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T-87 Miscellaneous Series




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T-87, Folder 1 "New Memories from the Past" by Elaine Jalonen 2009
  Photographic history of the Jalonen family, descendants of Isaac Jalonen of Ironwood, Mich., who was born in Finland.
T-87, Folder 2 "The Family of Isaac Hjalmer Jalonen and Olga Aino Ilminen," collated by Elaine Jalonen  
  Spiral-bound Photographic and artifactual history of the Jalonen family, descendants of Isaac Jalonen of Ironwood, Mich., who was born in Finland. Contains pictures, postacards, correspondence, and narratives.
T-87, Folder 3 Letter from Pekka Kainluari to Eino O. Kainluari. 1980
  Letter from Pekka Kainluari to Eino O. Kainluari. Found in book written by Pekka Kainlauri, donated to archive by Eino Kainlauri. 2 June 1980.
T-87, Folder 4 Letter from W. Haapala in Finland to Mr. Jobi Koski of Chagrin Falls, Ohio 1921
  Photocopy of letter from W. Haapala in Finland to Mr. Jobi Koski of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, postmark unreadable but 1921 is written on the envelope. The letter was found within the walls of a home at 1679 Luke Drive in Streetsbro, Ohio.

Translation of letter discusses an arranged marriage for Lida Melaka and passports of Jussi Harmaala and Kustaava Välikangas. Discusses Esa Hietala's plans to marry Kaisa Annanperä, who had a child out of wedlock. Also, grandfather Matti is mentioned, who is out of money and sad.

T-87, Folder 5 Antti Harju Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company renewal statement 1934
  Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company Renewal Statement - Antti Harju, Kearsarge, Mich. 1934. Insured Dwelling house, etc. as well as 3 cows, one horse, a bath house (sauna), victrola, and piano.
T-87, Folder 6 Beverly Kallio family papers  
  .01 Letter to FAHC from donor describing donation
.02 Short biography about Victor Paavola, father of Ellen Paavola Kallio
.03 Short biographies of Lizzie Aho (Taikinaaho) Paavola, (Anton) Richard Kallio / Isokallio, and Sophie Hedwig Mäkelä.
.04 Anton Harold Kallio birth certificate
.05 Ellen Paavola baptism "Todistus", born 8 July 1934 Old Apostolic Lutheran Church (Vanhassa Apost. Luth seurakunnassa) Cook, Minn. Pastor Johan Puuri.
.06 "Sadie Ellen Pavola" birth certificate 6 Aug 1917 (should be Aili Ellen Paavola according to donor)
.07 Mrs. Katherine Aho newspaper feature about her 99th bithday.
.08 Richard Kallio's 1952 Red Cross membership card.
T-87, Folder 7 Finland pocket map 1976
  Suomi = Finland = Finland. Carte de Pche = Pocket Map. Map book. Printed in Germany in 1976.
T-87, Folder 8 Marie Ranta and Jacob Ranta obituary cards 1924, 1928
  "Obituary cards of Marie Ranta (1928, aged 71 years) and Jacob Ranta (1924, aged 66 years). Marie Ranta has the following notes written on back of card: "Nestor Kivi / Waltder Takku [illeg.]/ 400 Iroquois St. / Laurium Mich. / Map""
T-87, Folder 9 Health insurance cards 1910's
  Two health insurance cards from the 1910's:

- Suomalaisen Sairastus- ja Loukkausapu-Yhtiön
- S.F.S. F. Finland and America (Svensk-Finska Sjukhjälpsförbundet Finland Av Amerika)

T-87, Folder 10 Maple Ridge Donation manuscript items  
  Manuscript items from Maple Ridge donation (2010.06):

- Notebook from Maple Ridge containing a preliminary list of books (totaling 137) and a small amount of sales/accounting information
- "Education Never Dies" by Sulo Harkonen, 5 pages typed
- "Collection of Finnish Books Presented to Bay De Noc Community College Library." Typed paper including backgroun of Maple Ridge Workers' Association, Rock Senior Center, and the original donation. Also contains a review of "Panu" by Juahni Aho and "Notes Suggestions, Ideas, Possibilities for Developent and Use of the Finnish Library at Bay De Noc Community College."
- E-mail exchange between Chris Nelson of Bay De Noc Community College library and Gary Kaunonen, former archivist of the Finnish American Historical Archive, September 2007.

