T-1a,F35    Jasberg speech notes and stories            

Box T-1b,F1     Jasberg trip to Finland, incl. corresp. Newspaper art. 1911-15, visa issued 1911

Box T-1b,F2     Jasberg Uusi Suometar clipping about Jasberg reaching 50

Box T-1b,F3     Memorabilia (Finn. & English)

Box T-1b,F4     Miscellaneous notes and letters

   F. Press [subseries]:

Box T-1b,F5     Jasberg’s thoughts about Finn. Immigration

   G. Photo [subseries]:

Box T-1b,F6     Unlabeled but apparently of J.H. Jasberg’s Funeral


II. Correspondence [series]:

The Correspondence series has three subseries: Personal; Business; and Government of Finland.

   A. Personal  [subseries]:

Box T-1b,F7     i. O.W. Robinson [sub-subseries]: letter about first Finns in Copper Country

Box T-1b,F8     ii. Alex Leinonen [sub-subseries]: letter regarding early Finn.-Amer. publications

Box T-1b,F9     iii. Frans HuhtaKallio [sub-subseries]: letter dated Jan. 27, 1889

Box T-1b,F10    iv. Antti Lepisto [sub-subseries]: 1917 incl. postcard of him with his car

Box T-1b,F11    v. Prof. Antti Pietila [sub-subseries]: U of Helsinki, incl. clippings 1926-27

Box T-1b,F12    vi. Akseli Gallen Kallela [sub-subseries]: Correspondence

Box T-1b,F13    vii. Letter [sub-subseries]: regarding First Finns. To Copper Country from Norway

Box T-1b,F14    viii. Family [sub-subseries]: John H. Jasberg Jr. (grandson) 1923

Box T-1b,F15              a. Relating to Aino Nikander

Box T-1b,F16              b. Relating to John Edward Miettinen of Sammatti, FI (Brother-in-law)

Box T-1b,F17              c. Relating to Mrs. Sanna Nikander

Box T-1b,F18              d. Relating to Viljo Nikander

B. Business [subseries]:

               i. Steamship Companies [sub-subseries]:

Box T-1b,F19              a. Oldenburg, Jasberg Co. Steamship Co.             

               ii. Finnish Lutheran Book Concern: Hancock, MI [sub-subseries]:

Box T-1b,F20              a. Typographical Union

Box T-1b,F21              b. Notebook with listings and prices of English
                             and Finnish textbooks

Box T-1b,F22              c. Letter to Amerikan Suometar about criticism of Finland

Box T-1b,F23              d. Corresp. & clipping regarding selling the Paivalehti
                             to Amer. Suometar

Box T-1b,F24              e. Amerikan Suomalaiseen Kirkkohistorialliseen

Box T-1b,F25              f. Financial Rep. of Finnish Luth. Book Concern

                iii. Finnish Lutheran Book Concern: Astoria, Oreg. [sub-subseries]:

Box T-1b,F26              a. Business regarding Finn. Luth. Book Concern

                iv. Maggie Waltz [sub-subseries]:

Box T-1b,F27             Correspondence

                v. General [sub-subseries]:

Box T-1b,F28              1898-1900 (No.1)

Box T-1b,F29              1898-1900 (No.2)

Box T-1c,F1                 Jasberg, 1891-1894

Box T-1c,F2                 Jasberg, 1892-1893

Box T-1c,F3                 Jasberg, 1890-1892

Box T-1c,F4                 Jasberg, 1890-1893

Box T-1c,F5                 Jasberg, 1890-1891

Box T-1c,F6                 Jasberg, 1892-1893

Box T-1c,F7                 Jasberg, 1892-1894 (No.1)

Box T-1c,F8                 Jasberg, 1892-1894 (No.2)

Box T-1c,F9                 Jasberg, 1892-1894 (No.3)

Box T-1c,F10               Jasberg, 1892-1894 (No.4)

Box T-1c,F11               1890-1893 (No. 1)

Box T-1c,F12               1890-1893 (No.2)

