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Lauri Anderson
Professor, English Composition and Creative Writing


Often described as "the guy who looks like a sea captain," Professor Anderson has published eight short-story collections and a novel, including Mosquito Conversations, Misery Bay, and Hunting Hemingway's Trout. His research areas include Finnish-American literature, British Commonwealth literature, Modern American literature, and the canon of Ernest Hemingway. Professor Anderson has also participated as an NEH Fellow at nine universities.

Mark Lounibos
Assistant Professor, English Composition


Mark earned a PhD in English Literature at the University of Wisconsin. His research focused on the relationship between religious dissent and British romantic literature, with a specific interest in the way that writing as a form of self-representation works to foster agency in the writing subject.  Lately, Mark is focusing on community writing projects, particularly those involving seniors, to consider how such work might inform our understanding of the importance of the Humanities today.

Suzanne Van Dam
Associate Professor, Literature, Creative Writing and ESL


Suzanne teaches a wide variety of literature, creative writing, and English as a Second Language.  She has a B.A. and M.A. in English and American literature from the University of Illinois, as well as an M.F.A in Creative Writing (Fiction) from the University of Southern Maine's Stonecoast MFA Writing Program. A former Peace Corps Volunteer, Suzanne caught the travel bug early and continues to be passionate about social justice, the environment, and, all aspects of story-telling.


Adjunct Faculty

Janice Cox-Adolphs
Adjunct Instructor, English Composition

Earl Brogan
Adjunct Instructor, English Composition

Veronica Horning
Adjunct Instructor, English Composition

Timo Koskinen
Associate Professor, English Composition