T-87, Folder 11 Bert M. Heideman, State Senator election materials 1962
  CD-R recording of campaign radio song, matchbook, flyer
T-87, Folder 12 Helsinki University Chorus of Finland, American Tour press book 1937, 1938
  Helsinki University Chorus of Finland, American Tour. December 1937 to January 1938. Press Book. Matti Turunen, conductor.
T-87, Folder 13 The Nurmijärvi Players (drama club) / Murmijärven Näyttelijät press materials 1963
  The Nurmijärvi Players (drama club) / Murmijärven Näyttelijät. Tour of United States and Canada, March 1963 through May 1963. Includes message from chairman of the Suomi-Society.
T-87, Folder 14 'Jussit' Male singers of Finland, Chorus of Southern Ostrobothnia press materials 1960
  'Jussit' Male singers of Finland, Southern Chorus of Ostrobothnia. Tour of United States and Canada, May - June 1960.
T-87, Folder 15 A. Sandéns Möbelfabrik company and Dalaslöjds Möbelaffär furniture catalogs  
  Two catalogs from furniture companies of Insjön, Sweden: A. Sandéns Möbelfabrik [furniture] company and Dalaslöjds Möbelaffär
T-87, Folder 16 Items found in book, Suomen Ryijyt by U.T. Sirelius.  
  "Items found in 0.2010.447.01 book, Suomen Ryijyt by U.T. Sirelius. Includes handmade sketch of a rug. Clippings of rugs and looms from magazines in Finnish and English. Notes about weaving. Also:

- Biltmore Homespun loom advertisement.
- Ryijy-Lankaa and Ryijy- ja Kankaankudonta-Toiden advertisement

T-87, Folder 17 Karoliina Lindfors death notice, obituary, and envelope. 1930
  The Finnish death notice of Karoliina Lindfors (1845-1930) was mailed from Finland to her son, Nestor, in the United States.
T-87, Folder 18 Lindfors family papers 1907, 1930, 1951
  Various items. Letter to Nestori Lindfors, 1930; Aleksandra Mäkelä (b. Aug 7, 1883) Finnish church document, dated Jan 16, 1907; illegible letter from 1951; Envelope and letter from Kalle Lundsten in Turku, Finland to Taiva Katajamaki in Negaunee, Michigan dated Jan 16, 1951; unlabeled partial picture; unlabeled picture postcard; picture of John and Karoliina Lindfors in Pori, Finland (great-grandparents of donor, Jerry Maki).
T-87, Folder 19 Leather billfold  
   Leather billfold or wallet which contained the items of T-87, Folder 18.
T-87, Folder 20 "Todistus." Detroit Summer School (Detroitin kesäkoulu) report card 1935
  "Todistus." Detroit Summer School (Detroitin kesäkoulusta) Report Card of Willard Brask, 21 June 1935. Matthew Lepisto, teacher.
T-87, Folder 21 Items found in book, Suomalainen reikäompelu, Finnish Hemstitching, by Mary Olki  
  Notes and sketches from Suomalainen reikäompelu, Finnish hemstitching, by Mary Olki.
T-87, Folder 24 Socialist Party Membership Card blank application 1931
  Blank application for Socialist Party Membership Card (laminated). Also contains envelope and newspaper clipping, 1931
T-87, Folder 25 Södergren & Co. advertisement booklet 1923
   Södergren & Co. advertisement booklet, Suomalaisen Apoteekkarit, Minnepaolis, Minneosta.
T-87, Folder 25 Cunard Line advertisement booklet 1927
  Cunard Line (Cunard Linjan) advertisement booklet, Suuri Huvimatka, Suoraan Helsinkiin, 1927. 48 pages.

S.S. Berengaria
S.S. Mauretania
S.S. Aquitania
S.S. Laconia
S.S. Scythia
S.S. Samria
S.S. Cameronia
S.S. Califorani
S.S. Calednia
S.S. Samaria

T-87, Folder 26 "Toivola of Yesterday" by Leo W. Salmi  
  "Toivola of Yesterday" by Leo W. Salmi. Twelve pages typed. Subjects: Boating -- Business -- Boxing -- Customs -- Cabins -- Dancing -- Education -- Fishing -- Farming -- Furs -- Finns -- Hunting -- Homesteads -- Indians -- Immigration -- Marshes -- Nationality -- Plowing -- Party -- Railroad -- Store -- School -- Trapping -- Trading -- Wrestling.
T-87, Folder 27 Letter from Kontupohja, Karelia (now Russia) to Wainio Perry of Fairport Harbor, Ohio  
  Digital scans of letter from the Soviet Karelia community of Kontupohja to Wainio Perry of Fairport Harbor, Ohio (with envelope). Additional correspondence regarding letter. 
T-87, Folder 28 Cunard White Star Line, R.M.S. "Aquitania" signed luncheon menu 1935
  "Cunard White Star Line, R.M.S. "Aquitania" signed luncheon menu, Thursday, June 13, 1935. Mostly Finnish-American tour group.

