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The field of criminal justice contains many different foci.  As a Criminal Justice Major, you will focus more on the theoretical and ethical aspects of the criminal justice system.  Finlandia's Criminal Justice major is an interdisciplinary program of study featuring courses in criminal justice, psychology, the humanities and social sciences.

You will have a wide breadth of course opportunities to choose from. The program emphasizes both theoretical studies and applied knowledge in the field, enabling you to evaluate complex societal issues from a diversity of perspectives.  You may take courses in methodology and statistics to better prepare students for analyzing databases such as the Uniform Crime Report, Monitoring the Futrue, and the National Crime Victimization Survey.  Other courses address marginalized groups within the society and the effect that policy has on these groups.  Also, courses on public policy and crime to expose students to the influence public attitude has upon criminal justice policies are also available.

Criminal Justice B.A.

When you graduate with a four-year degree in criminal justice, you will be preparted for a variety of careers, including those related to law enforcement, crime poiicy and prevention and corrections, or graduate school opportunities.

Criminal Justice B.A. Degree Requirements

Criminal Justice A.A.S.

The Criminal Justice two-year program prepares you for careers in the law enforcement and corrections fields by providing a combination of theoretical foundations and practical experiences.

Criminal Justice A.A.S. Degree Requirements

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