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Diane Miller, Assistant Professor, English and Communication

Teaching communication and journalism courses at Finlandia gives Dr. Miller an opportunity to explore ways to better understand and engage in our world. She loves Finlandia's small class sizes; they allow for interesting critical-cultural discussions as well as collaborative work on meaningful projects in and out of class.

Dr. Miller works with students to produce Finlandia's student newspaper, The Roar; she advises BikeFinlandia, a student group dedicated to promoting bicycling; she also serves on Finlandia's Sustainability Committee.

The possibilities for experiencing community at Finlandia are relevant to her research interest, which concerns how we create as well as sometimes sabotage our experience of community through our communication. She is also especially interested in community perspectives that honor the natural environment.

Dr. Miller has been a board director at the local food cooperative for nine years, and she is also on the board of a green cemetery initiative.

Dr. Miller commutes by bike from her off-the-grid cabin on 15 wooded acres, where she shares space with various owls, coyotes, snakes, bears, and sometimes, visiting humans.

Adjunct Faculty

Laura Smyth
Instructor, Communication