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Students at Finlandia University have the opportunity to develop Servant Leadership values and skills through specially designated religion and social science courses. Students participate in service activities, both locally and globally, with accompanying reflection activities; grow in their academic understanding of Servant Leadership; and engage in self-exploration.

Many students will place these larger questions of identity, passion and purpose within the framework of faith. The Servant Leadership courses are rooted in Christian teachings and practices, with openness and respect for religious differences. Interfaith dialogue that involves open and honest questions of faith is supported as together students develop the practice of vocational discernment.

At the center of the Servant Leadership program is vocation (which comes from a Latin word that means "to call"). Vocation is a calling to all people, whether we are teachers, health care professionals, artists, or business executives, to be just, compassionate, and humble people who are committed to responsible actions that serve the common good. Therefore, vocational exploration deals with questions of identity, passion and purpose.

Authentic service is the outward expression of our vocational understanding and spiritual growth. Servant Leadership courses offer opportunities for students to engage in and reflect on service to communities in need. The aim is to set students on a course of understanding and experiencing service, not just in terms of what one does, but rather, as who one is.



Rene Johnson
Assistant Professor, Religion and Philosophy and Director, Servant Leadership, Interim University Chaplain
Office: Mannerheim Hall, Room 310
Phone: 906-487-7558