Box T-1c,F13               1898-1899

Box T-1d,F1               Akateeminen Karjala , Seura, Corresp. 3-16-1923

Box T-1d,F2               American Transoceanic Trades Inc., NYC

Box T-1d,F3               Corresp. Mostly to Jasberg, assorted legal doc. Probate court (No.1)

Box T-1d,F4               Corresp. Mostly to Jasberg, assorted legal doc. Probate court (No.2)

Box T-1d,F5               Corresp. With Ishpeming National Bank 1895

Box T-1d,F6               Farmimaam Kyselijoita y.m. Suomesta incl. corresp. & clipping

Box T-1d,F7               Farmland incl. articles, contract, corresp. & clipping of homestead

Box T-1d,F8               General *           

Box T-1d,F9               Gen. Jasberg, 1890

Box T-1d,F10              H. Holm M.D., incl. corresp. Regarding legal matters

Box T-1d,F11              Ilmari Rainesala, regarding the “Fennia Snowmelter”

Box T-1d,F12              K.A. Paloheimo, Helsinki, 1922

Box T-1d,F13              Ledger, copies of Jasberg corresp. 1895-1898, index
                          of who he wrote to

Box T-1d,F14              Ledger, copies of Jasberg corresp. 1892-1893

Box T-1d,F15              Ledger, copies of Jasberg corresp. 1899-1900
                          (mngr. of Suomalainen…)

Box T-1d,F16              Ledger, copies of Jasberg corresp. 1893-1894

Box T-1d,F17              Ledger, copies of Jasberg corresp. 1901-1902
                          (mngr. of Suomalainen…)

Box T-1d,F18              Milk Separator, incl. corresp. & article about
                          proposed importation

Box T-1d,F19              Pamphlets & Maps, Jasberg general colonization agent

Box T-1d,F20              Related to Grand Trunk Railway System, Incl. Photos

Box T-1d,F21              Uusi Kotimaa, corresp. Feb. 1908

                vi. J. Kautola [sub-subseries]:

Box T-1d,F22              Incl. corresp. 1920-28, article about Finland in Valvoja 4-29-1921

                vii. Oscar Eliason [sub-subseries]:

Box T-1d,F23              Oskar, MI Oct. 21, 1900

                viii. O.J. Larson [sub-subseries]:

Box T-1d,F24              1925

                ix. Rep. H.O. Young [sub-subseries]:

Box T-1d,F25              U.S. Rep. incl. corresp. 1910-1912

                x. Grand Marshall Mannerheim [sub-subseries]:

Box T-1d,F26              Incl. letter from (then General)  Mannerheim & pamphlet

                xi. Rep. W. Frank Jones [sub-subseries]:

Box T-1d,F27              U.S. Representative, 1918

   B. Government of Finland [subseries]:
Box T-1d,F28     A.H. Saastamoinen, Finn. Minister & Envoy extraordinary to U.S.

Box T-1d,F29     A.J. Jalkanen, Finn. Consel, Duluth, MN. 1925-1926

Box T-1d,F30     Consul General of Finland Axel Sulitander, corresp. 1920

Box T-1d,F31     Lauri Perala, Kansaneclustaja, corresp., clippings, schedule 

Box T-1d,F32     Gov. Malmgren (Oulan Lanni) May 2, 1892

Box T-1d,F33     i. Aleksi Rauanheimo  [sub-subseries]: 1906-1915

Box T-1d,F34           a. Between Jasberg and General Aleksi Rauanheimo 1919-1926


II. Organizations and Businesses [series]:

The Organizations and Businesses series has seventeen subseries all related to J. H. Jasberg’s business ventures and relations with multiple organizations.

   A. Steamship Companies and Sales [subseries]:

Box T-1e,F1      Allan Line

Box T-1e,F2      Finnish American Line

Box T-1e,F3      Scandinavian & Finlanders Emigrant Co. Ld.

