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What is Army ROTC?

Finlandia University has a long-standing partnership with Michigan Technological University to offer interested students the opportunity to participate in Army ROTC.

Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) is an elective college program designed to give students the necessary skills and leadership training to become officers in the United States Army, Army Reserve, or the Army National Guard. Through ROTC, Cadets develop maturity, responsibility, leadership skills, and self-confidence.

Why should I take Army ROTC courses
Army ROTC can help you quickly gain the confidence and self-discipline necessary to progress in your studies. You'll acquire leadership skills and credentials and earn opportunities for service-to-country as an officer in the U.S. Army, either full-time on active duty or part-time with the Army Reserve or National Guard.

What are Army ROTC courses like?
Each semester Army ROTC Cadets at Finlandia University complete one course and lab. The courses fit into most academic programs as electives.

Freshmen students start Army ROTC with a one-credit, no obligation class, Introduction to the Army, and a one-credit high adventure lab. In successive courses Cadets expand their leadership and management skills and experience new challenges such as mountaineering, wilderness survival, marksmanship, orienteering, skiing, snowshoeing, and self-defense.

Army ROTC Cadets put their leadership studies into action during two field training exercises each year. These weekend activities are required for students in advanced courses, although many other Cadets choose to participate. After their junior year, Cadets attend a summer leadership course at Fort Lewis, Washington.

Cadets have additional opportunities throughout the year to enjoy day-long or overnight high adventure trips. A variety of social, professional, and community service activities are also available. Army ROTC Cadets may also participate in special military training such as Airborne and Air Assault, and pursue opportunities for summer internships at U.S. Army posts around the world.

Army ROTC can help you pay for college.
Army ROTC awards two-, three-, and four-year student scholarships. Awarded on merit - such as academic achievement, extracurricular activities, or athletic and leadership accomplishments - an Army ROTC scholarship pays 100% of tuition and required fees at Finlandia University.

Additionally, ROTC scholarship awardees are eligible for full room and board grants from the university.

Scholarship recipients also receive an annual $1200 allowance for books, a monthly stipend for living expenses of $300 to $500 for up to ten academic months per year, and wages for any summer training they attend

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