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Mail Center - Employee Services

Mail Delivery

Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, the Mail Center receives daily morning delivery from the U.S. Post Office and afternoon delivery from United Parcel Service.  Fed Ex delivers packages to the Mail Room as needed, and at no particular day or time. University departments are expected to retrieve their own mail from the Mail Room.

Stamps and Postage

For personal business, the Mail Center sells stamps or can run off postage on the postage machine.

Employees can be billed instead of paying for postage at the time of service.


The Mail Center has a copy machine that supports 2-sided black and white copying, transparencies, colored paper, letterhead, etc.  The copier can also staple documents add 3-hole punches.  For non-university-business, copy services are available for a fee.

Folding and Inserting

The Mail Center has a folding and inserting machine that can fold letters, or fold and insert letters (with multiple copies), and we can add one or two inserts (such as return envelopes). 


With IT, the Mail Center can create mailing lists, address envelopes, and complete large mailings.  

Notary Public

Lynne Sweeney, the director of the Mail Center, is a Notary Public.  There is no fee for Notary services, whether business or personal.