Box T-1e,F4      Scandinavian & Finlanders Emigrant Co. Ld. 1891-1893

Box T-1e,F5      Scandinavian & Finlanders Emigrant Co. orders/receipts

Box T-1e,F6      Steamship lines & agents, incl. emigrant ticket

   B. Lincoln Loyalty League [subseries]:

Box T-1e,F7      Cash box, Nov. 30, 1918-Nov. 4, 1922

Box T-1e,F8      Correspondence and receipts (No.1)

Box T-1e,F9      Correspondence and receipts (No.2)

Box T-1e,F10     Incl. corresp. about famine relief for Finland, 1917

   C. Hancock Finnish Republican Club [subseries]:

Box T-1e,F11     Finn. Gov’t treatment of defeated Reds

Box T-1e,F12     Folder Hancock Finnish Republican Club 1904*

   D. Suomi Publishing Company [subseries]:

Box T-1e,F13     Incl. correspondence and financial records 1927-1928 (No.1)

Box T-1e,F14     Incl. correspondence and financial records 1927-1928 (No.2)

Box T-1e,F15     Incl. correspondence and financial records 1927-1928 (No.3)

Box T-1e,F16     Receipts, bank book (1st Nat. Bank, Hancock, MI)

   E. Temperance [subseries]:

Box T-1e,F17     Finn. Nat’l Brothers Temperance Assoc. corresp. Nov. 1, 1921

Box T-1e,F18     Incl. receipts & temperance correspondence 1898-1900 (No.1)

Box T-1e,F19     Incl. receipts & temperance correspondence 1898-1900 (No.2)

   F. American Home Publishing Co. (Koti-Home) [subseries]:

Box T-1e,F20     American Home Publishing Company, Koti-Home            

   G. Suomi Synod [subseries]:

Box T-1e,F21      Copy of a resolution of Suomi Synod

Box T-1e,F22      Corresp. Pastor Kustaa Varmavuori, Pyhajarvi, Finland, 1919

Box T-1e,F23      Finn. Evangelical Luth. Church Orphan’s home (proposed) 1912-1914

Box T-1e,F24      Incl. announcement of Pastor J.J. Hoikka

Box T-1e,F25      Juho Rud. Koskimies, Piispa, Oulu

Box T-1e,F26      Quarrel between Pastors 1923, incl. letters fr. V Rautanen

Box T-1e,F27      Suomen Lahetysseura, correspondence 1921

Box T-1e,F28      Rev. Alb. Setala, Forssa June 5, 1919       

   H. Anti-Socialist League [subseries]:

Box T-1e,F29      Incl. notices of anti-socialist picnic

   I. Association for Foreign Finns [subseries]:

Box T-1e,F30      Suomaluisuuden Liiton Sukukansa Osasto

   J. Suomi-Seura [subseries]:

Box T-1e,F31      Invitation to join and information 1927

   K. Finnish Banks [subseries]:

Box T-1f,F1       Finn-American Banking Proj. incl. corresp.,
                  reports, 1919-1920 (No.1)

Box T-1f,F2       Finn-American Banking Proj. incl. corresp.,
                  reports, 1919-1920 (No.2)

Box T-1f,F3       Kansallis, Osake, Pankki, 1894

Box T-1f,F4       Kansallis, Osake, Pankki 9-18-1920 incl. 1920 financial report

Box T-1f,F5       Northern Union Bank, Pohjoismaiden Yhdyspankki, Helsinki 1920

Box T-1f,F6       Suomeen Liitopankki Osakeyhtio, 1923-1925

Box T-1f,F7       Suomen Maatalous, Oske Pankki, incl. corresp. & annual reports

Box T-1f,F8       Union Stock Bank, Suomen Liittopankki Osakeyhtio

   L. Suomi College [subseries]:

Box T-1f,F9       25th Anniversary, clippings, programs, anniversary &

Box T-1f,F10      Calumet & Hecla Mining Co., corresp. w/James Mac Naughton

Box T-1f,F11      Incl. fundraising letters; subscriptions, cert.,
                  clipping, 1900-1926