Paavo and Hilja Paltonen
Ilma Lindfors
Clarence and Lydia Hagstrom, New Norway, Alberta
Lyyli Karell, Antrea, Finland
Ammie, Petäjäoja, Finland
Ida Nelson, Hayselvad, Penn.
Felicie Trenege
Armas Malin
Maria Luukkonen
Mrs. Eino Hill, Chassell, Mich.
Saima Markkanen, Duluth, Minn.
Sophie Manniko, Calumet, Mich.
Anna Manniko, Caluet, Mich.
Mrs. Mary Fredrickson
Hilma Laitinen
David and Olga Viskari
Ida Adolfson, Bansk Prairie, Wash.

T-87, Folder 29 Arvo Ojala, Finnish-American stuntman, headshot  Aft. 1990
  Arvo Ojala black and white headshot with resume on the back. Ojala is "Hollywood's Legendary Gun Coach and Technical Advisor" who coached, among others, the gun duel in the opening of Gunsmoke. Object dates after 1990 because the resume includes Back to the Future III, filmed in 1990.
T-87, Folder 30 1954 Summer Olympics Helsinki opening ceremony program and ticket. 1954
  1954 Summer Olympics Helsinki opening ceremony program and ticket. Letter from donor to President Philip Johnson dated March 9, 2010.
T-87, Folder 31 William (Wiljami) Kokko baptismal certificate 1899
  Baptismal certificate of William (Wiljami) Kokko, son of Aatami (Adam) and Maria Eveliina Kokko, born 5 November 1899 in Virginia, Minn. Suomi Evangelical Lutheran Church. [copy]"
T-87, Folder 32 Hancock High School yearbook 1912
  1912 Hancock High School Yearbook. "The Han-Cent-Hi." Originally belonged to Frank Swift Noble from Kalamazoo, Mich. (father-in-law of donor). He is in the yearbook.
T-87, Folder 33 Laurium Montana Mining Company Articles of Incorporation 1910
  Laurium Montana Mining Company Articles of Incorporation. (photocopy - original held at Montana Historical Society). Articles of Incorporation adopted by Victor Lampinen (Laurium, Mich.), Oscar Miekka (Laurium, Mich.), William A. Nousiainen (Laurium, Mich.), Saumuel Jeffery (Laurium, Mich.), John Latvala (Calumet, Mich.), Anton Siro (Kearsarge, Mich.), and Oscar Karri
T-87, Folder 34 Houghton High School yearbook 1938
  1938 "Amygdaloid," Houghton High School yearbook belonging to Viola Jarvenpaa [Brown], with signatures.
T-87, Folder 36 Moilanen (of Toivola, Mich.) family papers 1925, 1948
  - Stillborn record of birth, Onni John and Marie (Kujansuu) Ranta of Nisula, May 14, 1926
- Photo of Victoria Dam. "8/3 1[9]48"
- Color photograph of sauna in Nisula, corner of White Siding Rd. and M-38."
T-87, Folder 37 Fred A. Jeffers to Lilian Ritola correspondence 1953, 1956
  Two letters: Fred A. Jeffers to Lilian Ritola: Oct. 28 1953 and June 1, 1956 (with envelope). Letters discuss history of Atlantic Mine, Jeffers and Stanton family history, history of the school system, Lilian Ritola's career and history of Atlantic Mine. Newspaper clipping concerning Redridge Dam and "old" Atlantic Dam.
T-87, Folder 38 Saami in Alaska exhibit guides 2009
  Copies of Saami in Alaska Exhibit guides, a Finnish American Historical Archive event.
T-87, Folder 39 Saami in Alaska exhibit grant application 2008 - 2009
  Grant application and info for American Scandinavian Foundation and Finlandia Foundation National used for bringing the Saami in Alaska Exhibit to Finnish American Heritage Center.
T-87, Folder 40 Saami in Alaska exhibit text  
  Exhibit text for Saami flag in Saami in Alaska Exhibit in FAHC.
T-87, Folder 41 Joonas Johansson Pernu published letter 1900
  Published letter (newspaper print on newspaper): "Kirje Gellinwaarasta : Ruotsiin Lapista, Maaraskuulla 1900" - Letter from Gellinvaara, Swedish Lapland, November 1900.

