The Finlandia Plan
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The Finlandia Plan

President Philip JohnsonFinlandia University, mindful of its Finnish and Lutheran heritage, believes the attainment of certain knowledge and skills is essential to leading a healthy and productive life. Communication, analytical skills, citizenship, critical and creative thinking, and cultural heritage and literacy are an integral part of Finlandia’s curriculum. Students are expected to increase their levels of achievement in these areas within their program of study. A description of the learning outcomes for these skills is as follows:

1. Communication – Communicate with clarity and originality while adapting to complex and diverse situations.
2. Analytical Skills – Observe, infer, and draw relationships and conclusions using disciplinespecific methods.
3. Citizenship – Ability to meet personal needs and the challenges of a multicultural society as a mature, adaptable citizen.
4. Critical and Creative Thinking – Create, integrate, and evaluate ideas across a range of contexts, cultures, and areas of knowledge.
5. Cultural Heritage and Literacy – Ability to understand and appreciate the humanities, natural and social sciences, and fine arts.