Box T-1f,F12      Jasberg, $500 bond dated 4 Aug. 1897 as manager of
                  Suomi College

Box T-1f,F13      Proposed location of Suomi college, incl. corresp. with J.A. Doelle

Box T-1f,F14      Written notes about Suomi college hist. incl. list of 1st students

   M. Sibelius Club – Monessen PA [subseries]:

Box T-1f,F15       Monessen, PA, incl. corresp. newspaper articles & posters

   N.Turun Suomalainen Yliopisto [subseries]:

Box T-1f,F16       Incl. corresp. with Consul Carl Salminen, Kalle Makinen,
                   U.L. Lehtonen

Box T-1f,F17       Amerikan Suomalaistan ja Turun Suomalaisen Yliopistan Liihde

   O. Finland Constitutional League of America [subseries]:

Box T-1f,F18       Correspondence 1918-1919 and article

   P. Minnesota Commission of Public Safety [subseries]:

Box T-1f,F19       Includes report of Jasberg’s Tour

   Q. Mining Companies [subseries]:

Box T-1f,F20       Mining Company Inc., correspondence, reports, stock certificates

III. Ephemera [series]:

The Ephemera series contains four subseries: Clippings/Information; Music; Posters; and Manuscripts.

   A. Clippings/Information [subseries]:

Box T-1f,F21       By-Laws of the Copper Country Building

Box T-1f,F22       Catalogue of Art School of Art Institution of Chicago 1921-1922

Box T-1f,F23       Cleveland Plain Dealer, Dec. 31, 1939

Box T-1f,F24       Collection of art. In Paivalehti, Amerikan Suometar & Daily Mining Gaz.

Box T-1f,F25       Copy of article “Miestan aidit” (Men’s Mother)

Box T-1f,F26       Corresp. & Newspaper clipping about blueberry &
                   cranberry growing

Box T-1f,F27       Election of Finn. Pres. 1925, articles in Lalli, Feb.
                   17, 1925 Korkemaki, Fin.

Box T-1f,F28        Finnish Translation of “Freemasons: an open door to Damnation”

Box T-1f,F29        Herman Montagu Donner, Flyer about lectures & readings
                    about Finland

Box T-1f,F30        Incl. poem to Karjala (in Finn.) & art. About Karelian
                    question Post-WWI

Box T-1f,F31        Kotikasvatusyhdistys, regarding Educ./Homeschooling in Finland

Box T-1f,F32        Map of Europe, supplement to “Chicago Sunday
                    Herald & Examiner”

Box T-1f,F33        Names of Timberland estimators & article about Timberlands

Box T-1f,F34        New York Finnish Evan. Luth. Church, Brooklyn, NY

Box T-1f,F35        Oja Heikki (Warhera 1808-09) Art. & Corresp. regard.
                    Erecting a monument to him 1918

Box T-1f,F36        Pamphlet & art. About contest for New Tribune Building (Chicago)

Box T-1f,F37        Poems and writings, many about temperance, various authors

Box T-1f,F38        St. Lawrence Seaway incl. pamphlet & clipping dated: May 10, 1920

Box T-1f,F39        Standard Oil Trust, Art. From “Chicago Daily Tribune” May 16, 1911

Box T-1f,F40        Suomalaisten Urheilusta, incl. clippins & corresp. 1920-1923

Box T-1f,F41        Teddy Roosevelt, clippings

Box T-1f,F42        Worldwide Iron & Copper deposits, clipping fr. “Paivalehti” 05-15-1908

Box T-1f,F43        World news clipping

   B. Music [subseries]:

Box T-1f,F44        Ohjelma Virginian Weikot ja Suomen Savel Mieskoorien

Box T-1f,F45        Songs, programs, announcements

   C. Posters [subseries]:

Box T-1f,F46        “Matti Kurikka pitaa Kalevan Kansan hyvaksi Kolme
                     luentoa Hancockissa:

   D. Manuscript [subseries]:

Box T-1f,F47        Miesten Audit, n.d. author unknown, manuscript