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Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate majors in the U.S. (Ranked #2 by the Princeton Review, 2014). As a Psychology major, students are introduced to theories of and research on the human mind and behavior. As students develop this knowledge, they build skills that allow them to critically think about and understand the causes and consequences of human behavior.

The Psychology major at Finlandia University is designed to allow students to develop a specific focus of interest within the field of Psychology. For all students, the major provides a strong base of knowledge in the discipline of Psychology. To establish that base, students take The Psychology Major (a career planning course), Introductory Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology, Quantitative Analysis in the Behavioral Sciences, and History and System of Psychology. Additionally, students choose specific subdisciplines in Psychology to focus and thus take courses such as Social Psychology, Personality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. Finally, based upon individual interests, students take upper-level courses that specialize in topics within the subfield areas such as Introduction to Counseling, Stigma, and Social Development. Students top off their experience in the psychology major by conducting a Senior Capstone during which they may conduct a research thesis project, an independent project, or complete an internship in their chosen field.

The skills fostered by the Psychology major make students ideally suited for a variety of careers including: social and human services, careers in community mental health, jobs in governmental agencies or non-profit organizations, and other fields requiring strong interpersonal skills.

B.A. in Psychology Degree Requirements

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