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Disability Student Services

It is the mission of Disability Student Services to guide students with diagnosed disabilities to self-advocate for both their academic and personal needs.

DSS provides eligible students with academic advising, academic monitoring, assistive technology (limited), course accommodations, testing accommodations, and tutoring.

Through advising and careful planning, each student carefully formulates semester schedules and a degree completion plan with consideration of individual needs in attaining a reasonable, well balanced, sequential credit load.

The Program Director

DSS staff members include the Program Director who oversees all facets of the DSS services and staff, and provides academic advising to DSS participants. The Director assists students in arranging reasonable accommodations and completing the paper work required to receive those accommodations, provides assistive technology, when available, and helps to arrange reasonable exam accommodations.

The Academic Mentor

The Academic Mentor monitors and assists students in their individual courses. Through weekly meetings, the mentor helps with scheduling and planning, study strategies, instructional technology, tutoring, and other academic and non-academic support.

How to qualify for DSS services

To qualify for DSS services, a student must present appropriate documentation that specifically states the disability and indicates the date and source of the student's most recent evaluation and recommendations. High school and college transcripts must be provided for the student's DSS file. Once enrolled, each semester DSS participants are required to renew their file by signing a contract and maintaining regular contact with DSS staff. Specific student accommodations must be renewed each semester.

Who we serve:

Finlandia University is an ideal setting for students diagnosed with a Learning Disability and/or ADD/ADHD. Our small classroom settings and personal attention provide students with the level of support they need. Although we do serve students on campus with other disabilities, it is recommended that the student and their family have extensive conversations with the DSS staff to determine if Finlandia University can meet the individuals needs.

Disability Student Services Staff (DSS)

Carol Bates
Director of Disability Student Services
Office: Mannerheim Hall, Room 101
Phone: 906-487-7258
Fax: 906-487-7535

Additional Information

Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities: link to article from OCR: http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/transition.html.