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Business Consulting

One-on-one business consulting is available on a wide variety of topics ranging from idea inception, through business planning to implementation. A specialist is available to answer questions on every phase of your business, including finance, marketing, management, strategic planning, and exiting your business.  Appointments can be made by contacting Liz Baumann at 906-487-7339 or email at liz.baumann@finlandia.edu

Business Leasing

If you have a new business, a growing business, or a business moving into the western Upper Peninsula, you are invited to fill out an application for the Jutila Center for Global Design and Business.  Applicants are required to supply business plans, financial statements, liability insurance, and any necessary certification.  You will be supported in an entrepreneurial atmosphere among your peers to reach your business goals.  Contact Karin VanDyke at 906-487-7344 or email karin.vandyke@finlandia.edu


The internship placement is beneficial for both the student and the employer.  An internship stimulates the interest and enthusiasm of an individual and prepares him/her to take on greater responsibilities.  Finlandia University's International School of Business and International School of Art and Design students complete an internship during their junior or senior year.  We ask employers to provide an opportunity for the student to be involved with the organization in a meaningful way, one that allows them to gain real experience and insight into their chosen field. In return, we ask that the student contribute to the organization by drawing upon their skill in education and creativity to help the business reach their goals. For internship information contact Denise Vandeville, International School of Art and Design 
at 906-487-7379 or e-mail denise.vandeville@Finlandia.edu. You can also contact Paula Oye, International School of Business at 906-487-7222 or e-mail at paula.oye@finlandia.edu

Office By the Day

If your business needs a temporary by the day or week office with a telephone, internet, and customer access call Liz Baumann at 906-487-7339 or email at liz.baumann@finlandia.edu

BIZ Business Resource Center

BRCThe BIZ Resource Center is one of several canters located throughout Michigan and provides a one-stop location where current and future small business owners can access information needed for a successful launch of their small business.  Available resources include computer technology and a small business reference library. Use of this facility is free of charge to the public Monday - Friday in Room 320