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Sports Management BBA

Sports ManagementFinlandia's BBA Sports Management concentration prepares you to apply business principles to the sport industry. 

You will complete the business core required of all BBA students, then focus on the business aspects of sport in culture, sports information, interscholastic intercollegiate and professional sports, facility management, sport ethics, sport marketing, sport law, and sport finance.

When you graduate, you may manage a community sport programs, as sports facility, or other athletic business or work in ticketing and financial operations, sporting goods sales, directing sports marketing and promotions efforts, and providing academic services for student-athletics.   

A sport management career is extremely competitive, but rewarding. 

Most jobs will require an internship for "hands on" experience in the industry.  Many will requires advanced graduate sports management programs.   But sports management gives you an opportunity to work in an enjoyable setting with others who love sports.

Requirements for the Sports Management Concentration  (25 credits)

Required Courses (15 credits)

BUS 351 Sports Marketing (3)
BUS 374 Principles of Sports Management (3) 
BUS 352 Sport Business and Finance (3)
BUS 453 Athletic Administration & International Sport (3)
BUS 454 Facility and Game Event Management (3)

Electives (9 credits): Working with your advisor, select nine credits of 300/400 level BUS or ECN elective courses.