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T-86 Miscellaneous Series




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T-86, Folder 1 Elsie Elomaa manuscript. "Vieras Syntymämaallaan" (Visit to the Home Country)  
  Handwritten manuscript (in Finnish) written by Elsie Elomaa titled "Vieras Syntymämaallaan" (Visit to the Home Country). The visit probably took place in May, 1912, date of authorship unknown. 237 pages. Mailed to Minne Eskuri, Detroit
T-86, Folder 2 Envelope of Elomaa manuscript  
  Envelope. Item received by Minne Eskuri, 2258 Davison W. , Detroit on October 2, 1934. Mailed from Porvoo, Finland on September 17, 1934.
T-86, Folder 3 Holappa / Moilanen / Oikarinen genealogy notes  
  Holappa / Moilanen / Oikarinen genealogy notes: Hand-written page (in Finnish), 9 sons and 5 daughters of Matti Holappa; Puolanka parish vikatodistus (church record) dated October 29, 1987. Descendants of Jacob Moilanen. (1720 - 1965).
T-86, Folder 4 Erkkila / Kotka / Wiinikka / Johnson genealogy manuscripts 1987-1991
  Chart: Genealogies of Erkkila - Kotka - Wiinikka (Johnson) Ancestry 1560-1990. Two copies, one dated 1990-1991, the other dated 1988. Letter from Elmer Erkiila to James Kurtti, dated April 18, 1987.
T-86, Folder 5 Music of Eino Olander collection  
  Music of Eino Olander collection. 9 marches for band with conductor's piano scores: Northlander March, Sesquicentennial March, Michigander March, Superiorland March, Pioneer March, Memorial March, Peninsula March, Jupiter March, Hope Starts Here March. Also six Preludes for Organ, Organ Solo 'Toccata and Chorale' for right hand and pedal, and Marquette Symphony Program. May 13, 2000. "Conductor Cornucopia" featuring Ron Caviani, Janis Norton, Eino Olander, Barbara Rhyneer, and Mark Setterlind.
T-86, Folder 6 "The Life of Donald Tuomi. Made in America," by Donald Tumoi 2006
  "The Life of Donald Tuomi. Made in America. Sisu Elää Amerikassa" by Donald Tumoi. Printed by the Author, "Published with Love by the Creative Well," 2006. 21 page autobiography. "
T-86, Folder 7 Birch Diary. Koskela, Arnen, Christenson family 1948-1967
  Birch Diary. Siami and Willi Koskela, Arnen family from Lake Linden, Kalle Christenson / Kristenson, Kalle Kauppi, son Steven leaves for Vietnam.
T-86, Folder 8 "The Meaning of Being Human Today" by Ralph J. Jalkanen 1990
  "The Meaning of Being Human Today" by Rahlp J. Jalkanen and cover letter to Thomas L. Jones, Executive Director Historical Society of Michigan, 10/31/1990
T-86, Folder 9 Pekka Halonen and Eino Kainlauri correspondence and pictures 1997-2001
  Correspondence between Pekka Halonen and Eino Kainlauri. This was inserted into Pekka Halonen's autobiography, "Professorin Tarina," which was donated to the archives by Mr. Kainlauri.
T-86, Folder 10 Isa Asp, Kamreeri Edvard Merikari genealogy notes  
  Genealogy notes of Isa Asp, a Finnish poet that died at a young age, and Kamreeri Edvard Merikari, a brother that emigrated to the United States. Notes inserted and written into the Archives' copy of Isa Asp's biography.