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The International School of Business

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Why Business? 

Simply because business is involved in virtually all the day-to-day activities of our lives. Wherever you want to go in life, business can get you there.

Why Finlandia University?

Because our philosophy is one of diversity and choice. Because teaching is our number one priority, and advising comes in at a close second. Working closely with your professors,  you'll examine YOUR skills, explore YOUR interests, and take the RIGHT PATH to get YOUR business  career started.

What are my BBA concentration options?

Arts Management
Healthcare Management
International Business
Management and Entrepreneurship
Sports Management
2+2 BBA in Applied Management

2+2 BBA in Healthcare Management

2nd Degree-BBA in Applied Management

Minors in Business, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, and Sports Management are available for students completing other Finlandia degree programs.

Finlandia's BBA combines the study of business with the learning in the liberal arts.

Why the mix of business and liberal arts? Because we believe this approach gives our graduates the broad knowledge base needed to succeed in today's workplace and adapt to changes throughout one's career.  Government studies indicate that college graduates change jobs more than three times during the first ten years of work. To survive and succeed in this environment, business people must know how to generate and evaluate new ideas, think critically, write and speak well, and work effectively with others.

What else should I know about the Finlandia BBA?

  1. Learning opportunities that put you in touch with today's business environment

  2. Free electives to explore your interests

  3. Helpful, approachable, and available faculty members

  4. Individual, personalized advising and support while pursuing your degree

  5. Small class sizes for greater interaction and discussion among professors and students

  6. Current technology and software embedded in courses

  7. Study abroad, internships, and many other real-world opportunities

  8. Expert faculty with real-world work experience      

Download the Bachelor of Business Administration brochure

Download the Bachelor of Business Administration Progress Sheet

Download the Business minor requirements