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Course Repeat Policy

Students wishing to repeat a course and remove the prior grade from the cumulative GPA must satisfy each of the following guidelines:

  1. Courses taken at Finlandia University must be repeated at Finlandia University to activate the policy.
  2. The highest grade will apply toward the cumulative GPA. The prior grade will be removed only if a subsequent grade of "A" through "D-," or "F," is earned.
  3. A course may be repeated no more than twice under this policy.
  4. The course for which the grade has been deleted from computation of the cumulative GPA does not count toward credits earned, but remains on the record as a course attempted.
  5. The course repeat policy is retroactive to include any course taken at Finlandia University; however, the policy is activated only when exactly the same course is repeated.
  6. The activation of the repeat policy for a course taken in a prior semester does not affect the academic standing for that semester. Academic standing in a prior semester can be changed only in the event of a grade reporting error.