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Healthcare Management BBA

The Finlandia BBA in Healthcare Management allows students to combine interests in two professional areas and to prepare themselves for careers in a rapidly expanding field. A BBA in Healthcare Management can create opportunities for those who want to apply their business knowledge and skill in the service of others.

What courses will I take? In addition to the General Education core courses required for all Finlandia students and the Business Administration core completed by all BBA students, you will take courses tailored especially for healthcare management professionals, such as epidemiology in healthcare, healthcare and ethics, healthcare delivery, healthcare finance, and healthcare information systems. You’ll also complete a senior capstone course that integrates your business and healthcare knowledge.

What are my career choices? With a BBA in Healthcare Management, you will be prepared for careers such as hospital or long-term care facility administrator, public health agency administrator or manager, home health care delivery manager, and assisted living facility administrator.

HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT______________________(24)__
BUS 381  Human Resource Management (3) OR
BUS 386  Organizational Behavior  (3)
HCM 321  Epidemiology in Healthcare (3)  
HCM 352  Healthcare Law and Ethics (3)
HCM 412  Healthcare Delivery (3)
HCM 426  Healthcare Finance (3)
HCM 432  Healthcare Quality (3)
HCM 442  Healthcare Information Systems (3)

HCM 499    Senior Capstone  (3)