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Welcome to the Self and Social Interactions Space (SISS) Laboratory! Under the direction of Dr. Leslie Johnson, our research team investigates how social contexts influence the ways that people think, feel, and behave during interactions with others. Our primary mission is to contribute to the understanding of self-related processes influence social relationships through the use of culturally responsible and scientifically rigorous research methodology.

We are looking for research assistants for the Fall 2014 and/or Spring 2015 AY!


The SISS Lab investigates social psychological phenomena related to the self in interpersonal relationships, with a particular interest in relationships with stigmatized individuals. Current research projects examine topics such as weight-based prejudice, the history of women in Social Psychology, and the subjective self (the I) in interpersonal relationships.

Interested in participating in research? Contact our lab at for information on our current research projects.

Our Team

Director: Dr. Leslie Johnson, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Finlandia University.

Dr. Johnson received her Ph.D. from the University of Vermont in General/Experimental Psychology.

Research Assistant: Shaela Morin, Undergraduate, Senior at Finlandia University.

Interested in joining our team as a research assistant? Contact Dr. Johnson ( for an application.

Our Facilities

The SISS Lab conducts research in the Social Interactions Space, located in room 24 of Nikander Hall on the campus of Finlandia University.