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Philosophy has always been the heart of a liberal arts education, and the basic task of philosophy is to train students how to think clearly in their quest to become educated citizens. Philosophy is literally “the love of wisdom,” and the philosophy major at Finlandia University aims to establish a commitment to seeking truth through questioning assumptions and basing beliefs on reason by equipping students with skills in critical thinking, a grounding in philosophical history and exposure to a wide range of philosophically pressing issues. In order to do so, the major has three components: 1) the Philosophy Core; 2) Topics in Philosophy; and 3) the History of Philosophy.

The Philosophy Core provides students with the essential skills of philosophical analysis, including the ability to examine contemporary ethical problems from multiple perspectives with a critical lens and a proficiency in understanding complex conceptual arguments through reading difficult texts rooted in the history of philosophy. The Topics in Philosophy component examines essential sub-disciplines of philosophy, including environmental ethics, biomedical ethics, the philosophy of sex and gender, and others as students gain a more nuanced understanding of the complexity of arguments in specialized contexts. Finally, the History of Philosophy component provides students with an expansive knowledge of the various historical strands of philosophy, including the Continental and analytic traditions in the Western world, and elements from non-Western traditions.

Philosophy majors go on to pursue an impressive array of occupations after finishing their degrees. Not only is a B.A. in philosophy excellent preparation for graduate school in philosophy, theology, communication, and other disciplines in the liberal arts, it also is exceptional training for law school. Those who choose not to pursue graduate-level education will benefit from the ability to think critically and creatively, which is valuable in any profession, but is especially useful in the business world, the realm of politics, and careers in marketing.

Regardless of what one does with a philosophy major, students will definitely leave with a better understanding of one’s own beliefs and transferable skills in reasoning to bring with them in life after college.

B.A. in Philosophy Degree Requirements

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