Written by Joonas Johanson Pernu in Finland to Olof Matoniemi and Antti Törmänen in the United States. Post-script concerning trip to Poinsett (Lake Norden), S.D. and Ironwood, Mich.

38 cm. x 13 cm. - fragile - in two pieces

Subject: Early Laestadian (Apostolic) church in America

T-87, Folder 42 SKRW membership card 1915
  Membership Card, Amerikan S.K-R.-Veljeysseura , Lydia Oja (donor's mother), Urpa Lodge No. 234, Jan 24, 1915, Hubbell, Mich.
T-87, Folder 43 Anna A. Peterson poem about Eelu Kiviranta 1942
  Poem about Eelu Kiviranta, written by Anna A. Peterson in 1942. Poem recounts Eelu's trip, via bicycle to perform cupping on donor's father, August Hivala, who was ill.
T-87, Folder 44 Items found in book, Tohtor Martti Lutheruksen huone-postilla, 1846 1927
  Items belonging to Matt W. Kilpela, inserted into an 1846 copy of "Tohtor Martti Lutheruksen huone-postilla":

.01 - Montgomery Ward envelope, 1927
.02 - Montgomery Ward bill, sent to Matt W. Kilpela of Calumet
.03 - Montgomery Ward refund check, 2 cents
.04 - receipt from Victor Mackey Groceries and Confectionery, Calumet, Mich.
.05-.06 - Northern State Teachers College blank invitation card, 1927
.07 - First National Bank of Laurium Probate Notice
.08 - "The Grange" (The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry) instructions (ritual) for opening and closing meetings in Finnish: Grangen kokouksen avaaminen ja lopettaminen."

T-87, Folder 45 William Anderson (of Ely, Minn.) papers  

Papers of William Anderson of Ely.  Articles (see also T-87, Folder 46), drafts of Articles, and one envelope:

- Letter from Donor - Envelope

- Text of songs:
    Ison Talon Antti ja Rannanjärvi
    Tulipuna Ruusut
    Juokse sina humma

- Ely, Minn printed history article (one page), written by William F. Anderson
- Hyvinointi (welfare ohjelma alku vuosina ja tänään)
- 1787-1987, 200 Vuotta sitte kun U.S. os Amerikkon perulait muodostettiin
- Onko Kristin usko liikkeellä Kremliinin seinien takana uskovaiset näkee toivoa luostarin kaapulin suojas
- Suomalaiset pitävät lujasti sunan puhtauesta
- Untitled manuscript from Kiiskila
- Glasnost "avonais ohjelma" kiihoitaa [illeg.] salmen ketken

T-87, Folder 46 "Pohjoiseen Navalle" by William Anderson, drafts  
  Article darfts of Pohjoiseen Navalle, a long piece (fiction?) that is a diary of sorts. People mentioned are Ann Boncraft, Richard Webber, Brent Boddy, Geoff Caarroll, Robert McKerrow, Bob Mantell, Will Steger, and Paul Sceurke.
T-87, Folder 47 "Lyhyt katsaus elämän kertaani" by Julius Edward Laurila 1920
   "Lyhyt katsaus elämän kertaani" [A Brief overview of my life] by Julius Edward Laurila, 21 Jan 1920 Hancock, Summer St. 12 pg.
T-87, Folder 48 "Ainekirjoituksia seminarissa 1918-1919" by K.V. Nykkänen 1918
  K.V. Nykkänen "ainekirjoituksia seminarissa 1918-1919" [writings in Seminary]. 10 pgs.
T-87, Folder 49 "Joitakin pääpiirteitä elämänkerrastani ja siitä, miksi aion saarnavirkaan" Antti O. Kuusisto 1920
  "Joitakin pääpiirteitä elämänkerrastani ja siitä, miksi aion saarnavirkaan" Antti O. Kuusisto [Important Events of My Life and Why I Will Become A Minister]. Written in the beginning of February, 1920.
T-87, Folder 50 "Ainekirjoituksia" by F.A. Kantonen  
   F.A. Kantonen, "Ainekirjoituksia"
T-87, Folder 51  "Minkätähden aion saarnavirkaan" by Sakari Halkola  
  Sakari Halkola "Minkätähden aion saarnavirkaan" [Why I am Going To Become a Minister]